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ambareesh resigns

  • Ambareesh Firm On Resigning - Exclusive

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    Rebel Star Ambareesh is firm on resigning as  a MLA. Sources close to the actor said he is not going to change his decision and will not suffer humiliation at the hands of anyone. KFCC president who has met Ambareesh today said,  "He is upset not because he was removed as minister but the manner in which it was done.

    He would have been happy to make way for newcomers but he was not taken into confidence when resignation from all ministers was taken before the Cabinet reshuffle. He is hurt by the humiliation meted out and not because of losing the ministry. He recalled that he had resigned as a MP for the sake of Carvery water for Karnataka and a MLA post was nothing in comparison for him."  Ambareesh will also hold a press conference tomorrow to clarify his stand at Mandya

  • Ambareesh Is Bigger Than Any Political Party

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    There are things political pundits don't understand about Karnataka. Even simple things! A popular columnist in a top all-India English newspaper had once written that Deve Gowda and SM Krishna were rivals because one was a Gowda and the other a Vokkaliga!! The same kind of anecdotes are now being produced about Ambareesh now. Some people seem to think that Ambareesh used his popularity in films to become a politician, a MP and then a MLA.


    Newbies perhaps don't know that when he joined politics, there were three icons in Kannada film industry. Dr Rajkumar was the cultural face of Kannada and Karnataka, Dr Vishnuvardhan the social face and Ambareesh the political face. 20 years ago they were called "samskrutiya Nayaka, samajika Nayaka and rajakiya Nayaka" and this was for no little reason.

    Even if Ambareesh is not in politics does not matter for the film industry people or his legion of fans friends and well wishers across the society. Everyone who knows him are aware of the fact that he is someone who  has endeared himself to Kannada culture also. That is where the political analysts fail.