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  • Desai's Thandana Thandanana Renamed as Yaksha Prashne

    Yaksha Prashne image

    Sunil Kumar Desai's new film which was titled as 'Thandana Thandanana' has been renamed as 'Yaksha Prashne' and will be released shortly. Desai started 'Thandana Thandanana' starring Ramesh, Harshika, Ananthnag, Master Hirannaiah and others almost two years back. However, the film got delayed due to various reasons and now a new producer has taken over the film. So, Desai has renamed the film as 'Yaksha Praahne' and will be releasing the film by that time.

    The new title will be released by Sudeep and Radhika Pandith soon.

  • Desai's Thandana Thandanana Resumes - Exclusive

    thaendana thandanana image

    Sunil Kumar Desai's 'Thandana Thandanana' which was said to be shelved due to financial problems is said to be relaunched once again with other producers taking the responsibility of the film.The shooting for the film has resumed once again at the Rockline Studios in Bangalore and actors Ramesh Aravind, G K Govinda Rao and others are busy acting in the film.

    'Thandana Thandanana' was launched almost one and a half years back at Rockline Studio in Bangalore and Sudeep came over as the chief guest for the launch. Though the shooting for the film started immediately, the shooting was stopped after a few days of shooting due to financial problems. Desai had said that he will be taking over the film completely. Now it seems another producer have taken over the responsibility of completing the film and the shooting has already been started silently.

    Desai had said that he has plans to release the film by 2013 Christmas. Let's hope Desai finishes the film soon this time.

  • Desai's Udgarsha Trailer In Kichcha's Voice

    desai's udgarsha trailer in sudeep's voice

    It was Sunil Kumar Desai's Sparsha which gave, the Baadshah of Sandalwood Kichcha Sudeepa, the biggest break in his film career which has now crossed a successful 23 years.

    For those who were eagerly waiting for the next collaboration between the mentor and his actor, Desai has a surprise for all of them in his upcoming suspense thriller Udgharsha. The trailer of Udgharsha will have the voice of none other than Kichcha Sudeepa.

    Excited over the project, Kichcha Sudeepa has lent his voice for the trailer of the movie which is releasing not only in Kannada but in three other south Indian languages - Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

    The director who along with the producer of the movie Devaraj met Sudeepa in Hyderabad, where they even got his voice dubbed for the trailer of the movie. 

    Udhgharsha has an exciting star cast including Mr. World Thakur Anup Singh, and Tanya Hope playing the lead while a series of talented actors starting from Kabir Singh Duhan, Shravan Raghavendra, Bahubali  Prabhakar will be seen in negative shades. It also has Kishore and Harshika Poonacha in prominent roles.

  • Re Movie Review

    re movie image

    Re was one of the most anticipated films of the year. The most important thing about this film was the return of Sunil Kumar Desai to direction. It has been almost a decade. And what a comeback this is! 

    The film has so many layers. Basically it is a comedy. The hero is inadvertently locked up in a big house and realises there are ghosts in it. But these are not the scary variety of ghosts. They are in fact his grandfather, great grandfather and forefathers going back 200 years. A forefather had failed to marry the girl he loved and therefore all generations are cursed to become ghosts. If the hero marries the right girl, all ancestors will be liberated. It is a fun theme. How the ghosts with their limited abilities manage to help the hero and themselves is the basic story.


    There is also the love story. Real love and real friendship is defined in the two relationships the hero has. There are also subplots in the film. Other ghosts with other abilities, a villain with an evil plan and some philosophy also thrown in.

    The five grandfathers are played by Anant Nag, Shivaram, Govinda Rao, Suresh Prabhu and Lokanath. Anant Nag has done a brilliant performance. Ramesh Aravind gets the perfect comedy timing. He also comes up trump in the emotional scenes. Harshika Poonacha has emerged as a good performer. The background music and cinematography are highlights of the film. Overall the film is a family entertainer you should not miss.

    Chitraloka Ratings - 3.5/5

  • Sudeep and Radhika Pandith Unveils Re Logo

    re logo launch image

    Actor-director Sudeep and actress Radhika Pandith on Sunday evening unveiled the logo of Sunil Kumar Desai's new film '... Re - Yakshaprashne' at the Capitol Hotel in Bangalore.


