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  • Dieyana House To Release Tomorrow

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    Tejaswini's new film 'Dieana House' is all set to be released tomorrow (09th December) in 50 plus theaters across Karnataka. As the title 'Dieana House' itself suggests, it is a horror film with lots of thrilling elements to it. Debutante Bharath Nandan has written the story, screenplay apart from directing it. Giridhar and Rajashekhar are the producers.

    Raghav Nag, Tejaswini, Vardhan, 'Sidlingu' Sridhar, 'Gundrugovi' Satya, Mico Nagaraj and others play prominent roles in the film. Nobin Paul has composed the songs for the film.

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  • Dieyanna House Review

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    Off late, numerous horror films have been released in Kannada and most of such films have failed because of the regular story line, treatment and other reasons. But this week's release 'Dieana House' stands apart, in spite of having an old story line.

    'Dieana House' is a haunted house and a family plans to move there. When they come to see the property, mysterious thing happen and the family have frightening experience. What all they undergo and how do they come back from that house forms the crux of the film.

    As told earlier, though the story seems familiar, debutante director Bharath Nanda has neatly packaged the whole film with all ingredients. The film has some nice visuals and sound effects and the director manages to scare the audience of their wits. Though the films looks a regular horror one, the director has kept a big surprise in the climax and shocks the audience.

    The film is good comeback for actress Tejaswini Prakash. Tejaswini has done a real good job. Hero Raghav Nag has a long way to go. Mico Nagaraj, K S Sridhar, Srinivasa Prabhu, Sardar Satya and others have done their job very well.

    After a good experience from 'Mummy Save Me', horror films fans have another opportunity to get scared through 'Dieana House'. Don't miss it.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5