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  • 'Contract' To Hit Screens In April

    contract to hit screens in april

    Arjun Sarja and Radhika Kumaraswamy starrer 'Contract' which is in the making for the last six years is finally complete and the film is all set to hit the screens in the month off April.

    'Contract' was launched almost six years back in Kanteerava Studios in Bangalore. However, there was no news about the film after the launch. The shooting was resumed a couple of years back and the film is complete now. With the post-production in progress, the team is planning to release the film in the month of April.

    The film is written and directed by Sameer. The film stars Arjun Sarja, Radhika, J D Chakravarthy, Faisal Khan and others in prominent roles. Anil Lal is the cameraman, while Subhash Anand is the music director.

  • 'Prema Baraha' to release on February 9th

    prema baraha image

    Arjun Sarja's latest directorial venture 'Prema Baraha' is all set to release on the 9th of February. The film will be releasing along with Chiru Sarja's 'Samhaara'.

    'Prema Baraja' marks the debut of Arjun's daughter Aishwarya to Kannada cinema. Earlier, Aishwarya made his debut in 'Pattathu Yaanai' which was released in 2017. Now she is all set to make her debut in Kannada with 'Prema Baraha'. Chandan is the hero. Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Prakash Rai and others play prominent roles in the film. Darshan, Arjun Sarja, Dhruva Sarja and Chiranjeevi Sarja are seen in a special song.

    'Prema Baraha' is derived from Arjun Sarja's song 'Prema Baraha Koti Taraha' from 'Pratap'. The song was a hit and Arjun has used the first two words of the song as the title. Arjun Sarja himself has written the story and screenplay of the film. Jessie Gift is the music director, while H C Venu is the cinematographer.

  • Arjun Sarja Files Rs 5 Cr Defamation Suit Against Sruthi Hariharan

    arjun sarja slams 5 crore defamation against sruthi hariharan

    Just hours before Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) is to hold an all-important meeting over 'me too’ allegations especially concerning Sruthi Hariharan, multilingual actor Arjun Sarja has approached the court filing Rs 5 crore defamation suit against the actress.

    He has approached the court citing that the actress has made false allegations and has in turn maligned his character and image. Sources say that the actor has even urged for restraining order against Sruthi from making any further statements until the matter is decided by the court.

    The court is expected to hear the matter today or tomorrow.

  • Arjun Sarja Gets His Best Birthday Gift Ever

    arjun sarja gets his best birthday gift

    The gentleman, and the 'Action King’, as he is fondly known by his fans across South Indian film industry, Arjun Sarja got his best birthday gift ever! It was none other than his daughter Aishwarya Arjun who gifted him the present which came all the way from Somnathpur in Gujarat.

    The star who recently celebrated his birthday, was at surprise when his daughter along with others in family gifted him a cow, which they had it transported all the way from Gujarat.

    The cow which is now carrying and soon to deliver, is being taken care in the action king's farm house. Named as Punyakoti, Arjun Sarja was elated after witnessing the gift, saying that it was his best birthday gift ever.

    His daughter Aishwarya Arjun, who recently made her debut in ‘Prema Baraha’ directed by none other than her father, is being lauded by netizens for gifting her father a meaningful present.

  • Arjun Sarja Hugged Me, Ran His Hand Up & Down My Back - Sruthi Hariharan

    Vismaya Image

    The #MeTooIndia movement is at its peak with big names have started to tumble down with bigger revelations on an everyday basis. 

    Just days after actress radio jockey turned actress Nethra revealed her #MeToo story followed by Sangeetha Bhat sharing her ten years long ordeals without naming anyone, now it's renowned actress Sruthi Hariharan of Lucia fame who has opened up on her #MeToo. She has accused one of the biggest stars of South Indian film industry - Arjun Sarja, who she says sexually harassed her during the shooting of a bilingual film - Vismaya in 2016.

    “Honestly, I have been lucky as I have managed to escape physically and mentally scarring situations. However, in late 2016, there was one incident that left me startled and took a while for me to recover,” Sruthi shares.

