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  • 15 Years For Darshan's Majestic

    15 years for darshan's majestic

    Darshan's first film as hero, Majestic completes 15 years on Wednesday. The film was released on February 8, 2002. Darshan had acted in small roles in 7 films before that. But with Majestic he became a Sandalwood star. The film was directed by PN Sathya and produced by MG Ramamurthy.


    The film also marked the beginning of the long cinematic journey of Darshan and his friend Anaji Nagaraj who was the cinematographer. Sadhu Kokila composed music for five songs written by Nagendra Prasad.

    majestic_darshan_rekha1.jpgMajestic was a big hit and Darshan got many offers as lead actor after that. Rekha played the female lead in this film. Darshan's character was named Dasa in the film. Later Darshan played lead in a film named Dasa as well. Majestic remains a iconic film for the actor, not only for being his first as lead actor but for remaining one of his best films ever. Darshan was seen in two getups in the film. 

    majestic_darshan1.jpgDarshan played an orphan who is taken care of by a cop. After he grows up he become a rowdy and still stays loyal to the cop. He tries to take revenge on the heroine after she speaks ill about him. He disguises himself and gains her confidence. He promises to get away from rowdyism after a promise. But it is not easy. 

  • Clap For 1st Film, Producer For 50th

    majestic launch image

    It is a strange co-incidence. On August 20, 2001, producer Muniratna was a chief guest at the launch of the film Majestic. It was the first time Darshan had been cast in the lead role. The film went on to establish Darshan as a lead actor in Sandalwood and his illustrious career was launched. Not many know that Muniratna held the clap board for the muharat shot of that film. Later Darshan acted in one of the films of Muniratna along with Upendra. The film was Anatharu. 

    Now Darshan's 50th film as hero is being launched in two days. The film Kurukshetra is said to be the biggest budget film in Kannada. The coincidence is that Muniratna is the producer of this film. The connection between the producer and the hero has remained for the last 17 years through 50 films!

  • Darshan Honor Majestic Producer MG Ramamurthy

    Darshan Honor Majestic Producer MG Ramamurthy image

    Darshan 50th movie Muniratna Kurukshetra was launched today. Movie producer Muniratna in his speech there was lot for praise for KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu and producer MG Ramamurthy who was the producer for Darshan first movie Majestic. Interestingly it was Muniratna who had clapped for the movie Majestic. 

    After the launch Darshan along with his close friends took MG Ramamurthy to his residence. There along with his brother Dinakar Toogudeepa had made a special arrangements to honor MG Ramamurthy. 


  • Darshan's D Company For MG Ramamurthy

    d comany image

    Producer M G Ramamurthy who has been away for film making for a while is all set to make a comeback as a producer. The film has been titled as 'D Company'. It was M G Ramamurthy along with Ba Ma Harish who produced Darshan's debut film as a hero 'Majestic'. After that Ramamurthy produced 'Encounter Dayanayak', 'Gange Baare Tunge Baare' and other films. However, off late M G Ramamurthy didn't produce any films due to various reasons.

    Now Ramamurthy is all set to produce 'D Company' for Darshan. Bhojaraja Rai is the co-producer of the film. More details about the film are awaited.
  • Jaggu Dada Audio Released by PN Satya and MG Ramamurthy

    jaggu dada image

    P N Satya and M G Ramamurthy who were the director and producer of Darshan's first film as a hero, 'Majestic' released the audio of his forthcoming film 'Jaggu Dada' on in Bangalore.


    The audio release of the film was well attended event with lots of celebrities and well wishers of Darshan attending it. Well known producer S AGovindaraj, Tara, Aditya, Deepika Kamaiah, singer Hemanth Kumar and others were present at the occasion. Four well picturised songs of the will were also screened during this event.

    V Harikrishna has composed the music for the film, while the audio of the film has been acquired by the D Beats.

  • Remembering 16 Years Of The Film Majestic

    16 years of majestic

    Majestic was the film that rewrote the box office history in Karnataka. The debut film as hero for Darshan was also the most defining film of his career. The box office sultan was born with the film.

    At a private resort in Nelamangala on Thursday evening, the 16th anniversary of the film was celebrated. People who worked for the film were felicitated with a garland, shawl, Mysore peta and fruits.

    The special attraction was a Maruti 800 car that was being used by producer MG Ramamurthy during the shooting of Majestic 16 years ago. Darshan even remembered the car's number 3843. Remembering the car Darshan took it out for a ride. He had desired the car back then. It became a reality with Ramamurthy handing it over to him. 

    Apart from his first film, Ramamurthy also produced Darshan's Dharma. Now the third film together was also announced. It will be Darshan's 53rd film. 

    Those present at the felicitation were the film's director PN Sathya, co-director Maadesh, Sureh Goswamy, PRO Vijay Kumar, cinematographer MR Seenu and Anaji Nagaraj, manager Ramu, still photographer Ramesh and others. The lively presence of Darshan and Ramamurthy filled everyone with love and affection.

    Over 200 people who worked in the film including senior actors Jai Jagadish, Harish Rai, producer Bhojaraj Rai attended the lunche on hosted. Everyone had Majestic and its memories to talk about.

  • The Biggest Day Of Darshan's Career

    majestic movie image

    February 16 may be Darshan's birthday which his fans are eagerly awaiting. But one week before that is the biggest day of Darshan's career. February 8 marks the 16th anniversary of the release of Majestic, the film that launched the career of Darshan in a big way. It was the first film in which Darshan played the lead role. Movie was produced by MG Ramamurthy and directed by PN Sathya.

    majestic_launch2.jpgIn 16 years, Darshan has now reached his 50th film Kurukshetra which is releasing shortly. Majestic was produced by MG Ramamurthy and directed by PN Sathya. The film was launched in the end of 2001 and the Ambareesh couple had come to wish Darshan. Muniratna held the clap for the first shot of the film and now he is the producer of Darshan's 50th film. 

    Majestic was launched on August 20, 2001. From the muharat to the release, it took 172 days of filming, post production, promotion and release. Today after 16 years later, the epic date is 835 weeks past or 

    1,40,280 hours old. Every week and every hour since then has seen Darshan emerge bigger and more popular. 


    When the film released on February 8, 2002, it heralded the arrival of a new star in Sandalwood. The film had five songs all written by Dr V Nagendra Prasad. Music was scored by Sadhu Kokila. Along with the film the songs were also a big hit. Darshan's lead debut also had Rekha, Jai Jagadish, Vanitha Vasu and others in the cast. Harish Roy got highlighted as villian from this movie. Darshan hit a century in his very first film. The film was a box office success and also ran for a 100 days establishing him as a bankable star in Sandalwood. 

    The impact was such that Darshan's three more films in the lead role, Dhruva, Ninagoskara and Kitty released the same year. The next year, 2003, saw nine films of Darshan release. There was no looking back after that. The brand of Darshan was firmly established in his very first film itself. Fans took the tall new actor who was good for action as well as romantic roles.