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  • Baahubali Loots Bengaluru Before CM's Announcement

    baahubali loots bengaluru before cm's announcement

    Baahubali made in Tamil and Telugu and dubbed in Hindi is all set to make more money in Bengaluru rather than Hyderabad, Chennai or Mumbai. The heavy ticket prices are the reason. Even as ticket prices in Chennai and Hyderabad is capped at Rs 120 and Rs 150, even single screens in Bengaluru are charging Rs 600 for the film. Advance bookings for the film show that single screens in Bengaluru are charging 2 to 5 times more than what is being charged in multiplexes in Chennai and Hyderabad. 

    The highest ticket rate for Baahubali in higher classes in Multiplexes in Chennai is Rs 220. In Hyderabad it is Rs 250. In Bengaluru's single screen theatre Urvashi the lowest ticket rate is Rs 400 and highest Rs 600! Even in theatres on outskirts like Vajrrshwari the tickets are priced at Rs 200 and Rs 250. 

    bahubali_2_chennaii.jpgOne more curious factor is that theatres in Chennai and Hyderabad have stuck to rules and the first show starts at 7am. But in Bengaluru despite the 7 am rule, even multiplexes are screening the film before 7 am to cash in on the craze. 

    The CM of Karnataka said on Monday that the ticket prices will be capped at Rs 200 in Karnataka and the announcement will be made in one or two days. But advance bookings have started for till next Tuesday already at very high prices.


  • Early Morning Shows Are Illegal

    early morning shows are illegal

    Films and theaters including multiplexes are breaking the law in Karnataka regularly. As per Rule 41 of The Karnataka Cinemas Regulation Rules, 2014, film shows can commence only after 8 am and the last show cannot start after 10 pm. 

    But we are seeing 4 am shows, 5 am shows, 6 am shows and 7 am shows. This is illegal and the license of theaters and multiplexes can be revoked by the Deputy Commissioner. But no one seems to be bothered about breaking the law. 

    How come theaters are breaking the rules and how come authorities are turning a blind eye to this is a mystery. Rules are made keeping many factors in mind like safety of audience, disturbance to neighbors, maintaining law and order and others. 

    Such rules exist in Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh also. Rules are being followed there. But in Karnataka the rules are being violated frequently. A case in point currently is Telugu film Baahubali. Even Kannada films have broken this rule and there can be no exception. It is high time concerned authorities take the issue seriously and curb this.

  • What Happens if Baahubali 2 is Dubbed in Kannada? – KM Veeresh Writes

    bahubali 2 image

    From the last 2-3 years the chorus for releasing dubbed films and serials in Karnataka is gaining lots of attention. The argument going on is Kannada language can be saved from the dubbed movies. That is what UNESCO says about saving language, some aruge. Some organisations are against dubbing and several protests were taken up. But CCI (Competition Commission of India) has finalised their decision in favour of dubbing. So legally there is no way of stopping dubbing unless a law is made by the State or Union governments.

    Once when CCI entered the field KFCC, KFPA, directors association, KTV, Okkutta and some organisations had to keep quiet and not voice their opposition as it was against competition according to CCI.


    But Some individual organisations are still fighting against dubbed movies. Now there is a huge buzz that Bahubali 2, the Telugu film should be dubbed in Kannada and should get released. This is getting more attraction in social media. Chitraloka collected information from many sectors and many of them are opposing the dubbing of this movie to Kannada. There is also opposition to the release of the Telugu film itself for the reason of Satyaraj. The Tamil actor who plays a major role in the film had spoken very cheaply during the Cauvery water protests in Tamil Nadu. He had insulted Karnataka and Vatal Nagaraj and other Kannadigas.

    CCI Imposes Fine on KFCC in Dubbing Issue

    People supporting dubbing in Kannada are bringing old other language movies to get it released here. Probably it's an attempt to make the entry of dubbed movies de facto. Legally there is no bar on dubbing and sooner or later, big budget films of other languages will be released in Kannada dubbed versions.

    It will open up the Kannada market for other languages this way. Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English film makers can look forward to making more profit in Karnataka from their films.

    Uma Column 23 - ಡಬ್ಬಿಂಗ್ ಭೂತ ಅಲ್ಲ, ಭವಿಷ್ಯ

    In Tamil Nadu dubbed movies are released but at the same time the dubbed film's original language is not allowed to release. Chitraloka contacted many persons from the film industry regarding this and they are of similar opinion. They say let the dubbed movies get released but they should not release their straight movies here. Let the government take action making all movies should enter to Karnataka in Kannada version only.

    Challenges Before Dubbing - Exclusive

    Some of our own people who are fighting for the dubbed movies release are not talking about this aspect. Are they for release of both the original and dubbed films at the same time? If a movie like Bahubali2 gets released it will occupy more than 300 screens in Telugu version in Karnataka and dubbed versions in Kannada will occupy another 300 screens. This will damage our original Kannada films more than anything. For example, say in Rajajinagar area, Telugu films are released in Anjan theatre and Kannada films in the neighbouring Prasanna and Veeresh theatres. If Baabhubali 2 releases only in Kannada it may occupy Anjan theatre. But if it releases in both Kannada and Telugu, it will occupy Anjan with Telugu version and either Prasanna and Veeresha in Kannada version. Last time when Baahubali part 1 released, Kannada films like Rangi Taranga managed to survive and thrive because of this. Now if both language version of other language films release, original Kannada films will not have theatres. This will be the situation not only in Rajajinagar or Bengaluru but across Karnataka.

    Uma Column 24 - ಬಂದದ್ದೆಲ್ಲಾ ಬರಲಿ, ಡಬ್ಬಿಂಗ್ ದಯೆಯೊಂದಿರಲಿ!

    Will other language film makers agree to release only the dubbed Kannada version in Karnataka is the big question. They are already minting money in Karnataka and it is unlikely they will agree to this  situation. Last time Baahubali Part 1 released in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi versions in Karnataka. They occupied the screens that regularly screen these language films. Telugu version released in films regularly screening Telugu films and likewise for Tamil and Hindi versions. If a Kannada version is released, it will be released in theatres screening original Kannada films regularly.

    Dubbing In Kannada Will Be Failure - Prashanth

    Kannada films occupy 50 per cent of the single screens in Bengaluru and around 25 per cent of the multiplex screens now. If other language films are dubbed in Kannada, the share of other language films will increase, albeit in the guise of Kannada language. The profits will flow out of Karnataka. Now 30-40 per cent of film revenue in Karnataka goes out of Karnataka. With dubbed films it will increase to 50 percent or beyond that according to film industry sources. It will mean less investment in Kannada films.

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