    About the particular incident, she writes: “I was shooting for a bilingual film which starred Arjun Sarja. A man whose movies I have grown up watching. I was excited about the opportunity. The first few days seemed normal, I played his wife in the film and that day we were to do a romantic scene where we had to hug each other after a brief dialogue. During the rehearsal, we delivered our lines and Mr. Arjun hugs me. With no forewarning or permission, he runs his hands intimately up and down my back. He pulls me closer with my body taut against his and asks the director if we could use this idea of foreplay in the scene. I was aghast. I am all for depicting realism in cinema, but this felt absolutely wrong. His intent seemed anything but professional. I hated that he did it and angry that I didn't know what to say then.”

    On why she chose to talk about it now, she goes on to add, “I choose to come out now, because henceforth I think Mr. Arjun Sarja needs to make sure he doesn't cross the thin line between two actors and use his position of power to cause another person discomfort or hurt”.

    “I choose to do this publicly - as this movement is more than you and me and our individual experiences. It is a collective voice to question an existing system of power play and to call a spade for what it is. The point is to be part of a larger battle against years of female oppression and abuse. It is a movement to make sure no man ever takes a woman's personal space for granted, whoever she is to him.”

  • Arjun Sarja Knocks HC Against Sruthi, Seeks Quashing Of FIR

    arjun sarja goes to high court against sruthi hariharan

    Action King Arjun Sarja, who is accused of sexual harassment by actress Sruthi Hariharan, has approached High Court seeking to quash the FIR registered against him by the Cubbon Park police. It may be recalled that 'Chitraloka’ had recently reported that the actor is most likely to approach HC.

    The actor who has filed the petition in the HC on Tuesday has prayed for interim order, to stay all further proceedings in the matter or direct to save the actor from any kind of coercive action by the police such as arrest, detention, restraint and so on.

    Arjun in his petition states that the Sruthi has theatrically woken-up after three years and alleged to cost the dignity of a dignified person. 

    “While an assembly of few persons identified with fanatic orientations were openly seen moving and acting for her in the wild pursuit, though the society at large vouched in support of Arjuna Sarja,” the petition states.

    The actor goes on to state that his reputation has been badly hit due to fabricated lies against him and has also caused huge damage to him and his entire family. 

    He also adds that the actress has filed the complaint after he filed a defamation suit of Rs 5 crore against the actress, and that the additional tailor made allegations were made in the complaint which were missing in her Facebook post with the hashtag 'me too’. 

    The petition also states that the complaint and the FIR contents clearly shows that there were clear conspiracy to misuse the cyber space. There are several other aspects mentioned in the petition which states that it is a malicious act to defame him and his reputation.

  • Arjun Sarja Remembers Sri DR. Shivakumara Swamiji

    arjun sarja remembers siddaganga shri

    Action King Arjun who is one among the millions of followers of Sri Dr. Shivakumara Swamiji, the head seer of Siddaganga Mutt, has expressed his grief over the sad demise of swamiji.

    The actor says that he had the opportunity to serve (paada seve) the ‘walking god’, a couple of years of ago. “Paramapujya Sri. Shivakumara Swamiji took birth with a sole purpose to serve the mankind. I cannot digest the fact that Swamiji is no more. Not just Tumakuru, the entire state of Karnataka is in deep sorrow with the loss of such a divine and godly soul,” says Arjun Sarja.

    He goes onto pray for the entire community of Swamiji's followers for strength, to bear the loss and further shared that swamiji will always be present through his service and will keep blessing all of us.

  • Arjun Sarja Says He Overreacted

    arjun sarja image

    Actor-director Arjun Sarja says he had overreacted regarding the review of 'Prema Baraha' and doesn't want to react about it.

    Earlier, there was news that Arjun was upset about reviews and ranking for his 'Prema Baraha'. Arjun had even said that he was upset, but didn't prolong it further. On Saturday, during the success meet of the film, the actor that he was upset, but should not have overreacted regarding the reviews.

    'I was upset about the reviews. I have not made a cheap film. But the kind of reaction and reviews from one section of the media was really saddening, But I should not have overreacted regarding the news' said Arjun Sarja.

  • Arjun Sarja To File Defamation Case, Shruthi Says She Has Proof

    vismaya image

    Within hours after actress Sruthi Hariharan made one of biggest revelation to hit the sandalwood following the ongoing #MeTooIndia movement, accusing one of the popular south Indian star actors - Arjun Sarja, the actor has refuted the allegations saying that he is shocked and is in total disbelief.

    The actor has said that he will take the legal course by filing defamation case against the actress.

