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vaasthu prakaara

  • Jaggesh Loses Weight

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    Actor-director Jaggesh has lost weight in the last few months and the actor is looking slim and trim. Jaggesh was present at the launch of 'Kali' title and the launch of 'Run Anthony'.

    Off late Jaggesh had gained a lot of weight during the making of 'Vaasthu Prakaara'. He also received a lot of flak in the social networking sites. So, Jaggesh decided to lose weight and has shed a lot of weight.

    Jaggesh says he has stopped eating rice in the recent times apart from exercising a lot.

  • Vaasthu Prakaara Censored U

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    Yogaraj Bhatt's 'Vaasthu Prakaara' which stars Jaggesh and Rakshith Shetty in lead roles had been given a clean 'U' certificate from the Regional Board of Film Certification. On Friday the Censor board saw the film and has given a green signal for the film's release. With the censor certificate in hand, Yogaraj Bhatt is busy finalising the release dates of the film. The film is likely to release in the last week of February. Movie is produced by MN Kumar.

    Yogaraj Bhatt had announced that he would release the film on October 2nd last year. The film got delayed by four months for unknown reasons. Now the film is censored and is waiting for release.

  • Vaasthu Prakaara on April 02nd

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    Yogaraj Bhatt's 'Vaasthu Prakaara' which was supposed to release on the 02nd of October is late by six months and the film is all set to release on the 02nd of April in Menaka and other theaters across Karnataka.


    'Vaasthu Prakaara' was launched on the auspicious day of Akshaya Thritiya last year. The film was launched silently and then the team went to Switzerland for a major schedule. After shooting for more than 25 days in Switzerland, the team came back to Bangalore and continued to shoot in Bangalore Palace. The final shooting of the film was held in December and the shooting concluded with a song.

    'Vaasthu Prakaara' is being produced, directed and scripted by Yogaraj Bhatt. The film stars Rakshith Shetty, Jaggesh, Aishani Shetty, Ananth Nag, Sudharani, Parul Yadav and others in prominent roles. V Harikrishna is the music director while Santhosh Rai Pathaje is the cameraman.

  • Yograj Bhat Directing 3 Kannada Films This Year

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    In a career of a dozen years since Mani, ace director Yogaraj Bhat has directed only eight films. But 2015 will be very different. He will be directing a total of three films this year. His latest film Vaastu Prakara starring Jaggesh, Rakshit Shetty and others is expected to release this month end.

    He will start shooting for his film with Ganesh immediately after that. The tentative start of his first film with Ganesh since Gaalipata is slated for March 28. In July, Bhat is directing an action film with newcomers. Immediately after that in October, he has another film with newcomers which is a romantic comedy.