    The film was earlier titled as 'Thandana Thandanana'. However, the film got delayed due to various reasons and now a new producer has taken of the film. Desai hasi renamed the film as '... Re - Yakshaprashne'. Desai has organised the logo unveiling and audio release function of the film. While, Sudeep and Radhika Pandith unveiled the logo of the film, well known lyricist Jayanth Kaikini released the audio of the film.

    Ananth Nag, Ramesh Aravind, Harshika Poonachcha, Suman Nagarkar and others were present at the occasion.

  • Sudeep's commentary for 'Udgarsha'

    sudeep's commentary for udgarsha

    Sunil Kumar Desai is busy finalising the trailer for his new film 'Udgarsha'. Meanwhile, actor Sudeep has given commentary for the trailer of the film. Sudeep has given commentary not only for the Kannada version, but also for the Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam versions.

    Anup Singh Rajput who played the role of baddie in 'Rogue' is the hero in this film. Apart from Anup, Danshika, Kabir Singh Duhan, 'Bahubali' fame Prabhakar, Harshika Poonachcha, Vamshi Krishna and others play prominent roles in the film.

    Desai himself has written the story and screenplay apart from directing the film. Devaraj, Thirumalai and Manjunath are the producers. Sanjoy Chaudhary is the music director, while Vishnuvardhan is the cinematographer.

  • Sunil Kumar Desai's 'Udgarsha' In Four Languages

    sunil kumar desai's film in four languages

    Sunil Kumar Desai's new film 'Udgarsha' is complete and the film will be released in four languages. Apart from Kannada, the film will be released in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

    Anup Singh Rajput who played the role of baddie in 'Rogue' is the hero in this film. Apart from Anup, Danshika, Kabir Singh Duhan, 'Bahubali' fame Prabhakar, Harshika Poonachcha, Vamshi Krishna and others play prominent roles in the film.

    Desai himself has written the story and screenplay apart from directing the film. Devaraj, Thirumalai and Manjunath are the producers. Sanjoy Chaudhary is the music director, while Vishnuvardhan is the cinematographer.

  • Sunil Kumar Desai's Udgarsha Launched

    udgarsha launch image

    Sunil Kumar Desai's previous film 'Re' starring Ramesh Aravind and others bombed very badly at the box-office. Now Desai is back with a new film and this time the film is of his favourite thriller genre.

    Desai's new film has been titled as 'Udgarsha' and the film was launched in Madikeri on Monday morning. The film's launch was held in a temple there and the regular shooting for the film will be held in Madikeri till the end of this month.

    Anup Singh Rajput who played the role of baddie in 'Rogue' has been roped in as a hero in the film, which will be simultaneously shot in Kannada and Telugu. Danshika is the heroine, while Kabir Singh Duhan plays a prominent role in the film.

  • Tarka To Be ReReleased On Feb 3rd

    tarka movie image

    Sunil Kumar Desai's debut film 'Tarka' is all set to be released once again with surround sound and latest technology. 'Tarka' was a murder mystery written and directed by Sunil Kumar Desai. Shankar Nag, Devaraj, Avinash, Vanitha Vasu and others had acted in the movie and the film was a huge hit with the audience.

    The film was released many times after. Now the film will be release once again with modern technology on the 03rd of February. Santhosh Films will be re-releasing the film again this time.

  • ಉದ್ಘರ್ಷ.. ಸುನಿಲ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಸಿನಿಮಾ

    sunil kumar desai's film is udgharsha

    ತರ್ಕ, ಉತ್ಕರ್ಷ, ಸಂಘರ್ಷ, ನಿಷ್ಕರ್ಷ.. ಇವು ಸುನಿಲ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಸಿನಿಮಾಗಳು. ಬಹುತೇಕ ಅರ್ಕಾವತ್ತು ಇರುವ ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಚಿತ್ರಗಳೆಲ್ಲವೂ ಸೂಪರ್ ಹಿಟ್. ಎಲ್ಲವೂ ಕ್ರೈಂ ಥ್ರಿಲ್ಲರ್. ಈ ಬಾರಿ ಮತ್ತೊಮ್ಮೆ ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಕ್ರೈಂ ಥ್ರಿಲ್ಲರ್ ಮೊರೆ ಹೋಗಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಸಿನಿಮಾ ಹೆಸರು ಉದ್ಘರ್ಷ.

