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  • Raghu Deekshith Acts In 'Garuda'

    raghu deekshith acts in garuda

    Well known singer and music composer Raghu Deekshith who has acted in a couple of films as himself, has acted in a prominent role for the very first time. Raghu Deekshith has acted as an intelligence officer in a new film called 'Garuda'. Raghu apart from being seen in a prominent role has also composed music for this film.

    Recently, the scenes of Raghu Deekshith were shot in Bangalore. Ravishankar Gowda, Rajesh Nataranga and Krishna Hebbale were also part of the sequences shot.

    'Garuda' marks the return of Siddarth Mahesh who made his debut with 'Sipayi'. The film is being directed by choreographer turned director Dhan Kumar. The film stars Siddarth along with Srinagar Kitty, Ashika Ranganth, Aindrita Ray and others.

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