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  • 'Rambo 2' To Release In USA On June 2nd

    rambo 2 relelase in america

    Sharan's new film 'Rambo 2' which was released on 18th of May in Nartaki and other theaters across Karnataka is running successfully. Meanwhile, the film is all set to be released across USA on the 02nd of June. The fill will also be released in Australia on the same day.

    'Rambo 2' is being produced by Sharan and Atlanta Nagendra under the Laddoo Films banner. The film is being co-produced by technicians and music composer Arjun Janya, cinematographer Sudhakar Raj, editor K M Prakash will be working partners for the film. Anil of 'Dilwala' fame is the director.

    'Rambo 2' stars Sharan, Ashika, Chikkanna and others in prominent roles. Another highlight is  actresses Shruthi Hariharan, Shubha Poonja, Mayuri, Sanchita Padukone and Bhavana Rao have danced with Sharan for a special song. Aindrita Ray is also seen in a special item song in this film.


  • Actor Goes to USA

    actor image

    Chitraloka Movies produced Actor is all set for a US release this April. The film which won critical appreciation after its release in Karnataka last month is making its overseas journey now. The Naveen Krishna starrer Actor directed by Dayal Padmanabhan had its world premier at the Bengaluru International Film Festival.

    Actor Gets a Huge Appreciation at BIFFES-08

    In the US the first stop s California. From there on, it will be screened in other cities of USA. Check out for the release dates and venues shortly on Chitraloka. The film had a unique theme of "one location, two actors and 100 minutes."

    USA Contact Details for ad :

    Gopi ‪+1 (650) 868‑9186‬

    Nagendra +1 678 481 3226

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  • Chamak To Release In US And Canada On Jan 5th

    chamak releases in usa and canada

    Ganesh starrer 'Chamak' which was released last week is running successfully across Karnataka. Now the film is all set to release in the USA and Canada from the 05th of January. Kasturi Media is releasing the film in US and Canada.

    'Chamak' is a family entertainer and for the first time in his career, Ganesh will be playing the role of a doctor in the film. Rashmika Mandanna is the heroine of the film. Sadhu Kokila and others play prominent roles in the film. Ganesh's daughter Charitrya has played the role of his daughter in the film. 

    'Chamak' is being written and directed by Suni of 'Simpleaag Ond Love Story' fame and produced by Chandrashekhar. Judah Sandy is the music director of the film, while Santhosh Rai Pathaje is the cameraman.


  • Collection figures of Kannada films in USA - KM Veeresh Writes 

    kananda films collection in america

    We hear almost every other film maker boasting about releasing their film in the US and it making big money. But what is the reality? Are Kannadiagas there ready to spend thousands of Rupees to watch one movie? What is the cost of releasing the film in US? How much money can a film really make? If you see the actual numbers, it is scary. Most films released in the US end up spending more money than they earn. Here is why and the list of the top earning Kannada films in the US. 

    Let is look at the cost of releasing the film there. 

    The satellite streaming service like Qube costs $75 per screen. That apart there is a digital fee of $150 per show. This is $50 per show if the shoe is before 1pm. But most prefer evening shows as more audience are expected. The theatre rent are anywhere between $250 per week to $1,100 per week. Sponsored online promotion and posters standis in theatres can set the producer back by another $1,000. Of you want to promote the film in a bigger way through the Kannada organisations in the US, it will be a minimum of $500 which can go up to $2,000. 

    Qube Print Cost                -              $75 per Print

     Digital Fee           -              $150 per Show (After 1 PM)

                               -              $50 Per Show (before 1 PM)

                               -              $1100 per week (Regal)

                               -              $950 per week (Cinemark)

                               -              $250 Per Week (Indian Theater)

     Publicity               -              Face book $500 Sponsored Advt

     Kannada Koota Promotion           $500 to $2000

     Poster / Vinyl in Theaters             $500

    So after spending around $2,000 per screen to release the film, what will be the earning? Don't forget that from whatever ticket collections film producers get, they also have to pay rents, which is around 50 percent and also tax. What remains is much less than 50 percent of the gross. The highest grossing Kannada film till now is Rangi Tauranga followed by Kirik Party and Godhi Banana Sadarana Mykattu. Only 4 films have earned more than 1 lakh $. Buy not all of it is profit. Many other film producers have lost money despite the film earning thousands of dollars. Here is the list of top earners. 