    ಹರ್ಷಿಕಾ ಪೂಣಚ್ಚ ನಾಯಕಿಯಾಗಿರುವ ಸಿನಿಮಾದಲ್ಲಿ ಸಿಂಗಂ 3 ಸಿನಿಮಾದಲ್ಲಿ ನಟಿಸಿದ್ದ ಅನೂಪ್ ಸಿಂಗ್ ಠಾಕೂರ್ ಹೀರೋ. ನನ್ನದು ಬೋಲ್ಡ್ ಪಾತ್ರ. ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಮೇಲಿನ ನಂಬಿಕೆಯಿಂದ ಒಪ್ಪಿಕೊಂಡಿದ್ದೇನೆ ಅಂತಾರೆ ಹರ್ಷಿಕಾ.

  • ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಉದ್ಘರ್ಷಕ್ಕೆ ಕಿಚ್ಚನ ಸ್ಪರ್ಶ

    sudeep dubs for desai's udgarsha trailer

    ಸುನೀಲ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ದೇಸಾಯಿ, ಕಿಚ್ಚ ಸುದೀಪ್ ಅವರನ್ನು ಚಿತ್ರರಂಗ ಗುರುತಿಸುವಂತೆ ಮಾಡಿದ ನಿರ್ದೇಶಕ. ಸ್ಪರ್ಶ ಚಿತ್ರಕ್ಕೆ ಮುನ್ನ ಸುದೀಪ್ ನಟಿಸಿದ್ದರೂ, ಸುದೀಪ್ ಅವರೊಳಗೊಬ್ಬ ಅದ್ಭುತ ಕಲಾವಿದ ಇದ್ದಾನೆ ಎಂದು ಪರಿಚಯಿಸಿಕೊಟ್ಟವರು ದೇಸಾಯಿ. ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಅವರನ್ನು ಗುರುವಿನಂತೆ ಕಾಣುವ ಕಿಚ್ಚ ಸುದೀಪ್, ಈಗ ನ್ಯಾಷನಲ್ ಸ್ಟಾರ್.

    ಈಗ ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಅವರ ಪಂಚಭಾಷಾ ಸಿನಿಮಾಗೆ ಸುದೀಪ್ ಬಲ ತುಂಬಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಉದ್ಘರ್ಷ ಚಿತ್ರದ ಟ್ರೇಲರ್‍ಗೆ ಧ್ವನಿ ನೀಡಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಸುದೀಪ್. ವಿಶೇಷವೆಂದರೆ, ಕನ್ನಡ ಅಷ್ಟೇ ಅಲ್ಲ, ತೆಲುಗು, ತಮಿಳು, ಮಲಯಾಳಂಗೂ ಸುದೀಪ್ ಅವರದ್ದೇ ಧ್ವನಿ ಇರಲಿದೆ. ಆರ್.ದೇವರಾಜ್ ನಿರ್ಮಾಣದ ಸಿನಿಮಾದಲ್ಲಿ ಕಬಾಲಿ ಖ್ಯಾತಿಯ ಧನ್ಸಿಕಾ, ಅನೂಪ್ ಸಿಂಗ್ ಠಾಕೂರ್, ತಾನ್ಯಾ ಹೋಪ್, ಕಬೀರ್ ಸಿಂಗ್, ಬಾಹುಬಲಿ ಪ್ರಭಾಕರ್ ಇದ್ದಾರೆ. ಅತಿಥಿ ಪಾತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ಹರ್ಷಿಕಾ ಪೂಣಚ್ಚ ಕಾಣಿಸಿಕೊಂಡಿದ್ದಾರೆ. 

  • ಮಾಸ್ಟರ್ ಆಫ್ ಸಸ್ಪೆನ್ಸ್ ಈಸ್ ಬ್ಯಾಕ್

    sunil kumar desai's udgarsha traile rreleased

    ತರ್ಕ, ಉತ್ಕರ್ಷ, ಸಂಘರ್ಷ, ನಿಷ್ಕರ್ಷ, ಮರ್ಮ ಚಿತ್ರಗಳ ಮೂಲಕ ಸುನಿಲ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಸಸ್ಪೆನ್ಸ್, ಥ್ರಿಲ್ಲರ್ ಸಿನಿಮಾಗಳಿಗೆ ಹೊಸ ರೂಪವನ್ನೆ ಕೊಟ್ಟವರು. ಈಗ ಉದ್ಘರ್ಷದ ಮೂಲಕ ಮತ್ತೆ ತಮ್ಮ ಥ್ರಿಲ್ಲರ್ ಜಾನರ್‍ಗೆ ವಾಪಸ್ ಆಗಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಉದ್ಘರ್ಷದ ಚಿತ್ರದ ಟ್ರೇಲರ್ ರಿಲೀಸ್ ಆಗಿದೆ. ದರ್ಶನ್ ಟ್ರೇಲರ್ ಬಿಡುಗಡೆ ಮಾಡಿದ್ದಾರೆ.

