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early morning shows,

  • Early Morning Shows Are Illegal

    early morning shows are illegal

    Films and theaters including multiplexes are breaking the law in Karnataka regularly. As per Rule 41 of The Karnataka Cinemas Regulation Rules, 2014, film shows can commence only after 8 am and the last show cannot start after 10 pm. 

    But we are seeing 4 am shows, 5 am shows, 6 am shows and 7 am shows. This is illegal and the license of theaters and multiplexes can be revoked by the Deputy Commissioner. But no one seems to be bothered about breaking the law. 

    How come theaters are breaking the rules and how come authorities are turning a blind eye to this is a mystery. Rules are made keeping many factors in mind like safety of audience, disturbance to neighbors, maintaining law and order and others. 

    Such rules exist in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh also. Rules are being followed there. But in Karnataka the rules are being violated frequently. A case in point currently is Telugu film Baahubali. Even Kannada films have broken this rule and there can be no exception. It is high time concerned authorities take the issue seriously and curb this.