    Release Date     Movie Name      USA Total Gross

    01-08-2015          Rangitaranga      315,098.00

    01-02-2017          Kirik Party            270,568.00

    06-07-2017          Godhi Banna      170,863.00

    13-09-2018          Sarkari Hiriya      120,000.00+

                              Prathamika Shale            

    29-03-2017          Raajakumara      69,659.00

    20-05-2016          U Turn                  60,117.00

    30-09-2016          Dodmane Huduga           47,957.00

    30-09-2016          Rajaratha             41,800.00

    10-01-2017          Pushpaka Vimana            39,968.00

    14-10-2016          Neer Dose          35,777.00

    05-01-2018          Chamak                                33,904.00

    15-09-2017          Mugulu Nage     29,885.00

    22-02-2017          Beautiful Manasugulu    21,338.00

    29-04-2016          Chakravarthy     20,091.00

    17-03-2017          Chowka                                19,865.00

    18-11-2016          Santhu Straight Forward               11,968.00

    21-04-2017          Shuddhi                               7,795.00

    21-12-2017          Anjaniputra        6,815.00

    06-03-2015          Mythri                  5,058.00

    04-11-2016          Idolle Ramayana               3,377.00


    Now KGF has released with high expectations and large number of screens in the USA. Has it beaten the records? How much has it collected? What is its potential in the US? Check the next and final part of this series..

  • How Much Do Kannada Films Earn In USA? KM Veeresh Writes..

    kananda movie releases in usa

    It is true that you find Kannadigas all over the world. But how much does the Kannada film industry benefit from releasing Kannada films for this overseas Kannadigas? Till 20 years ago releasing Kannada movies overseas was a big challenge. It was almost impossible. Kannada people living abroad wanted to watch the movies in their countries but the regulations, costs and logistics were prohibitive. 

    In mid 1990s KS Prasad who is the producer of films like Baalu Belagithu and Bhagyada Bagilu was staying in USA. He made an effort to release the movies in USA. Chitraloka which started in in 2000 supported Kannada movies releasing abroad. Along with KS Prasad, Vallishastri started distributing Kannada movies in USA and now Atlanta Nagendra and Gopi are doing the same. Earlier distributing was not so easy. Film makers had to get the 35 MM Reel Box shipped which was a costly affair. Now with the digital era it has become easier. Many Kannada organisations came forward and supported the distributors in promoting the films. 

    usa_distributors_18.jpgI had been to USA in September this year and tried to study the mindset of the people there regarding watching Kannada movies there for a price. To reach the movie theatre most Kannadigas have to travel about 50 to 100 miles. And the ticket price is around $10 to $15. Doing publicity for the movie is not easy like here. Publicity has to be done through e-mails and now social media is helping. In USA people don’t give their e-mail IDs to everyone. People who  have many peoples email IDs charge the distributor to send the publicity mail to others. One of my friend's daughter who is staying in Nework said "when Kannada movies are rejected in Karnataka itself some release their movies here. Why we have to travel a long distance to theatres to watch those movies. Moreover by the time the movies comes to USA it would have been pirated and will be available online."

    Chitraloka had helped in the release of  some Kannada movies overseas. One of my friends had taken Jhosh movie which was in Reel (celluloid) format. By the time it reached USA it got telecast on TV! For Drishya movie my friend had taken overseas rights and it got released in Californa and was doing good business. At the same time Drishya pirated copy arrivded and people stopped turning up at the theatres. Now big starcast movies are getting released in USA simultaneously. This is a big development. 

    Rangi Taranga made big waves in USA followd by Kirik Party, Godhi Banna sadharana Maikattu, and Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale. After the success of Rangi Taranga many people started releasing their movies and it was an average.