    ಇಡೀ ಚಿತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ಹಿನ್ನೆಲೆ ಸಂಗೀತ, ಅನೂಪ್ ಸಿಂಗ್ ಠಾಕೂರ್ ಡೈಲಾಗ್ ಬಿಟ್ಟರೆ ಕೇಳಿಸೋದು ಕಿಚ್ಚನ ಧ್ವನಿ. ಆಲ್‍ಮೋಸ್ಟ್ ಇಂಗ್ಲಿಷ್ ವಾಯ್ಸ್ ಓವರ್ ಇದೆ. ನಿರ್ಮಾಪಕ ದೇವರಾಜ್ 4 ಭಾಷೆಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಸಿನಿಮಾ ರಿಲೀಸ್ ಮಾಡೋಕೆ ಪ್ಲಾನ್ ಮಾಡಿದ್ದಾರೆ.

  • ಸುನಿಲ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ದೇಸಾಯಿಗೆ ಸುದೀಪ್ ಅಭಿಮಾನದ ಸ್ಪರ್ಶ

    sudeep's heartfelt message to sunil kumar desai

    sಸುನಿಲ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ದೇಸಾಯಿ. ತರ್ಕ ಚಿತ್ರದ ಮೂಲಕ ನಿರ್ದೇಶಕರಾದ ದೇಸಾಯಿ, ಉತ್ಕರ್ಷ, ಸಂಘರ್ಷ, ನಿಷ್ಕರ್ಷ, ಬೆಳದಿಂಗಳ ಬಾಲೆ, ನಮ್ಮೂರ ಮಂದಾರ ಹೂವೆ, ಪ್ರೇಮ ರಾಗ ಹಾಡು ಗೆಳತಿ.. ಹೀಗೆ ಹಲವು ಹಿಟ್ ಸಿನಿಮಾ ಕೊಟ್ಟವರು. ದೇಸಾಯಿಯವರು ಕನ್ನಡ ಚಿತ್ರರಂಗಕ್ಕೆ ನೀಡಿದ ಮತ್ತೊಂದು ಕೊಡುಗೆ ಸುದೀಪ್.

    ಸುದೀಪ್‍ರ ಮೊದಲ ಚಿತ್ರ ಸ್ಪರ್ಶ ಅಲ್ಲ. ಅವರು ಮೊದಲು ನಟಿಸಿದ್ದು ಬ್ರಹ್ಮ ಚಿತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ. ಅದು ಟೇಕಾಫ್ ಆಗದೇ ತಾಯವ್ವ ಮೂಲಕ ಹೀರೋ ಆದರು. ನಂತರ ಇದೇ ದೇಸಾಯಿಯವರ ಪ್ರತ್ಯರ್ಥ ಚಿತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ಪೋಷಕ ನಟರಾಗಿ ಕಾಣಿಸಿಕೊಂಡರು. ಅದಾದ ಮೇಲೆ ದೇಸಾಯಿಯವರು ಸ್ಪರ್ಶ ಚಿತ್ರ ಮಾಡಿದ್ದು. ಆ ಚಿತ್ರ.. ಸುದೀಪ್‍ರನ್ನು ಕನ್ನಡ ಚಿತ್ರರಂಗ ತಿರುಗಿ ನೋಡುವಂತೆ ಮಾಡಿತು. ಅದಾದ ನಂತರ ಬಂದ ಹುಚ್ಚ ಅವರನ್ನು ಕಿಚ್ಚನನ್ನಾಗಿಸಿತು. ಅದು ಇತಿಹಾಸ. 

