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  • 'Orange' Team Back From Ramoji Film City

    orange team back from ramoji film city

    The team of Ganesh starrer 'Orange' is back from Ramoji Film City after shooting a song and a few scenes

    The shooting for 'Orange' was held at the Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad in the last few days. A song as well as some scenes were shot there. Ganesh, Sadhu Kokila, Avinash, Rangayana Raghu and others participated in the shooting of the film.

    'Orange' is being written and directed by Prashanth Raj. 'Bahaddur' Chethan and Nataraj are writing the songs for the film. S S Thaman is the music director, while Santhosh Rai Pathaje is the cameraman.  Priya Anand who had acted in Puneeth Rajakumar's 'Rajakumara' is the heroine.


  • Buguri Audio Released

    bururi audio released image

    'Golden Star' Ganesh's 25th film 'Buguri' is all set for release and on Wednesday evening the songs composed by Mickey J Meyer for the film was released amidst much fan fare. Ganesh's good friend Srinagara Kitty who has also played a guest role in the film along with some blind children came over to Citadel Hotel and released the songs of the film.


    Ganesh said he is looking forward for the release of the film and he has pinned a lot of expectations over the film as it is his 25th film as a hero. Actresses Richa Pani and Erica Fernandes, director M D Sridhar, Kaviraj, Dinakar Thoogudeepa and others were present at the occasion.

  • Buguri Movie Review

    buguri image

    The 25th film of any hero is not only a milestone in his career, but also the expectations of the people would be high. Naturally a lot of expectations were pinned on Ganesh starrer 'Buguri' and the film manages to reach the expectations of the viewers.

    'Buguri' is the story of a youth called Krishna (Ganesh) who is very not only in active in sports, but also in studies. He falls for a girl called (Nandini) and tries to woo her. Slowly both of them fall in love and Krishna who is deeply in love with Nandini fails in his final year engineering. Krishna's dad who had pinned lot of hopes on his career dies due to heart attack hearing the news of his son's failure. Krishna undergoes lot of pain and humiliation and decides to make it big in the future. He sacrifices his love and both of them get separated.

    Five years later, Krishna has everything he had urged for. His only longing is his love towards Nandini. He decides to meet her before marrying Ishanya (Erica Fernandes) whom he gets engaged to. Does Krishna manage to meet Nandini and marries her forms the rest of the film.

    'Buguri' is a feel good film with lot of emotional elements. The first half of the film is a bit slow. With the start of the second half and Krishna trying to find Nandini, the film gets an emotional touch. The last twenty minutes is indeed the highlight of the film with the viewers feeling choked with some emotional scenes. M D Sridhar who is known for sentiment and family films wins the viewers with his gripping narration.

    However, it is Ganesh who is the real hero of the film. Ganesh has two shades and he is superb in both the shades. Both the heroines have nothing much to do. Sadhu Kokila turns out to be a good supporting in this film. Srinagara Kitty is seen in a cameo and has nothing much to do.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3/5

    Micky J Meyer has composed few hummable songs and is good at re-recording too. Krishna Kumar is good in his work.


    Totally a nice film to watch out at the weekend

  • Chamak Censored – Releasing on 29th December 

    Chamak Image

    Golden star Ganesh, Rashmika Mandanna starrer most expected movie 'Chamak' has been censored with U/A certificate and the movie is releasing on December 29th .

    'Chamak' is being written and directed by Suni of 'Simpleaag Ond Love Story' fame and produced by Chandrashekhar. For the first time in his career, Ganesh will be playing the role of a doctor in the film. Rashmika Mandanna is the heroine of the film. Sadhu Kokila and others play prominent roles in the film. Ganesh's daughter Charitrya has played the role of his daughter in the film.

    Judah Sandy is the music director of the film, while Santhosh Rai Pathaje is the cameraman.


