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  • Love You Aaliya Title Won't Change - Indrajith

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    Director Indrajith Lankesh has confirmed that the title of his new film 'Love You Aaliya' won't change and he will release the film by that name itself. Earlier, there were confusions about the title. While Indrajith had titled the film as 'Love You Aaliya', many had confused it to 'Love You Aliya' (Love You Son-in-Law). Indrajith who was surprised to hear that many are confused regarding the title has also registered a title called 'Love You Aliya' in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. Does that mean he is planning to change the title?

    Indrajith says he has no intentions of changing the title, but instead registered the title because of safety purpose. 'I have no intentions of changing the title. It is fresh and I am releasing the film by that name itself. However, anybody can register the title and make a film by that name. If that happens then the audience will definitely get confused over 'Love You Aaliya' and 'Love You Aliya'. So, I have registered the title for safety purpose so that no one will register the name and create confusion. I will definitely hand over the title 'Love You Aliya' once my film is released' says Indrajith Lankesh

  • Sunny Leone to Star in Love You Aaliya - Exclusive

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    Porn actress Sunny Leone who was last seen in an item song in Prem starrer 'DK' is all set to make a comeback to Kannada silver screen once again. This time she will be seen in an guest appearance in Indrajith Lankesh's 'Love You Aaliya'.

    There were rumours that Sunny Leone may act in 'Love You Aaliya'. However, Indrajith chose to keep it a secret as he didn't have the green signal from Sunny. Now it seems Sunny has given a final nod to act in the film and even Indrajith Lankesh has confirmed the news of Sunny Leone acting in the film.

    Sunny Leone' guest appearance includes a song as well as few scenes which will be shot in and around Bangalore. With the completion of Sunny Leone's portions the shooting for the film come to an end. Sunny is expected to come to Bangalore soon for the shooting of the film.