    Meanwhile, the actress has hit back saying that she has proofs to prove her charges against the actor who made her feel discomfort during the rehearsals for the shooting of the film Vismaya in 2016.

    I have proof and I will come out with it when needed, Sruthi has said.

    Around Sarja has also urged the actress not to use #MeToo, which has been a great platform for cheap publicity.

  • Arjun Sarja's Prema Baraha Launched

    prema baraha audio launch image

    Arjun Sarja's new directorial venture Prema Baraha which is the debut film of his daughter Aishwarya Arjun was launched on Sunday night. The launch witnessed the presence of many of the bigwigs of the industry coming and wishing Aishwarya and Arjun Sarja for their new venture.

    B Saroja Devi, Parvathamma Rajakumar, Ambarish, Dwarkish, Rajesh, Shivarajakumar, Srinath, Upendra, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Jagapathi Babu, S V Rajendra Singh Babu, Ashok Kheny and others were present at the occasion.

    The film stars Chandan and Aishwarya Arjun in lead roles. H C Venu is the cameraman.

  • Arjun to Direct his Daughter Aishwarya!

    arjun sarja, aishwarya image

    For a long time there was news that actor-director Arjun Sarja might direct his daughter Aishwarya in Kannada film. Now the news is all set to come to a reality with the film being launched soon.

    This time Arjun has written a romantic story and will be producing it apart from directing it. While his daughter Aishwarya will be making her debut through this film in Kannada, Chethan of 'Aa Dingagalu' fame will be playing the hero in this film.

    More details about the film are yet awaited.

  • Arjun's Game From February 16th

    arjun sarja image

    Arjun Sarja starrer 'Game' to be directed by A  M R Ramesh of 'Cyanide' fame is all set to be launched on the 16th of February at a temple in Bangalore. 'Game' is said to be a murder mystery with lot of current issues that are hogging the limelight. Arjun plays a cop who is behind a murder mystery in this film. Tamil actor Shyam plays a negative character in the film. There are two heroines in the film and Manisha Koirala is likely to play one of the characters.


    Ramesh apart from direction, is also scripting and producing the film. The film will be simultaneously shot in Kannada and Tamil.

  • Bhumiputra Launched

    bhumiputra image

    Director S Narayan's biopic on former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy which has been titled as 'Bhumiputra' was launched on Monday night at the National College Grounds in Bangalore.

    The film was launched amidst the absence of former Chief Minister Kumaraswamy and the launch was attended by former Prime Minister H D Devegowda, KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, MLC Sharavana and others. Arjun Sarja is playing the role of former Chief Minister in this film.


    S Narayan intends to showcase the 20 month achievement of H D Kumaraswamy as a Chief Minister. Narayan says he has collected a lot of information about the tenure of H D Kumaraswamy and has written the story and screenplay of the film. The film is not only a big budget one, but also has a big star cast.

  • Chandan - Aishwarya in Arjun Sarja's Prema Baraha

    arjun sarja, aishwarya sarja photo

    Arjun Sarja has been talking of introducing his daughter Aishwarya Arjun to Kannada films for some time now. Now Arjun Sarja has finally finished the pre-production of his latest film which stars his daughter Aishwarya. The film is titled as 'Prema Baraha'.

    'Prema Baraha' is derived from Arjun Sarja's song 'Prema Baraha Koti Taraha' from 'Pratap'. The song was a hit and Arjun has used the first two words of the song as the title. Arjun Sarja himself has written the story and screenplay of the film.

    Earlier, there was news that Arjun may cast actor Chethan of 'Aa Dinagalu' fame to act in the film as hero. Now there is a change and actor Chandan has been roped into play the hero in the film.

    The film is likely to be launched on the 22nd of May

  • Four Stars In One Frame

    four stars in one frame

    Prema Baraha, the film directed by Arjun Sarja that is releasing this week is set to create a unique record of sorts. Four top stars will be seen in a single frame in a song in the film. There have been several songs where other stars have made a special guest appearance.

    There have also been songs in which several stars make a special appearance but in different parts of the song. In the song for Prema Baraha apart from Arjun Sarja, his two nephews Chiranjeevi Sarja and Dhruva Sarja will be seen. But the biggest scoop is the appearance of Darshan in the same frame. This will be one of the most eagerly awaited shots in Kannada films so far.