  • Ganesh in Italy For Zoom Shooting

    zoom image

    'Golden Star' Ganesh along with actress Radhika Pandith is currently in Italy for the song shooting of their latest film 'Zoom' being directed by Prashanth Raj of 'Love Guru' fame. The song recording of 'Zoom' commenced on Ganesh's birthday last year and the shooting commenced much later. Now the film is almost complete except for the songs and Prashanth Raj is busy shooting songs for the film in Italy.

    'Zoom' stars Ganesh, Radhika Pandith along with Sadhu Kokila, Kashinath and others in prominent roles. S S Thaman is the music director of this film.

  • Gani - The Boss Renamed Pataki

    ganesh image

    Ganesh's new film which was launched recently has been renamed as 'Pataki'. The film is being directed by Manju Swaraj of 'Shravani Subramanya' fame and produced by S V Babu under the S V Babu Productions.

    'Pataki' which is a remake of Telugu hit 'Patas' was earlier titled 'Gani - The Boss'. However due to various reasons, the film has been renamed as 'Pataki'.

    Earlier, the star cast as well as the technicians of the film was not finalised. Now actress Ranya who was last seen with Sudeep in 'Manikya' has been selected as the heroine of the film. Apart from that Saikumar has been roped in to play Ganesh's father. Venkatesh Anguraj is the cameraman, while Arjun Janya is the music director of the film.

  • Has Ganesh Lost Interest In Buguri?

    bururi image

    There only three days left for the release of Ganesh's 25th film 'Buguri'. Yet not much publicity is being made for the film. The question on everybody's lips is whether Ganesh is backing out from publicising the film?

    The reason why this particular question has arisen in the recent days is Ganesh is not being seen or heard anywhere talking about the film. 25th film is a special for any hero. But yet Ganesh has been restraining from publicising the film. He was last seen talking about the film during the audio release and after that Ganesh has not at all involved in the publicity of the film and instead is busy shooting for 'Mungaru Male 2' in the forests of Sakleshpur.

    Does that mean Ganesh has lost interest in 'Buguri'.

    Only he has to answer.

  • I Gave You 'Golden Star' Name Says S Narayan

    ganesh s narayan image

    Director S Narayan and actor Ganesh are in a civil court today fighting over a 10-year-old dispute about the use of the film Cheluvina Chittara's images in an agarabhatti advertisement. Ganesh had filed the suit in the civil court against the agarbhatti company for using his images without paying him any remuneration and sought a compensation to be paid. The agarabhatti company made S Narayan a party in the case saying that it had taken the rights from him to use the images of Cheluvina Chittara in its advertisements. Now S Narayan has filed a legal notice against Ganesh saying he has been defamed by the actor.

    Narayan in the legal notice has said that he is the owner of the film being its producer and has every right to use it for advertisement and promotions. He has said that it was he who gave Ganesh the name Golden Star and promoted him early in his career. He has also said that he directed Ganesh in two more films in 2011 and 2012 but Ganesh did not raise the issue about Cheluvina Chittara then but has filed the case now. He has said in the notice that if the case is not withdrawn against him he will file a suit for damanges to the tune of Rs 10 crore. 

    Narayan has also said that it was he who introduced Ganesh to E Krishnappa and recommended that he be made the hero of the film Mungaru Male. S Narayan had to direct Mungaru Male but since he was busy he could not direct it, the legal notice says. 

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  • Is Kanwarlal Title a Jinx to Producers?


    Just when the news broke out that Dinesh Gandhi has washed his hands away from 'Kanwarlal' and co-producer Krishna Devegowda will be producing independently with another new title, Kannada film industry is not only shocked, but there is a question on everybody's lips that whether the title 'Kanwarlal' is a jinx to producers?

    Yes. There is a question in the Kannada film industry whether the title 'Kanwarlal' is a jinx to producers. The reason for this question is, this is the second time that a film with 'Kanwalal' title has been shelved. Earilier, producer Shankaregowda had announced a film with 'Kanwarlal' title and the film was a remake of yesteryears hit 'Antha'. Though Sudeep launched the film and shot the film for few days, the film was shelved due to various reasons.

