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Revenue Minister R Ashok

  • Film Exhibitors Seek State Relief, Submit Representation to BSY

    Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, KV Chandrashekar

    The Karnataka Film Exhibitors Association delegation represented by its vice president Thomas D'Souza, its secretary R Sundar Raj, KFCC president D R Jairaj,  K C Ashok and others, met Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, Revenue Minister R Ashok, Agriculture Minister B C Patil on Friday pleading for State Government's intervention by providing necessary relief and compensation to the losses incurred by the theatres in the State due to lockdown following Coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

    The Association states that the number of single screen theatres which once stood at 1200 in the 80s has come down to 600 and further 150 more expected to be shut in the coming days due to the influence of Netflix, Amazon, OTT and similar such services.

    It says that there are at least 8000 permanent employees working in 600 theatres but no relief or compensation has been announced so far for them or for the exhibitors to cover their losses due to nationwide lockdown and Coronavirus outbreak.

    While pressing for relief, the association seeks government to release aid to the employees working in theatres since the exhibitors are in no stage to pay them in these difficult times.

    Also, the association seeks relaxation in the minimum demand payment towards electricity bill and water and sanitation department. Further, the exhibitors urge for discount for payment of property tax for the year, and permission to collect Rs.5 per ticket without any tax towards maintenance of theatres.

    The association which submitted its representations says that the State Government has assured to look into their requisition.

  • State To Decide On Allowing Shooting of Movies & TV Shows

    Shooting Image

    With the State Government making several relaxations including liquor sales amongst others after categorising Karnataka into three zones - Red, Orange and Green in accordance to the number of Coronavirus cases or no cases in the three zones, the signs of resuming shooting of movie and television industry looks promising in the near future.

    Adding hope to the development, Revenue Minister R Ashok has said that a few concerned from both the movie and television industry had recently met him, requesting to allow the shooting while they assured to adhere to social distancing and other safety norms.

    "I will put forth the request to allow the shooting along with conditions to maintain social distance and other safety norms before the Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa tomorrow in the meeting," said Mr. Ashok.

    With the minister assuring to raise the issue before the Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, all eyes are on the outcome of the meeting tomorrow which will decide on how soon both the industries will get the green signal to start resuming work, as many film workers and technicians are facing extreme hardships due to nationwide lockdown for over one and half a month now.