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  • Game Movie Review

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    If you are looking for an unusual film that is different from the regular run of the mill that comes out of Sandalwood, Game is the film for you. It is a suspense film with loads of thrills and a few chills as well. It is like the thrillers that come out of Hollywood. A very rare kind of film in Kannada.

    Almost the entire film takes place in one night. Of course there are quite a few flashbacks to give the film a perspective. A dead body goes missing in a mortuary. The security guard is scared and runs away only to meet with an accident. The police investigation team arrives and takes stock of the strange happenings. The husband of the dead woman is the only suspect. He is summoned to the forensic lab. After his arrival, more strange things begin to happen.


    It is a tight story and screenplay with a fast paced narrative that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The background score and songs by Ilayaraja adds magic to the film. 

    This is Manisha Koirala's first Kannada film and she gives a professional performance. Arjun Sarja is on the top of the game. He gives a brilliant performance as the investigation officer.

    Game is a new kind of film for Sandalwood that will thrill all kinds of audience. Enjoy the show.

    Chitraloka Rating 3/5

  • Preethiyalli Sahaja Releasing During Valentine Day

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    On the eve of Valentine day director Rathnaja is releasing his love based movie Preethiyalli Sahaja on February 12th.  Preethiyalli Sahaja is making a comeback vehicle for director Ratnaja who is making this movie after five years. His last film was 'Premism'. 

    Suryaa and Aqsa Bhatt are in lead role while Raghu Mukherjee, Devaraj, Suhasini and Avinash play prominent roles in the film.

    Raviraj has composed the music and there are seven melody songs in the movie.

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  • Preethiyalli Sahaja Releasing on 12th of February

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    Ratnaja's 'Preethiyalli Sahaja' is all set to be released on the 12th of February. Ratnaja apart from directing the film has written the story, screenplay and dialogues also. The film is being produced by Ganesh and M L Venkatesh and Ratnaja is introducing Surya and Aksha Bhatt through this film as hero and heroine. Apart from Surya and Aksha, Raghu Mukherjee, Devaraj, Suhasini and Avinash play prominent roles in the film.

    The film has been shot in exotic locations in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Hamsalekha's protege Raviraja is the music director.

  • Ratnaja's Great Comeback With Preetiyalli Sahaja

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    It is one of the greatest comeback stories in Sandalwood. Even without the name of Ratnaja the director, the film with mostly newcomers has created the most sensation in Sandalwood in recent years. Ratnaja returns to direction after nearly five years. His earlier films include Nenapirali, Honganasu and Premism.

    In this new film he has cast newcomers like Surya, Aqsa Bhatt, stars like Raghu Mukherjee and veterans like Suhasini and Devaraj. Raviraj has composed the music for the seven songs in the film and as expected with a film directed by Ratnaja, there are melodies in them. Thus without any created hype, the film has generated a buzz around itself. The film is releasing on February 12.