    ಹೀಗಾಗಿಯೇ ಚಿತ್ರರಂಗದಲ್ಲಿ ತಮಗೊಂದು ಗುರುತು ನೀಡಿದ ದೇಸಾಯಿಯವರ ಹುಟ್ಟುಹಬ್ಬಕ್ಕೆ ಸುದೀಪ್ ವಿಶೇಷವಾಗಿ ವಿಶ್ ಮಾಡಿದ್ದಾರೆ. `ನನ್ನನ್ನು ನಾನು ಕಂಡುಕೊಳ್ಳಲು, ಸಿನಿಮಾವನ್ನು ಪ್ರೀತಿಸಲು, ಗುರಿಗಳನ್ನು ಮುಟ್ಟುವುದು ಹೇಗೆ ಎಂದು ಕಲಿಸಿಕೊಟ್ಟ ದೇಸಾಯಿ ಸರ್‍ಗೆ ಶುಭ ಹಾರೈಕೆಗಳು. ಅವರು ಇನ್ನೂ ಇನ್ನೂ ಒಳ್ಳೆಯ ಸಿನಿಮಾಗಳನ್ನು ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿರಲಿ' ಎಂದು ಶುಭ ಕೋರಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಕಿಚ್ಚ.

    63ನೇ ವರ್ಷಕ್ಕೆ ಕಾಲಿಟ್ಟ ಸುನಿಲ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ದೇಸಾಯಿಯವರಿಗೆ ಹುಟ್ಟುಹಬ್ಬದ ಶುಭ ಕಾಮನೆಗಳು.

  • ಹಿಂದಿಯಲ್ಲೂ ಬರುತ್ತಿದೆ ನಿಷ್ಕರ್ಷ..

    nishkarsha movie to re release in hindi too

    90ರ ದಶಕದಲ್ಲಿ ಸಂಚಲನ ಸೃಷ್ಟಿಸಿದ್ದ ನಿಷ್ಕರ್ಷ ಚಿತ್ರವನ್ನು ವಿಷ್ಣುವರ್ಧನ್ ಹುಟ್ಟುಹಬ್ಬಕ್ಕೆಂದೇ ರಿ-ರಿಲೀಸ್ ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಬಿ.ಸಿ.ಪಾಟೀಲ್. ಚಿತ್ರವನ್ನು ಹೊಸ ಟೆಕ್ನಾಲಜಿಯಿಂದ ಇನ್ನಷ್ಟು ಸುಂದರಗೊಳಿಸಲಾಗಿದೆ. ಇದಕ್ಕಿಂತ ಇನ್ನೂ ಒಂದು ವಿಶೇಷವೆಂದರೆ ಚಿತ್ರವನ್ನು ಹಿಂದಿಗೂ ಡಬ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ. ಸೆ.20ರಂದು ಹಿಂದಿಯಲ್ಲೂ ನಿಷ್ಕರ್ಷ ರಿಲೀಸ್ ಆಗುತ್ತಿದೆ.

    ಆಗಿನ ಕಾಲಕ್ಕೆ ಚಿತ್ರವನ್ನು 60 ಲಕ್ಷದಲ್ಲಿ ನಿರ್ಮಿಸಲಾಗಿತ್ತು. ಈಗ ಚಿತ್ರವನ್ನು ರಿ-ರಿಲೀಸ್ ಮಾಡುವುದಕ್ಕೇ ಒಂದು ಕೋಟಿಗೂ ಹೆಚ್ಚು ಖರ್ಚಾಗಿದೆ.

    ಆಗ ಚಿತ್ರವನ್ನು ನೋಡಿದವರು ಇದು 25 ವರ್ಷಗಳ ನಂತರ ಬರಬೇಕಿದ್ದ ಸಿನಿಮಾ ಎಂದಿದ್ದರು. ಆ ಮಾತೇ ಈಗ ಮತ್ತೊಮ್ಮೆ ಬಿಡುಗಡೆ ಮಾಡಲು ಕಾರಣ ಎಂದಿದ್ದಾರೆ ಬಿ.ಸಿ.ಪಾಟೀಲ್.

    ಸುನಿಲ್ ಕುಮಾರ್ ದೇಸಾಯಿ ನಿರ್ದೇಶನದ ಮಾಸ್ಟರ್ ಪೀಸ್ ಆಗಿರುವ ನಿಷ್ಕರ್ಷ ಚಿತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ ವಿಷ್ಣುವರ್ಧನ್, ಅನಂತ್‍ನಾಗ್, ಸುಮನ್ ನಗರ್‍ಕರ್, ಬಿ.ಸಿ.ಪಾಟೀಲ್ ನಟಿಸಿದ್ದಾರೆ.