    After that the title got expired and producer Dinesh Gandhi registered the same title and announced to produce a film with a same title. Dinesh Gandhi went to Shabarimale and got the pooja done for the title. He had announced that he will producing the film under the direction of M D Sridhar and Ganesh would be the hero. But M D Sridhar backed out of the film due to various reasons, with Ganesh following him. Later Dinesh Gandhi got arrested. After his release, Gandhi had decided to shelve the film.

    With two films of the same name getting shelved due to various reasons, the Kannada film industry has almost come to a decision that the title is very much jinxed.

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  • Kashinath Returns To Zoom as Scientist

    zoom image

    Veteran actor and director Kashinath has returned to acting after three years in Prashant Raj's Zoom that has Ganesh and Radhika Pandit in the lead roles. Kashinath's last film as an actor was in his son Alok Kashinath's 12 A.M in 2012.

    It was a horror comedy which ran for 100 days. Kashinath was not seen in films for five years before that. However Kashinath was seen in a television stand-up comedy show as a judge. In Zoom he plays a scientist who lives outside India. His looks has been given a special makeover by Prashant Raj. 

  • Kushi Kushiyagi Movie Review

    Kushi Kushiyagi image

    The hit pair of Ganesh and Amulya are back and continue their impressive form together at the box office. Last year the pair that made a sensation with Cheluvina Chittara a few years ago teamed up for Shravani Subramanya which was also a hit. The first film of 2015 also belongs to them and Kushi Kushiyagi which is a remake of a Telugu film is no exception. It has all the good elements of becoming a hit. The romantic story, good performances, eye-pleasing visuals make the film a must watch for youngsters.

    The film has a complex story. Ganesh falls in love with a girl he only happens to have a glimpse of at a wedding. Mistaking another girl to be her, he begins an effort on phone wooing her. The other girl so happens to be waiting for such a person who would fall in love with her without knowing anything about her. But when Ganesh realises that the two girls are different, his troubles begin. Adding more intrigue to the plot is the fact that his best friend and the first girl are in love. The comedy turns to an attempted revenge and all hell breaks loose on the hero. How he manages to overcome all the odds and win the girl is the rest of the story.

    Ganesh and Amulya give an amazing performance and they continue their good chemistry that has always worked before. The soothing music, the glamorous visuals and quick fire dialogues make the film an interesting watch. Though it is a bit long at two and a half hours, the episodes unfolding on the screen holds audience attention. The year has started perfectly for Sandalwood and this film has all the good elements to become a major draw for audience looking for some fun time at the theatre.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3/5

  • Mungaru Male2 Gets Fantastic Response at Australia - Exclusive

    mungaru male2 image

    Golden star Ganesh starrer Mungaru Male 2 has taken a very good response in Australia. Movie got simultaneous release in Australia and USA.

    Mungaru Male 2 is directed by Shashank and produced by Gangadhar. Ganesh, Neha Shetty, V Ravichandran, Aindrita Ray are in the lead role.

    In Melbourne five shows was held and all shows was houseful. Same result was at Sydney. 

    Speaking to chitraloka Roopesh from Australia said First time we have good booking before release. Due to some technical issues we have to cancel a show. But people have enjoyed the movie. Its visuals are great and also music.

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  • Murali Sings a Song For Ganesh's Zoom

    zoom image

    Actor Murali along with actress Radhika Pandith has sung a song for Ganesh starrer 'Zoom'. Earlier, Murali had sung a song for 'Rathavara', while Radhka Pandith had sung for 'Drama'. Now both of them have come together to sing a son for 'Zoom'.

    'Zoom' is being directed by Prashanth Raj of 'Love Guru' fame. 'Zoom' stars Ganesh, Radhika Pandith along with Sadhu Kokila, Kashinath and others in prominent roles. S S Thaman is the music director of this film.
  • Neha Shetty Heroine for Mungaru Male 2

    mungaru male 2 image

    Neha Shetty who is  model and Miss Mangalore 2014 has been selected as the heroine for 'Mungaru Male 2' being directed by Shashank. Neha will be playing the female lead opposite Ganesh in the film.

