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  • Arun Sagar's set for Kotigobba2 Song - Exclusive

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    Arun Sagar is designing a special set for a song for Sudeep's new film Kotigobba2. This will be the last portion of shooting for the film. With this song, shooting for the film will conclude. The set is likely to come up at Innovative Film City, off Mysore Road and shooting is likely to start next week. With this the plans of Kotigobba2 becoming the first Kannada film to shoot in Japan is no longer true.

    Two songs of the film were supposed to be shot in Japan but the plan was shelved after much discussion, sources said. Instead both songs were decided to be shot in Bengaluru itself. Meanwhile there is a break for the film with director Ravikumar's daughter getting married on Monday. Sudeep and other cast and crew members attended the reception on Sunday evening too. 

  • Hurdy-gurdy Used First Time in India for Kotigobba 2

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    The specialised and very rare music instrument Hurdy-gurdy has been used for the first time for a film song in India for Sudeep's Kotigobba2. The instrument's music can be heard in the title song of the film composed by Imran. Hurdy-gurdy is a folk music instrument particularly used in some regions of Europe including France and Spain.


    The title song for the film was wrapped up recently. The song is written by Nagendra Prasad and choreography was by Imran Sardariya.

  • What Nithya Menon Says on Kotigobba2 and Sudeep - Exclusive Video

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    Kottigobba2 actress Nithya Menon has spoken to Chitraloka Editor KM Veeresh. What she has told about Kotigobba2 and will she see the movie on the first day? What she has learnt from Sudeep? Watch Video

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