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Century Gowda

  • Century Gowda And Gaddappa's Item Song In Panta

    item song in panta

    Anup Revanna's second film 'Panta' which is directed by S Narayan. is all set to release on June 23rd.

    panta_item_song3.jpgMeanwhile, well known actors Century Gowda and Gaddappa of 'Thithi' fame have acted in a special item song for the film. The song has been choreographed by Malur Srinivas and has been shot in a special set in Mohan B Kere Studio.

    panta_item_song2.jpgThe film is being produced by Subramanyam and Abhijith has worked as Production Charioteer for this film. S Narayan apart from directing the film has composed the songs for the film also. Mathew Rajan is in charge of cinematography.

  • Century Gowda and Gaddappa's New Film is En Nin Problem

    En Nin Problem

    The trailer of 'Tarle Village' starring Century Gowda, Gaddappa, Tammanna of 'Thithi' fame is making a lot of news in the recent days. Meanwhile, Century Gowda and Gaddappa have silently completed a new film called 'En Nin Problem'.

    'En Nin Problem' is derived from the very famous dialogue in the film 'Thithi'. Now director 'Gaali' Lucky has kept the title for a new film starring Century Gowda, Gaddappa and Abhi. The film has already been shot and will be released in the month of November. Meanwhile, Lucky plans to release the trailer of the film by next week.

    'En Nin Problem' has Senthil as the cameraman. Playback singer Naveen Sajju has turned music composer with this film.

  • Century Gowda Completes Country Boys

    century boys

    One actor who is extremely busy even at the age of 93 is none other than Century Gowda of 'Thithi' fame The actor has completed films like 'Halu Thuppa', 'Thatana Thithi Mommagana Prastha' and others in the recent times. Now Gowda has completed yet another film called 'Country Boys'.

    The shooting for 'Country Boys' started earlier this month and the film is almost complete. The shooting for the film has been held in Bangalore, Mandya, Tmkur and other places. The team plans to complete the film by April and release it in May.

    'Country Boys' is being written and directed by S Raju Chatnalli. The film stars Vijay Aravind, Joker Hanumanthu, Sumanth Surya, Shalini Santhosh and others apart from Century Gowda.


  • Gaddappana Circle Songs Released

    gaddappana circle audio released

    B R Keshav's new film 'Gaddappana Circle' was released in Mysore on Monday night at Gaana Bharathi in Mysore. Ba Ma Harish and others were present during the occasion.

    'Gaddappana Circle' features current sensation Century Gowda, Gaddappa and Abhi of 'Thithi' fame. One of the highlights of the film is Century Gowda and Gaddappa are playing the role of dons in the film.

    B R Keshav himself has written the story and screenplay of the film apart from directing it.


  • Thatan Thithi Mommagan Prastha On August 4th

    thatan thithi mommagan prastha

    'Thithi' fame Century Gowda and Gaddappa starrer 'Thatan Thithi Mommagan Prastha' is all set to release on the 04th of August opposite Sharan starrer 'Raj-Vishnu'.

    'Thatan Thithi Mommagan Prastha' is being produced by Madhu Kumar and Manjunath and directed by Krishnachandra who had earlier assisted 'Mussanje' Mahesh. V Sridhar Sambhram is the music director, while Nagesh Acharya is the cameraman.

    'Thatan Thithi Mommagan Prastha' stars Loki, Shubha Pooja, Omprakash Rao and others apart from Century Gowda and Gaddappa.

  • The Unmaking Of Century Gowda And Gaddappa 

    century gowda, gaddappa

    Singri Gowda and Chennegowda popularly known from their screen names from Thithi as Century Gowda and Gaddappa are the latest celebrities and stars of Sandalwood. Right after the success of Thithi in which these non professional villagers were cast in leading roles they became household names as media gave them the maximum publicity. Other film makers have rushed in to cast them in their films. Last month the film starring them, Dirty Village, released and yesterday it was yet another film Yen Nin Problemu. Another film,  Gaddappana Circle is readying for release. 

    Is the film industry exploiting them is a topic that has become hot. When Thithi was made it was the film makers who selected them knowing well that they lacked any acting skills. They have not become good actors now and they are being cast in new movies only because of their popularity in Thithi. The two innocent villagers however have become aware of the demand that has been created.  

    Sources said Understanding the demand they have begun to claim "market price". The remuneration now is Rs 25,000 for each day. In this light there is no denying that the two are getting more than their due and it is not the case of exploiting them. They are dictating the terms of payment and shooting. They coordinate their arrival for shoot and of both come to shooting on the same day it is a bonus for the film makers. 

    It is good to see that some unknown villagers have become stars. That is the power of cinema. But neither film makers or the star actors should try to over exploit it. It would be nice to see Singri Gowda and Chennegowda act in more films. 

    But definitely the exploitation of the characters of Century Gowda and Gaddappa must end sooner than later.