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  • Harsha's Next is Jai Maruti 800 - Exclusive

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    The director of Sharan's next film Jai Maruti 800 has been revealed. The comedy film will be directed by choreographer turned director A Harsha and produced by Jayanna. While Harsha's new film Vajrakaya released last Friday.

    Sharan's latest film Bullet Basya is likely to release on June 26. Jai Maruti 800 is expected to go on floors in early July. This will be the first combination of Harsha and Sharan.

  • Ravichandran in Vajrakaya - Exclusive

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    It is not a new news that Ravichandran and Shivarajkumar are the very best of friends in the Kannada film industry. After acting together in 'Kodanda Rama' almost 12 years back, the duo are being seen together in 'Vajrakaya'.

    Yes, Shivarajkumar and Ravichandran are sharing the screen space once again in 'Vajrakaya' once again. While Shivarajkumar is the hero of the film, Ravichandran has made a special and guest appearance in the film.

    Ravichandran will be seen in the introduction song of 'Vajrakaya' and the shooting is being held at the Shankar Nag Grounds in Vidyapeetha Circle in Bangalore. Ravichandran participated in the shooting on Tuesday and the shooting of his portion will be concluded on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Shivanna's Double Trip To Italy - Exclusive

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    On Tuesday night Shuvarajkumar flew to Italy with the crew of both Vajrakaya and Shivalinga. Shooting of songs for both the film will be shot in the same trip over the next one week. A song for Vajrakaya directed by A Harsha will be shot first.

    This film is produced by CR Manohar. The second film Shivalinga is produced by Suresh who made films like Shravani Subramanya and Govindaya Namaha. Both the producers decided on a joint foreign trip for their films to save on costs and logistics. It also helped that Harsha is the choreographer for Shivalinga also. The team will return on April 2. The teamwork between two different films is a welcome development in Sandalwood.

  • Shivarajakumar Wants to Act in Jai Maruti 800 and Kapicheste

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    Actor Shivarajakumar said he has very much liked the titles of choreographer turned director A Harsha's new films and wants to act in both the films. A Harsha planning to direct 'Jai Maruti 800' and 'Kapicheste' is not at all a new news. Harsha who is riding on the success of 'Vajrakaya' plans to take up 'Jai Maruti 800' followed by 'Kapicheste'. Shivarajakumar who was present at the success meet of 'Vajrakaya' expressed his desire to act in both the films.

    'I really envy the titles of Harsha's new films. Harsha has really kept nice names for his both of his films. I want to act in both the films and even if I don't have a big role in both the films, I would like to be seen in guest appearances' said Shivarajakumar.

    Will Harsha fulfill Shivarajakumar's wish is yet to be seen?

  • Vajrakaya audio on 21st - Sharan to Sing - Exclusive

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    After Tamil actor Dhanush sang a song for Vajrakaya, it is the turn of Sharan. He will be singing a song on March 8 for the film. Director Harsha confirmed that Sharan will be singing for the film. "We have decided on the date of audio launch for March 21. Funnily the audio company is not yet finalised.

    But it is a promise that Shivanna film's audio will reach fans in time for the festival. It will be a treat for them. There are many more surprises in the film which will be revealed soon. Those who watched Bhajarangi will be thrilled and even those who did not watch it will be attracted to Vajrakaya," Harsha said.

    Sandalwood stars are promoting each other mutually. Puneeth had sung a song for Sharan in Raja Rajendra which was a big hit. Now Sharan is singing for Shivanna which is a great sign of the good relationship Sandalwood stars are maintaining among themselves.

  • Vajrakaya Censored U/A

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    Shivarajkumar's new film Vajrakaya has got U/A certificate from the Censor Board. Director Harsha confirmed the development. This is his second film with Shivanna after Bhajarangi. The film is 2 hours 24 minutes long after the Censor.

    The release date of June 12 will be officially announced tomorrow evening.

  • Vajrakaya is Arjun Janya’s 50th film

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    Well known music composer Arjun Janya who has given many popular songs in the recent times has completed 50 films as a music composer and his 50th film is none other than Shivarajakumar starrer ‘Vajrakaya’ being directed by A Harsha and produced by C R Manohar.

     Arjun Janya turned independent music director with Agni’s ‘Autograph Please’ which was released many years back. However, the music composer had to struggle to get a good break. His first such break was ‘Birugaali’. The songs of the film went on to become popular and Arjun Janya slowly started getting offers as a music director. However, it was Sudeep’s ‘Kempegowda’ which catapulted him to success.

     With ‘Kempegowda’ and the songs being a huge hit, Arjun Janya became the most wanted music composer of Kannada cinema and is the busiest music director for the last three years. After ‘Kempegowda’, the success followed with films like ‘Rambo’, ‘Victory’, ‘Bhajarangi’, ‘Adhyaksha’, ‘Jayammana Maga’ and others. Now Arjun Janya has completed 50 films with ‘Vajrakaya’ and is still going great. Chitraloka wishes the music composer a happy career.

  • Vajrakaya To Release in June

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    Sudeep starrer 'Ranna' is all set to release in the first week of June. Now all eyes are on the release date of Shivarajkumar starrer 'Vajrakaya' being directed by Harsha. 'Vajrakaya' is also another most anticipated film because it marks the return of Shivarajakumar and Harsha once again after 'Bhajarangi'. The film has been completed sometime back and the team is waiting for the censor board to clear the film. With the censor board clearing the film next week, the team is expected to announce the release date of the film.

    Already it has been announced that Jayanna will be distributing the film state wide and the film will be replacing 'Ranavikrama' in Santhosh.

  • Vajrakaya to Replace Ranavikrama

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    Puneeth Rajakumar starrer 'Ranavikrama' is on the verge of completion of 50 days in Santhosh and other theaters across Karnataka. The film will be completing 50 days next week and just a week after that the film will be replaced by Shivarajakumar starrer 'Vajrakaya'.

    'Vajrakaya' is scheduled for a June 12th release and the film will be replacing 'Ranavikrama' at Santhosh theater in Bangalore. Jayanna is distributing 'Vajrakaya' statewide and is planning to release the film in Santhosh.

    The film marks the return of Shivarajakumar and Harsha after 'Bhajarangi' and is being produced by C R Manohar under Tanvi Films banner.