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  • Crucial Meeting On Film Screening Today

    crucial meeting today

    Representatives of the Kannada and Tamil film industries are holding an important meeting at 3 pm today to decide on the issue of DSPs. The Telugu film industry which was part of the protest against the digital service providers has made a private deal with them and withdrawn. But the Kannada and Tamil industries are gearing up to intensify the protest. There are talks about completely shutting down film activities from next week. 

    Vishal is arriving as the chief representative of the Tamil industry for the talks. Screening of new films have stopped in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu since last week. There are several speculations that is happening. If the DSPs do not agree to reduce their monopolistic prices to normal levels the film industries may think of starting their own DSP. 

    From March 16 the entire film activities including shooting is coming to a stop in Tamil Nadu. The same may happen in Karnataka. Screening of all films may also stop. All this will be decided in the meeting today. The DSPs however are not attending the meeting which is a dampener on the prospects of any solution.

  • Will Film Screening Stop from March 1? - Exclusive

    theaters bundh

    The deadline to the decision to stop screening of films in South India from March 1 is nearing. The decision was first taken by Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce in December last year and was supported by the Tamil industry and finally the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. The Kannada film industry is yet to take a decision. But with the South Indian chamber supporting the cause it may follow suit. 

    Major problems Chitraloka was told are these –

    The problem is with digital service providers who beam the films to theatres via satellite. They are charging exorbitant charges allege film makers. The service providers like Qube and UFO have also locked theatres in a 10 years lease not allowing other provides to be deployed thereby creating a monopoly. Film makers have tried to settle the issue through talks but till now none of the service providers have come forward for talks it is said. 

    The KFCC is expected to take a decision on the stopping of screening and film activities from March 1 shortly.


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