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  • 'Huchcha 2' Postponed One Week Further

    huchcha 2 postponed one week furthur

    If everything had gone right, then Omprakash Rao's new film 'Huchcha 2' was supposed to release on the 30th of March. Now the film has been postponed one week further and the film will be releasing on the 06th of April. Recently, Sudeep released the trailer of the film.

    'Huchcha 2' is not a remake of his old film of the same name starring Sudeep which was released a decade ago. The new film is said to be a remake of Tamil film 'Raam' which was released a couple of years ago. 

    'Madarangi' Krishna is the hero of the film, while Shravya is the heroine of this film. Srinivasamurthy, Malavika Avinash, Saikumar, Sadhu Kokila and others forms the rest of the star cast. Ravikumar is the cinematographer, while Anup Seelin is the music director.


  • 2013 film Subsidy Stayed

    madarangi image

    The High Court has stayed the subsidy on Kannada films for the year 2013. Total of 79 films were selected for subsidy for that year. Producer of Madarangi, Nagappa, a former police officer filed a case in the High Court as his film was not listed for subsidy.

    Though 79 films were announced for subsidy, his film which won a state award was missing from the list. Rs 10 lakh is given as subsidy to each film.

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  • Ashutosh Gowariker Picks Rangi Taranga Hindi Rights? - Exclusive

    rangi taranga image

    The sensational hit Rangi Taranga has caught the fancy of other film industries. It was the only film in Kannada, Telugu or Tamil to withstand the onslaught of Telugu film Baahubali for last two weeks. Sources say that today Bollywood film maker Ashutosh Gowariker has bought the Hindi remake rights of the film.

    The official details are not forthcoming but more than one source said Gowarikar has picked up the rights. The film has also grabbed attention in Tamil and Telugu and offers have been made. But since the film is getting bigger now the film makers are said to be waiting it out for a better price. The film has mostly newcomers including the director and lead actor, the Bhandari brothers.

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  • Chinna Chinna Aasey Now Local Train

    local train image

    'Madarangi' Krishna's new film 'Chinna Chinna Aasey' has been renamed to 'Local Train' to avoid further confusions. The film will be called as 'Local Train' from now on. Earlier, the film was launched in October was titled as 'Chinna Chinna Aasey'. But there were confusions whether the title was Kannada or Tamil. Actually, 'Chinna Chinna Aasey' are Tamil words and are derived from a song from Manirathnam's 'Roja'. The confusion got viral and when everybody started asking whether it is a Kannada or Tamil film, director Rudramuni has changed the title 'Local Train' to avoid confusions.


    Krishna plays a lover boy in this film, while Esther Noronha and Meenakshi Deekshith are the heroines. The shooting for the film is under progress.

  • John Jaani Janardhan Release Postponed

    john jaani janardhan movie image

    Kannada movie John Jaani Janardhan which was supposed to get released on 11th of this month has been postponed to December 9th. The reason for postponement is because of yesterday prime minister Narendra Modi decision to withdraw RS 500 and RS 1000 note.

    Sensing there will be money with the people movie producer decided to postpone the release.

    John Jaani Janardhan is produced by L Padmanabh, CN Shashikiran and K Girish under the banner MR Pictures. Guru Deshpande has directed the movie starring Ajay Rai, Yogesh, Madarangi Krishna in lead.

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  • Mumbai Completed; To Release Shortly

    mumbai movie image

    'Madarangi' Krishna starrer 'Mumbai' which was launched almost two years back and producer Ramu is looking forward to release the film soon.

    'Mumbai' is being directed by Ramesh of S R Brothers fame, who earlier scripted 'AK 47' and directed films like 'Nanjundi' and 'PUC'. Now Ramesh himself has written the story and screenplay apart from directing the film. Sridhar Sambhram is the music director.

    Actress Teju who was seen in Darshan starrer 'Chingari' has been roped in as the heroine of the film. Chaswa, Ashish Vidyarthi and others play prominent roles in the film.

  • Puneeth Rajakumar Releases Mumbai Songs

    mumbai audio rel by puneeth rajkumar

    Puneeth Rajakumar on Saturday evening released the songs of 'Madarangi' Krishna's new film 'Mumbai' being produced by Ramu.

    The audio release event was held at the Renukamba Preview Theater in Malleshwaram and many celebrities including Puneeth Rajakumar, Malasri, Krishna, Teju, Chaswa, music composer Sridhar Sambhram and others were present at the occasion. 


    'Mumbai' is being directed by Ramesh of S R Brothers fame, who earlier scripted 'AK 47' and directed films like 'Nanjundi' and 'PUC'. Now Ramesh himself has written the story and screenplay apart from directing the film.