    The reaction of the fans witnessing four stars in the same frame can only be imagined. It is just a wait of two more days.


  • Game Begins

    game image

    Director A M R Ramesh has said that he doesn't want to invite more trouble by now revealing the story of his latest film 'Game' starring Arjun Sarja and Shyam in prominent roles. 'Game' was launched on Monday morning near the Dodda Ganapathi Temple in Basavanagudi. It was a simple launch and not many celebrities apart from Chiranjeevi Sarja and Dhruva Sarja (nephews of Arjun Sarja) were present during the launch of the film.

    Ramesh says that the film is a murder mystery and based on the events which are associated with real life. But Ramesh refused to reveal much about the film or the story. 'I just can't reveal the story now. I have already invited enough trouble during my previous films and I don't want to invite more trouble not go to the court. So, I don't want to reveal the story and I request everybody to see the content when the film gets released. The actual shooting for the film starts in March and we will be shooting in a 30 day schedule. I am planning to release the film by June end' says Ramesh.

  • Game is Music Maestro's 1001 Film

    game image

    Recently there was news that South India's well known music director Ilayaraja has completed 1000 films as a music director and Bala's new film 'Tharai Thappattai' would be his 1000th film as a music director. Now director A M R Ramesh has claimed that Ilayaraja's 1001 film will be his directorial venture 'Game'.

    Earlier, there was news that A M R Ramesh will be roping in Sandeep Chowta to compose the music for 'Game' starring Arjun Sarja, Manisha Koirala, Shyam and others. After that Ilayaraja replaced Sandeep Chowta and 'Game' will be his 1001 film as a music director.

    The film is almost complete and A M R Ramesh is planning to release the film on the 05th of February.

  • Game Movie Review

    game movie image

    If you are looking for an unusual film that is different from the regular run of the mill that comes out of Sandalwood, Game is the film for you. It is a suspense film with loads of thrills and a few chills as well. It is like the thrillers that come out of Hollywood. A very rare kind of film in Kannada.

    Almost the entire film takes place in one night. Of course there are quite a few flashbacks to give the film a perspective. A dead body goes missing in a mortuary. The security guard is scared and runs away only to meet with an accident. The police investigation team arrives and takes stock of the strange happenings. The husband of the dead woman is the only suspect. He is summoned to the forensic lab. After his arrival, more strange things begin to happen.


    It is a tight story and screenplay with a fast paced narrative that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The background score and songs by Ilayaraja adds magic to the film. 

    This is Manisha Koirala's first Kannada film and she gives a professional performance. Arjun Sarja is on the top of the game. He gives a brilliant performance as the investigation officer.

    Game is a new kind of film for Sandalwood that will thrill all kinds of audience. Enjoy the show.

    Chitraloka Rating 3/5

  • Game To Release on February 26th

    game image

    If everything had gone right, then Arjun Sarja starrer 'Game' should have been released by the 05th of February. But due to various reasons, the film has been postponed and now the film is all set to release on the 26th of February.

    'Game' is being directed and scripted by A M R Ramesh who had earlier directed films like 'Veerappan Attahasa', 'Cyanide' and others. Ramesh says that this film is about a high profile murder mystery with lots of thrilling elements. The film will be made in three languages.

    Arjun Sarja, Shyam, Manisha Koirala, Neha Saxena, Aqsa Bhatt and others play prominent roles in the film. Ilayaraja has composed the music for the film and it is his 1001th film as a music director.

  • HC Orders Police Not To Arrest Arjun Sarja Till Nov 14

    hc orders police not to arrest arjun sarja

    In a sigh of relief to action king Arjun Sarja, the Karnataka High Court on Friday ordered police not to arrest him till November 14. 

    However, the court made it clear that the investigation into the complaint filed by actress Sruthi Hariharan accusing Arjun Sarja of sexually abusing her since 2015, shall continue.

    The actor who is accused of sexual harassment by actress Sruthi Hariharan, has approached the High Court seeking to quash the complaint filed against him by Sruthi, and the FIR registered based upon it by the Cubbon Park police. 

    Arjun Sarja has alleged that the case and complaint is a classic case of austere abuse of law and launching malicious and vile attacks on an innocent man who thrived hard all along to stand out with the portrait of gentleman.

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