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  • Weekend Review: Chitraloka Rating 3.5/ 5*

    weekend review

    While there have been quite a few movies made around techies, but this one by Sringeri Suresh is an insight into their volatile lifestyles and  weekend getaway plan to beat the stress. Also, the epicenter here, is what happens when some of them turn anti-social elements after losing their well-paying jobs.

    A majority of software engineers who lead a busy life between Monday and Friday, working hard to meet deadlines, are known for their weekend masti. Living life like there is no tomorrow is the mantra for many especially the younger lots from the tech profession, which kick starts as early as Friday evening lasting upto Sunday night. The first part of the 'Weekend' is heavily based on the same 'masti' phenomena, but the post interval show is what keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

    Amongst a group of software engineers, the protagonist Ajay, portrayed by Milind leads a value-based life, who lives with his grandfather Anantharama played the veteran Anant Nag. While everything goes well for Ajay with his work and peaceful life, the twist in the tale is when his girlfriend Anupama gets abducted.

    Despite techies being the prime focus, the director presents a larger picture on life. It is Anantharam's philosophy for a happy life sounds sensible for all those who are running a busy life in an office set up. The biggest take away from Weekend, is the glimmer of hope for youths who are often disappointed with unemployment crisis. The message is loud and clear that instead of turning themselves into anti-social elements, there are numerous ways to lead a happier life. Make sure you watch 'Weekend' this weekend, for some lessons on life.