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  • Satish Neenasam's Chauka Bara to Release

    chauka bara image

    Satish Neenasam might not have seen a success through his first proportional venture 'Chauka Bara', but that has not deterred him to continue production. Satish has not only produced a short film called 'Chauka Bara', but is also releasing it.

    The short film is written and directed by Raghu Shimoga and stars Achyuth, Ashwini, Sharath Lohitashwa, Nandini Patavardhan and others. Advaitha who was the cinematographer of 'Rocket' has the cinematography for the film. The film is shot in a two days time and is shot in a budget of two lakhs.

    Satish Neenasam intends to release the short film next week in Cinepolis and other places.