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  • Duniya Vijay Respect KFCC Decision

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    Mastigudi lead actor Duniya Vijay has welcomed the decision taken by the KFCC. In the meeting held today at KFCC, President Sa Ra Govindu and team took the decision saying Mastigudi actor Duniya Vijay, Director Nagashekar and Stunt director Ravivarma should not work in the film industry till the further orders from the KFCC.

    No Work For Three Mastigudi Person's Till Further Orders

    Duniya Vijay who was working from last 48 hours searching for his close associates Anil and Uday body in thippagondanahali dam has spoke with the media and has welcomed the decision and has told he will obey the decision and will not work in the industry till the further decision from the KFCC.

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  • Uday And Anil Drowned?

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    Actors Uday and Anil are suspected to have died after drowning in the Thippagondanahalli lake during the shooting of 'Duniya' Vijay starrer 'Mastigudi'.

    The climax shooting for 'Mastigudi' was held at Thippagondanahalli lake on Monday. There was a scene when Vijay, Uday and Anil jump from an helicopter to the lake. Anil and Uday jumped together from the helicopter, while Vijay jumped after them. However, Vijay has reached safety, while Uday and Anil are missing.

    Raghava Uday is an upcoming actor in Kannada and has been bagging the villain's role in many recent films. His recent films include Dodmane Hudga, Nagarahavu and Santu Straightforward. He became famous with the film Jayammana Maga. After that he has been cast in nearly a dozen films. 

    Anil is the right-hand man of Duniya Vijay. He has acted in almost all films of Duniya Vijay and is also the president of the Duniya Vijay Fans Club. He was into bodybuilding for many years and has also acted in several other films. 

    Sources say, both the actors might have died because of drowning in quick sand in the water.

    More details are yet awaited.

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  • Why are Producers Made scapegoats? - KM Veeresh Writes

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    Dr Rajkumar used to address producers as "Namma annadataru". Yes. Without producers investing money there cannot be any films made. And it also made sense as producing a film gave employment to hundreds of people and fed their families. 

    At present in a given year more than 120 Kannada films are getting released. Hardly 8-10% producers get back the money they invest and many have lost their personal properties or literally come to the roads. 

    If anything good happens the entire film team will takes credit. If a producer makes money in one movie then he will do produce more movies. But what about the producers who have lost the money? Only he is liable for the losses. Not anyone else in the team. 

    Curiously if any bad incident happens during shooting the tendency is to blame the producer. Normally movie producers trust the director and team and gives them the responsibility. Producers are hardly found on the sets and not involved in the day to day activities or what is happening on the sets. They are always roaming around arranging the finance to ensure shooting goes on smoothly. It's very rare to see the producers on the set.

    Being in the film industry for more than 25 years I have seen many incidents where producers have come and helped their team members whenever there is a crisid or an untoward incident. Still the producers names is not taken as the one who averted a crisis or helped the team. 

    Accidents During Shooting not Uncommon – But Mastigudi Is Negligence - KM Veeresh Writes

    Sometimes for the sake of money few stuntmen have done their work even though they know there are not fit for that particular shoot. In Rowdy Aliya movie a stuntman had a vision problem which he had not told to others. But he performed his stunts and got injured and was admitted to the hospital. He did not even know who was the producer of the film but was blaming the producer. When I got the news I informed the producer Anand Audio Mohan. Hearing the news Mohan came to the hospital and paid all the hospital bills along with extra money for his home stay till he recovered.


    Why I gave this example is, it's the responsibility of the director and the concerned persons during the shoot to take the responsibility for any incident. The producer can only make arrangements for the shooting permission at some locations. Beyond that all the technical expertise comes from the crew. The producer is not a shooting expert. 

    Now it's left to the KFCC, Okkutta (Workers Federation) and the Stuntmen association to take action against Ravi Verma for causing death of two persons.

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