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delay release

  • Shivarajakumar Upset

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    Actor Shivarajakumar seems to be upset over the delay in release of his films. If everything had gone right, then 'Shivalinga' and 'Killing Veerappan' would have been released by now. But both the films have been delayed due to various reasons.

    'I have finished my job and it is up to the producers of both the films to plan about the release. If they delay the film due to various reasons, what can I do? I have done my job sincerely. After discharging from hospital, I immediately started work so that the producers does not suffer because of me. That is commitment' said Shivarajakumar.

    Now it is up to the producers of 'Shivalinga' and 'Killing Veerappan' to decide about which among the two to be released first.