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  • After Actor Now Bookmyshow Targets SILS - Exclusive

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    After the raging controversy over shows of Kannada films being wrong displayed as houseful turning away potential audience has surfaced again. Just weeks ago, films like Actor and Bhale Jodi faced the problem. Representatives of the multiplexes and ticket aggregators were called to the KFCC for a meeting and the issue seemed to be settled. But once agin, it is out in the open as another Kannada film, Suni directed Simpleag Innond Love Story (SILS) is facing a similar problem.

    In the PVR multiplex in the Vaishnavi Sapphire Mall in Bengaluru, the 9.15 pm show tickets for today (Sunday) is available. But strangely, the same show for March 21, 22, 23 and 24th are all sold out! Nobody can book tickets when it is showing houseful. But in reality it is made to show as houseful. Then the film will be removed from this slot saying there are no audience! The same thing happened to other Kannada films last month. 


    After the issue become controversial with Kannada films being the target, promises were made that it would not happen again. Technical glitches were also blamed. But Kannada film makers are certain that it is a ploy by some exhibitors to deliberately force out Kannada films from multiplex screens. SILS opened last week to good reviews and was picking up at the box office. It had mostly newcomers and Suni was the only big name. Multiplexes had agreed that Kannada films need some time to pick up and should not be removed within two weeks. But now once again a good Kannada film is facing a problem from unknonw hands. 

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  • Book My Show Issues Statement On Rigging Reviews & Ratings Of Movies On Its Platform

    book my show's statement on rigging reviews

    Following speculations over malpractices regarding rigging of reviews, ratings and also votes for movies on its platform, the leading online advance ticketing platform - Book My Show, in an official statement made public on Saturday, has clarified that it has neither conspired or abetted, aided or induced in commission of any unlawful act by operating and conducting the reviews and ratings section on its platform with Sneha Mathews, Sabir Shimoga or any such individual.

    It has made the statement after noticing that certain individuals in the market by the name Sneha Mathews, Sabir Shimoga are indulging in malpractices such as falsely charging producers for rigging reviews and rating of movies on its platform.

    It further clarifies that reviews and rating system on its platform is an absolutely democratic process of garnering audience and critic's feedback in an effort to provide audience the best experience around watching their favourite films. It also urges the producers to contact only the authorised person of Book My Show for promotion of movie and not with anyone else.

  • Book My Show Issues Ticket for Kotigobba2 Instead of Jaguar At Santosh 

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    The ticket booking site has issued tickets for Kotigobba2 instead of Jaguar for tomorrow's morning show at Santhosh theatre. Chitraloka booked the tickets for Thursday. Jaguar is releasing in many theatres in Bengaluru tomorrow including in Santhosh which is the main theater.

    Kotigobba2 was being screened in the theatre till Wednesday.

    Now Book My Show is not showing bookings for Thursday in Santosh. So which movie will audience get to watch tomorrow. Why is BMS creating this confusion.

    We have no idea!

    Chitraloka editor KM Veeresh is going to the theater with the ticket for Kotigobba2 

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  • Chitraloka Exposes Book My Show Mistake

    chitraloka exposes book my show

    Book my show mistake has once again got proved. As everyone know Nikhil Gowda starring Jaguarr was is getting released at Bangalore Santosh theater from 6th. Chitraloka editor K M Veeresh was seeing Book my Show And interestingly found Kotigobba2 ticket is getting issued at Santosh Theater. Immediately KM Veeresh swiped the card and blocked 2 tickets for Kotigobba 2 for 6th October 10.30 show. Veeresh got the ticket for Kotigobba 2 by message and by mail. This was brought to the notice of Jaguar team and KFCC office bearers.


    Today Veeresh, KFCC secretary MG Ramamurthy, Vice President Umesh Banakar, producers Teshi Venkatesh and Jagan went to Santhosh theater. When contacted Santhosh theater manager Ganesh told its completely mistake of Book my show. We had told them not the book any tickets for our theater till Friday. I don't know why they have done it. It's purely mistake of Book my show.

    During this time Veeresh received message from book my show which is as follows

    BMS Alert: Dear Customer, your 10:30AM show for "Kotigobba 2" on 6th Oct, 2016 at Santosh Theatre: Gandhinagar, has been cancelled due to technical reason. Your transaction amount will be refunded within 10 working days. Query? Call xxxxxx

    What is the intension of Book My show for Kannada movies. They had literally killed Actor movie produced by KM Veeresh under the banner Chitraloka Movies. They had come to KFCC and had apologised for that. After that few more incidents had happened.

    If u call and enquiry them they say sir it's technical mistake and it will not repeated again...

    Chitraloka has taken this issue to KFCC and has given a complaint against the Book My Show. President Sa Ra Govindu called the concerned person from Book my show and they are coming to chamber today evening.

    KM Veeresh and other producers have taken this issue seriously and going with legal.

  • KFCC Warns Book My Show On Fake Ratings

    book my show

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has warned movie ticket booking website Book My Show about fake ratings of films. Book My Show representatives attended a meeting at KFCC yesterday and they were shown how ratings are being altered illegally. The ratings shows that it is by audience, but anyone can give a favourable or negative rating without even watching the film. Moreover, there are several people who are demanding money from producers to get favourable ratings for their films. Some producers allege that their films are being given negative ratings because they did not pay up. 

    Speaking to Chitraloka KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu said "we have given some guidelines to Book My Show. Two major points we want addressed is that they have to stop giving ratings and voting option for our movies. BMS are only vendors and they cannot conduct the voting or ratings from the pubic. There is a lot of 'golmaal' going on in the name of BMS."

    Govindu explained that producers are losing money to the fake rating racket. "Some people are taking money from producers and doing fake voting and giving fake ratings which is not good for the movie industry."

    It may be recalled that Chitraloka Movies producer KM Veeresh started the fight against BMS from the movie Actor which enlightened other producers. Later K Manju, Manjunath (Jack Manju), Navarasan started raising their voice against the illegal ratings in BMS. BMS has sought time till November 28th for the final discussion with KFCC on the issue. 

  • Now Navarasan Upset with Book My Show

    navarasan upset over bms

    Actor-director Navarasan was recently upset with the Regional Board for Film Certification has given an 'A' certificate for the film. Now the actor-director is upset with Book My Show for not giving good reviews about the film.

    Navarsan's latest film 'Vaira' was released last week across Karnataka. The actor is very much upset about the rating and review system for Kannada films in the website.

    'My film got not only good opening, but also the reviews praised my film. In spite of that, we are getting lowest rating in Book My Show. Recently, I complained regarding this to the Regional Manager, but there was no use. To put a stop to this, we must start a new app like Tamil Nadu' says Navarasan.

  • Producers Paying Lakhs for Fake Ratings

    producers pay lakhs for fake rating

    Kannada film producers are paying lakhs of rupees to get fake ratings for their films online including in ticket booking sites. Recently Book My Show the popular ticket booking site blocked IP addresses that were posting fake reviews to boost the ratings of some films. But such fake promotions are continuing and some producers have paid lakhs of rupees for this. Book My Show is taking a strict stand against bots and such postings but producers continue to be cheated.

    The cheating starts with some teams working as online film promoters. Film makers who do not have stars in their films are easily falling prey to them. With fake boosters and manipulated reach, the producers are asked to shell out money. In some cases they have told producers that Book My Show is to be blamed for removing fake reviews! Such is the extent of the manipulation.

    Interestingly people who have come to this "business" have been around for a couple of years. People who have been in the film publicity business for decades are left wondering how easily producers are misguided and losing their money.

    It now the time for KFCC to take look at this issue and take action.

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