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  • Jigar Thanda To Be Screened in Colors Kannada Tomorrow

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    Rahul starrer Jigar Thanda has created a history of sorts. Just when the film is running successfully in theaters, the film is all set to be screened in Colors Kannada on 24th July at 3 PM.

    Recently Colors Kannada had acquired the satellite rights of the film produced jointly by Kichcha Creations and SRV Productions.  Now 'Jigar Thanda' is all set for a world premiere in television.

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  • Jigar Thanda Trailer Released in Bigg Boss

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    Sudeep normally doesn't promote his films in the 'Bigg Boss' programme. But on the last show of the programme, the trailer of 'Jigar Thanda' was released amidst much fanfare. 'Jigar Thanda' is the remake of a Tamil film by the same name. Earlier, the film was untitled and the team was in search of a new title. However, the film has been titled as 'Jigar Thanda' itself.

    Actor-director-producer Sudeep is producing the film for his protege Rahul. Samyuktha Belavadi is the heroine of the film. Sadhu Kokila, Ravishankar and others play prominent roles in the film.

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  • Jigarthanda Music Has International Touch

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    Arjun Janya has brought musicians and technicians from four different countries to work on the background score of the film Jigarthanda. Singers from Italy, string orchestra from Spain, guitaras played in Los Angeles (US) and technical help from Australia. It is a symphony orchestra composed abroad in four different countries in three differentcontinents. It is the first time such an attempt has been made for a Kannada film.The music is composed by Arjun Janya.

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    The film stars Rahul of Abhimaani fame and Samyukta Hornad with Ravishankar in a very special role. The film is a joint venture between Raghunath's SRV Productions and Kicccha Sudeep Creations.

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  • Sudeep Writes On Jigarthanda

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    This is a script which demanded an antagonist strong enough to carry the film on his shoulder..So my only choice and option was RaviShankar. For some reason I always knew that he will jump onto this script like a child having found a new toy..and I Wasn't wrong..this is exactly what he did when I opened the news that Jigarthanda wil be happening with him in a prime role..I could see his joy which he flawlessly flaunts whenever he is excited about smallest things.So I guess tat was 1st good thing tat happened to Jigarthanda.

    Rahul was the only choice I had for th role... Always felt tat he had a presence n fitted the bill super right. His enthusiasm is his strength as well weakness.. He is fabulous and has excelled in his role amidst huge iconic performers... A new kid on the block I should say.

    Samyuktha Hornad was a great inclusion and she was sweet enough to show equal excitement and took no time in joining the project..She looks fabulous on screen and has pulled of the character with ease.

    Sadu and Chikanna are great assets to have in the project...The best part is way the operated themselves through the making,,soo involved and soo cooperating,,tat sometines it seemed like the film was made by them..can't ask for more from whom we look upto as friends...Thanks soo mch my buddies. 


    The making got easy only coz of one person, "Mahesh"..whom we in KB cal as Maggie.. a super middle order bowler who has been a great strength in the bowling order..He along with Apramaya(from SRV productions) not only did a prime role but also shouldered the responsibility of being a online producer,ensuring a smooth sail through the making of Jigarthanda.

    Arjun Janya is family now... who has proven again n again his worth through his music.. a great strength of mine always. His contribution to Jigarthanda is unforgettable.. 

    Anand,the DOP has surprised me with his work..sometimes I wondered where was he all this time.. his work made me want to be in his frames at times.

    Shivan,the director has done an excellent job..he was introduced to me by Rahul once we got going with the discussion of the project..Now after seeing Jigarthanda,, I'm impressed I must say..a new talent and a new inclusion to Kannada film industry.

    This list wil go on,,for Jigarthanda wouldn't have happened without many....but one person who showed immense trust in Rahul as well the script is Priya.. n this is the basic,primary n the main reason for Jigarthanda to have happened. 

    Raghunath of SRV productions has been the force behind Jigarthanda.. He is a great human and probably one of the very few people whom one can depend on blindly..He is unconditional in his support..

    Today,, when I look Into the making as well the finished product,,I feel proud tat I could make a film, which doest have me in it,,and yet create an excitement amongst people..

    Glad n happy tat time has been Supportive and made me capable enough to serve the KANNADA FILMS, wat has given me my bread,my name ,money,fame n identity,,and abundance of love from you all.

    Thanks to each one who has supported me,believed me and stood by me.

    Special thanks all those fabulous actors n technicians who came forward and showed their love and support through videos n dubmash.

    Now that Jigarthanda is ready,,its Manjunath (whom i term as jack) Yogish Dwarkish (who is popularly known as small) n Umapathi who r anchoring the release.

    Here is Jigarthanda ,, from what I created 10 years back,, "Kiccha Creations".

    LUV ,

    Kichcha Sudeepa.