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  • Star Vs Stars - Part 2 - KM Veeresh writes

    As we have seen, there are one or two instances almost every year where the films of top stars clash. But this is the first time that three stars will see their films release on the same day, though it is only two films. That is history in another way.On 28th of this month K Manju produced Santhu Straight Forward starring Yash and Radhika Pandit is releasing. On the same day Kiccha Sudeep-Upendra starrer Mukunda Murari is also releasing.

    Star Vs Stars - Part 1- KM Veeresh Writes

    There is no doubt that the films of all these three stars get a grand opening at the box office and whatever the condition of the films, the opening will be great. The films of all three mint money. In this case, both the films are heavy budget. Even until a couple of days ago, most Sandalwood industry people were betting that the two films will not clash at the box office and there would be an internal adjustment and one of the films will release on November 11 while the other would release on October 28. But all their confidence have been punctured with the producers of both the films sticking to October 28 for the release. 

    Mukunda Murari is a remake of Oh My God and has already announced the release date for October 28th and their movie is already submitted for a censor certificate.

    Only the shooting of a song for Santhu Straight Forward is pending while the rest of the film is ready. Speaking to Chitraloka, producer K Manju said that he will release the film on October 28 at any cost. "I have been telling everyone in the industry that we are releasing the film as per the date announced. But I don’t know why Mukunda Murari announced their film's release on the same day. Now it looks like a clash is inevitable. But I am ready for anything and will release the movie."

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    Star Vs Stars - Part 1- KM Veeresh Writes

  • Sudeep Completes Mukunda Murari

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    Sudeep has completed shooting for the new film in which he and Upendra play the lead roles. The film titled Mukunda Murari is being directed by Nanda Kishore. The portions involving Upendra still has 20 days of shooting left which will be completed in April. Sudeep completed his portion of shooting for the talkie portion on Saturday.

    Sources said that Sudeep will have participate in two more days of shooting for a song for the film next month. But all the talkie portion is complete. The film is produced by three production houses; Kichcha Creations, NM Kumar Productions and Jayashreedevi Productions. Mukunda Murari is a remake of the Hindi film OMG! Oh My God.

  • Upendra's Connection with Ganesha

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    Actor-director Upendra always had a special connection with Lord Ganesha. It was Upendra who showed his anger by throwing the idol of Ganesha to a well in his film 'A'. Later Upendra danced for 'Jai Ganesha' in 'Kutumba'. Now Upendra has once again connected with Ganesha for his latest film 'Mukunda Murari'.



    Yes, Upendra plays the role of Mukunda a shop keeper who sells idols of various deities in his shop. Upendra will be selling the idols of Ganesha in that film and has extended his connection with the god after many years.


    'Mukunda Murari' stars Upendra along with Sudeep, Ravishankar, Nikitha Thukral and others in prominent roles.M N Kumar is the producer, while Nandakishore has directed the film. The film is likely to be released this month end.