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  • Insult At Indywood Film Carnival 2016

    indywood film carnival

    Indywood film carnival which is being held at Ramoji Film City, Telangana, has insulted the members of south Indian film chamber.
    The grand film festival was inaugurated with an immense intensity and magnitude. The film festival didn't acknowledge the presence of film industry personnel present at the event which was highly insulting. The event witnessed dignitaries from the South Indian Film Chambers (Karnataka, Telangana, Hyderabad, Kerala and Tamil Nadu}.


    The film Personnel felt insulted and silently exited the function and decided to group boycott the event and report to the Government of Telangana regarding this.

    SIFCC president HD Gangaraju, KFCC president SA Ra Govindu Tamil Nadu producers president Tanu, Andra Pradesh President C Kalyan and other members BOYCOTTED the event.

  • Is Ram Gopal Verma Insulting Kannadigas?

    is rgv insulting kannadigas

    Controversial director Ram Gopal Verma has yet again made a controversial remarks in his twitter handle. RGV who seems to carry highly judgmental and patronizing aura around him has landed in trouble many a times before and this time his scrutinizing statements are towards Kannada films people of Karnataka. 

    In one of his tweets RGV has remarked that Kannadigas has no pride because of the massive success of Baahubali 2 in Karnataka.

    Below provided are tweets from Ram Gopal Verma's Twitter...

    "Thundering success of Telugu Bahubali2 in Karnataka being far bigger than biggest of Kannada films proves kannadigas have no pride at all"

    "Kannadigas attempt to stop dubbing films is shattered by telugu straight film proving kannadigas have no pride n they just want better film"

    "All proud Kannadigas should protest on their own Kannadigas for seeing a telugu straight film many more times than their own Kannada films"

    This is not the first time RGV has made such remarks on Karnataka and Kannada films. All the pro kannada activists and people of Karnataka should condemn RGV's tweets.

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