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62nd national film awards,

  • Has Not Let Down Kannada - Tara

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    Actress and Member of Legislative Council Tara has said that she has not let down Kannada during the 62nd National Film Awards and has nothing to do with Kannada films not getting proper recognition and awards in the final round.

    'I am very much upset about why Nan Avanala Avalu director  is bringing my name unnecessarily to this controversy. I have nothing to do with. I was the chief for the Eastern movie zone and I only came to know in the final round that 'Ulidavaru Kandanthe' was also in the competition. As I have acted in the film, I immediately backed out of the panel and I wrote a letter to Rajyavardhan Rathore the Minister of State for Ministry of Information and Broadcasting that there is no representative from Kannada film industry and its high time that the ministry appoints a representative for the Kannada films. I also emailed the letter to KFCC president Thomas D'Souza. If I am not concerned about Kannada films, why would I have done all this ' asks Tara.

    Following the the letter of Thara Anuradha

    To        Date 28-02-2015


    Hon’ble Minister of State for Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

    Government of India

    New Delhi


    Respected Sir,



    Sir, being a responsible BJP MLC and a  NATIONAL awardee worked in more than 500 Films in All South Indian Lnaguages representative of Kannada film Industry I would like to bring the following issues to your kind notice. The Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF) is acting very impartial and made injustice with Kannada film industry for the years. Here I would like to mention few of them they selected me for the Eastern Zone as Chair Person. I was unawear of our Kannada Films. Later i came to know only on 22nd Feb after giving the results of Eastern Zone. Now telling me that, I am ineligible for the second round (deciding round for the film awards) of preview by stating that,  one of my films is appeared in the submitted Kannada film list. 

    If I am not there in the final round to talk AUTHENTICALLY on my Kannada films, there will be NO REPRESENTATIVE FOR OUR LANGUAGE. I STRONGLY OPPOSE this, because this is not the first time it has happened to OUR KANNADA. Even at the preliminary round our noted veteran poet and Dr.DoddaRange Gowda Ji has been called for the preview and sent back within a day. After two days a jounerlist from Bangalore as jury. During the last Indian Panorama there were no representatives from our state. 

    Above all the DFF is PREASSUMING and pressurizing me to sign a DRAFT, prepared and sent to me by the DFF official. (PLEASE NOTE KANNADA FILM SCREENING STARTED ONLY FROM 23rd and the result is yet to come, ''Only my film comes to final round, then only they can say I am eligible''. But the Draft sent to me  on the very next day of screening. How can they predict the result so early!?....). I STATE THIS IS AN INSULT AND PREPLANNED INJUSTICE TO OUR STATE AND KANNADA FILM INDUSTRY. The DFF must understand that, we are Representing a very big State and answerable to our film industry before the media also at the LEGISLATIVE HOUSE.   

    Dear Sir Now my PRAY to your is, if I am ineligible I request and suggest Dr.RAMA Madam a senior south Indian Kannada actress, Theatre Director, Retd. HOD of Drama department, Bangalore University, to represent our KARNATAKA STATE and Kannada film industry at 62nd national film Awards. 

    I request for your kind intervention and for the justice.

    Attachment: Draft prepared and sent to me from DFF official 


    With Great Respect and Best Regards



    Actress & Hon’ble BJP Sitting MLC

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  • Thara Let Down Kannada Films? - Exclusive

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    The 62nd National film awards has been announced and Kannada films have bagged  three awards. Kannada actress and MLC Smt Thara was part of the committee. But as jury member she was not there for the final selection!

    This has become a raging controversy with some in Kannada industry blaming her for diminishing chances for more Kannada films from winning awards. In the awards committee there are five regional committees for the selection of movies from the respective zones and in each zone there will be four members apart from the chairman. 

    From the south zone there are two committees.

    Committee South 1 looks after Malayalam and Tamil Movies 

    Committee South 2 will look after Telugu and Kannada Movies

    These five regional committee chairpersons will be automatically selected for the final round of selection and five new jury members will be selected. For these 10 members one new chairman will be selected. But there is no rule that all language members should be there.

    Actress Tara was the Regional Chairman for the East Regional zone and was automatically selected as jury member for the final round.

    From Kannada BN Subramanya and Leslie Karvalo were there to select the movies from the Committee South 2.

    All the members will be given the list of movies in India and will be asked to check if by chance their participation in there in this movie and if so they should back out. 

    After the first round of selection Tara did not attend the final round! At that time Tara came to know that Ulidavaru Kandanthe movie was there in the list and she had acted in that.

    Being a senior actress and national award winner and MLC why did Tara not notice that  a movie she acted in was there in the competition?

    With this blunder of a mistake from Tara there was no committee member from the Kannada film industry to represent in the national final selection!

    Chitraloka enquired some of the members who were selected to jury panel. They sadi they had got the All India Submitted final films list before they gave there acceptance to be part of the panel. There were 28 Kannada movies for the awards and nearly seven movies were there in the final round. If there was a regional member in the final round we could have expected more awards said the sources. 

    Did Tara think that here duty is only for the East Regional zone and she would not see any Kannada Films and accept the job?

    With no one from Kannada in the final selection Kannada films in the last round had no one to represent them and promote them before the other members.

  • Three Awards for Kannada at National Level

    harivu movie image

    The 62nd National film awards have been announced on Tuesday afternoon. Actor Sanchari Vijay has won the best actor award and has become the third actor from the Kannada film industry to bag such an award at the National level after 'Chomana Dudi' Vasudeva Rao and 'Thabarana Kathe' Charu Hassan.

    This time not only one, one more prominent award has come to Kannada film industry apart from the Regional best film. While, Vijay has got the best actor film for 'Nan Avanalla Avalu', Nagaraju and Raju has won the awards for best make-up this time. Along with these two awards, Mansore's 'Harivu' has got the best regional film award.

    This year many prominent film makers including P Sheshadri, Baraguru Ramachandrappa and others had sent their films for the award committee. But the jury headed by well known Tamil film maker Bharathi Raja has given awards mostly to newcomers.