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  • Kannada Films Take Over Single Screens - Exclusive

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    In a significant development, backed by good show at the box office, Kannada films are running in maximum number of screens in Karnataka. Out of the around 650 screens in the state, Kannada films are now running in around 500 screens.

    These are figures for single screens. In multiplexes non Kannada films combined have more presence than Kannada films. Two star films released on the same day last Friday leading to large number of single screens showing Kannada films. The continued success of earlier releases has also helped. 

    As on Sunday

    Uppi2 is in 170 single screens

    Buguri in 144, 

    Maley (2nd week) in 122, 

    RangiTaranga (7th week) 24 and 

    Bullet Basya (4th week) in 20 screens.

    So these 5 films occupy a total of 480 theatres out of around 650 theatres in Karnataka.


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  • Plagiarism - Upendra Plans to Take Legal Action

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    Actor-director Upendra has decide to take legal action against the people who not only accused Upendra saying that he has stolen the story 'Uppi 2', but also the people who showcased it without knowing the truth.

    Recently, Upendra was accused of stealing a story. This is not the first time that Upendra has been facing such charges. Even during the release of 'Super' and 'Katariveera Surasundarangi', Upendra was accused of plagiarism. Upendra who is tired of facing such allegations has decided to put an end to all this and has decided to take legal action against not only the people who accused him of plagiarism, but also the people who showcased it.

    'For the last few years, this has been repeating. I started this film two years back and people who accuse me of plagiarism was silent till now and as the film is getting ready for release, they have started accusing me of plagiarism. It's enough. I have already filed a complaint against the people who have accused me of plagiarism. I will take legal action for damaging my reputation' says Upendra.

  • Upendra to Visit America

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    Actor-director Upendra is all set to visit America to promote his new film 'Uppi 2' which was released last month. Upendra himself has confirmed that he will be visiting America to promote the film through a tweet. 'Flying to America for 'Uppi 2' promotions. Excited to meet fans there' says Upendra in his tweet.

    Upendra is expected to be back in India by next week.

  • Uppi 2 on Independence Day Eve - Exclusive

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    One of the most expected films of recent years, Uppi2 is getting for an Independence Day release next month. The shooting for the film is complete and the audio launch is expected in the next week or two. The film is readying for a August 14 release on the eve of Independence Day.


    The film is sequel to Upendra's cult classic film Upendera. He returns to direction after Super. It is also the home production for Upendra.

  • Uppi Returns With Kalpana Tomorrow

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    Real Star Upendra is all set to don the greasepaint again from tomorrow. The muharat of his new film Kalpana 2 is scheduled for Wednesday. The muharat is scheduled at Basavanagudi's iconic Big Bull Temple on Wednesday morning.

    This is Upendra's first film after Uppi2 through which he returned to direction earlier this year.

    Kalpana 2 is the sequel to his horror film Kalpana which he acted in 3 years ago. Kalpana created a sensation with Upendra in a never before seen role. There was much speculation about which film he will act in after Uppi2. Kalpana 2 was one of the films in the reckoning and was in the news for the last six months. Now it has come true.

  • Uppi2 Competition is Om on Saturday

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    For the first time since it released 20 years ago, the iconic film Om will be telecast on television today. It is one of the most popular films in Kannada and is expected to break small screen TRP ratings also. But the biggest danger it is posing is not to other programmes in TV but Upendra's latest film.

    OM was directed by Upendra and starred Shivarajkumar. Now Uppi's new film Uppi2 released only yesterday. The collection of the first weekend is very crucial. But it looks like Saturday's collections for the evening and night shows will be hurt by Upendra's own film Om. The television premier will extend for up to five harvesting into both the first show and second show on Saturday.

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  • Uppi2 Final Trimming - Exclusive

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    The final trimming of Upendra's latest film Uppi2 is in full swing. The shooting of the film except for one song is complete. Therefore the final trimming that is under way now is very crucial and will decide the length of the film. However it is not turning out to be an easy process.

    Sources said that the trimming process involves long discussions and meetings and is taking longer than usual as it is a very ambitious film for Upendra. After the final trimming the film is expected to be about 135-140 minutes long. With one more song to be added, sources in the film team say that the final length of the film will be somewhere around 2 hours 30 minutes long. The location for shooting the final song has not yet been decided. 

  • Uppi2 in 250 Screens

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    Upendra's latest film Uppi2 will be released in around 250 single screens apart from Multiplexes in Karnataka. This will be the biggest release for a Upendra film and much more than his previous best Super. The number of multiplexes has exploded in the last few years and Uppi2 will have the biggest opening for him expect people in the trade. "There is no doubt that this film will have the greatest opening for a Upendra film. The expectation is growing and it is possible that it could become the film with the best first day collections.

    It will be visible once the advance bookings open. Since the film is already Censored we are expecting advance bookings to open earlier than other films manage," says a top distributor. The film is scheduled for release on August 14.

    The Telugu version of the film is releasing on the same day.