    Shashank has been on a look out for a new girl for the role of the heroine of the film. Shashank wanted a glamorous, stylish and a new girl for the role and after auditioning many, he has finally zeroed on Neha Shetty. He is planning to conduct workshops for the debutante actress.

    Meanwhile, Shashank plans to start the shooting of the film on July 28th and release it on the 26th of December. Incidentally, 'Mungaru Male' was also launched and released on the same dates.

  • Ramesh Aravind Directing Ganesh Film

    ramesh aravind, ganesh image

    Ramesh Aravind returns to direction with a film to be produced by Rockline Venkatesh. Golden Star Ganesh will play the lead role in the film, shooting for which is expected to start in February. The other cast and crew members are being finalised.

    However sources said final talks on the Ramesh Aravind and Ganesh combination is yet to be worked out. But it could merely be technical details like dates and budget.

  • Style King Censored

    style king image

    Ganesh starrer 'Style King' which is directed by P C Shekhar has been censored with an 'U/A' certificate and the film is likely to release in May. Earlier, there was a news that the film might get released on the 25th of December last year. However, the film got delayed due to various reasons and now the film is finally censored and ready for release.

    'Style King' was launched almost one and a half years back. Ganesh plays a double role in this film. Ramya Nambisan plays a heroine to Ganesh. Arjun Janya has composed the songs.

  • Style King to Release on December 25th

    style king image

    Ganesh starrer 'Style King' which is being directed by P C Shekhar and produced by Maruthi Jediyavar is all set to be released on the 25th of December. 'Style King' was launched almost one and a half years back and the shooting for the film is completed and the post-production of the film also nearing completion and director P C Shekhar has decided to release the film on Christmas because three of Ganesh's films which were released in the last week of December had become huge hits and P C Shekar is planning to encash the sentiment of the season.

    Not only 'Style King', Yash's 'Master Piece' is also likely to be released on the same date.

  • Style King to Release on May 13th

    style king image

    Earlier, there was a news that Ganesh starrer 'Style King' will release on the 06th of May and now there is a postponement and the film is scheduled to release on the 13th of May. Ganesh plays a dual role in 'Style King' and Ramya Nambeesan plays the heroine in the film. Apart from Ganesh and Ramya, 'Kaddipudi' Chandru, Giri and others play prominent roles in the film. P C Shekhar has not only directed the film, but also has written the story and screenplay.

    Arjun Janya has composed the music for the film.

  • Title Song Of Mugulu Nage Released

    ananth nag released title track of mugulunage

    The title song of Yogaraj Bhatt's new film 'Mugulu Nage' was released on Wednesday afternoon by veteran actor Ananthnag, music director Manomurthy and lyricist Jayanth Kaikini jointly. Later, the song was released again by Puneeth Rajakumar in the evening.

    The first song of the film called 'Hodi Ombatth' was released in Hubli last week, followed by a release of another song called 'Roopasi' from Shilpa Ganesh on her birthday. The third song was released in Maharanis College in Mysore and the fourth one was released at the Jyothi Nivas College recently. Now the fifth song of the film is also out.

    'Mugulu Nage' has four heroines and Apoorva, 'Nikitha Narayan, Ashitha and Amulya have acted opposite Ganesh in the film. Apart from that Ananth Nag, Rangayana Raghu and others play prominent roles in the film. Yogaraj Bhatt himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues of 'Mugulunage'.

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  • Zoom Audio Released

    zoom imgae

    The songs of Ganesh-Radhika Pandith starrer 'Zoom' was released amidst much fan fare on Friday night in Bangalore. The songs of the film has been composed by S S Thaman, who has earlier composed songs for 'Power Star' and 'Chakravyuha'. There are totally five songs in the film and Puneeth Rajakumar has sung one of the song. The songs have been shot in Italy and other places.

    Apart from Ganesh and Radhika Pandith, 'Nenapirali' Prem, Tarun, Murali, Ravishankar Gowda, director Prashanth Raj and others were present at the occasion.

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