    NEXT: Top grossing Kannada movies in the USA

  • Overseas Market - Kasturi Media Intiative - Atlanta Nagendra

    movie reel boxes image

    In late-2009, Kasturi Media took an initiative to build the Kannada movie market in Overseas, partnering with other distributors (Kannada Picture Club, Skanda Enterprises) all over the world. The ups and downs are part of distribution business in overseas. It was difficult to break-even (print cost, shipping cost, theatre rent) after all the careful planning. Most of producers just came forward to screen the movie by sending the print on their own cost. 

    Chitraloka Updates Round The Clock - Atlanta Nagendra

    The major problem with a single print is that, you cannot screen in multiple cities at the same time. It will take 3-6 months to finish the screening of the movie. With this drawback, you cannot screen more movies in a year. 

    Every filmmaker thinks that his film has potential of being hit irrespective the box-office status in India. They are so much obsessed with their movie and seldom understand the truth. This is completely false and not a reality as well. 

    (to be continued)

    (Article by Atlanta Nagendra)

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  • Overseas Market - KS Prasad is First Distributor Writes Nagendra

    usa ks prasad image

    In mid-1990’s, Kannada movie was screened for the first time in America. It was such a massive effort with plenty of people getting involved. Mr. K S Prasad, one of the very well-known producer (Dr Raj Kumar’s Baalu Belagithu and Bhagyada Bagilu) and distributor of Kannada movies in Karnataka moved to USA. Prasad made this effort possible with the help of local Kannada koota and Kannada fans.

    Overseas Market For Kannada Movies - Atlanta Nagendra

    This was the beginning trend to screen movies abroad. You need to get the 35 mm reels in a big metal box and ship it to USA. All these efforts were done to show case that kanndaa movies were screened only for the promotion of language and culture not for money. 99% of time, only the print and shipping costs were recovered. After these problems, it was a still a very good start.  It was a commendable effort by Prasad. 


    Slowly, more and more Kannada movies made its way to America. Then, the 35 mm picture reels box was shared with few other distributors in other countries (Australia, Canada) to start screening Kannada movies.

    The main challenge was to ship the 70 pounds reel box to different countries. People who just want to show case their movie (without any monetary benefits) used send the prints and screen with the help of the local folks. Lots and Lots of volunteers came forward to make it happen. 

    (Article by Atlanta Nagendra)

    (to be continued)

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  • Raambo 2 in 40 Locations In USA

    rambo 2 in 40 locations in america

    One of the biggest Kannada hits of 2018, Raambo-2 is heading to the USA in a grand manner. The film is being screened in 40 locations across the USA including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Kansas City, San Diego, Minneapolis, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Seattle. Apart from the US, the film is also releasing in Canada. 

    While producers Sharan and Atlanta Nagendra have tied up with Kasturi Meida in US, for the Canada release they have tied up with Dreams Media. This is one of the biggest releases for a Kannada film in North America. The film is turning out to be a blockbuster in Karnataka since its release a week ago.

    In the first week itself the film has reportedly made it to the profit zone. Sharan and Nagendra have come together after six years and many of the technicians who worked in the first film are together again after a long time. It is a co-production of the technicians. The comedy combined with a thriller suspense story has caught the imagination of the audience.

  • Yash Promotes Actor's US Release

    actor image

    Yash has extended his full support to the team of film Actor which is releasing in USA now. The overseas release of the film comes after its release in Karnataka earlier this year. Yash has promoted the film in a video.

    Yash says that his good friend Naveen Krishna has done a tremendous job by carrying the entire film on his shoulders. The film has only two characters including that of Naveen Krishna and Sihi Kahi Geetha.

    Watch Yash Video


    Yash also praised Chitraloka.Com and its editor KM Veeresh for producing the film. Several Sandalwood stars have come forward to promote the film.


    Book your Tickets to watch the Movie ACTOR

    Show Details

    Serra Theaters : 200 Serra Way, #27, Milpitas, CA - 95025


    SATURDAY, Apr - 02 : 2.00 PM & 5.00 PM

    SUNDAY , Apr - 03  2.00 OM & 5.00 PM


    Cinemark Movies 16 : 28600 Dequindre, Warren, MI 48092

    Ph: (586) 558-8207


    SATURDAY, Apr - 02 : 6.00 PM

    SUNDAY , Apr - 03  3.00 PM


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