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  • Ragini Turns Emotional During Ranachandi Audio

    ragini image

    Actress Ragini turned emotional during the audio release of her latest film ‘Ranachandi’ which is being produced by Kuppuswamy and directed by Anand P Raju. Ragini was speaking during the audio release of the function and suddenly turned back side and could not control tears. The dignitaries who were present on the dais were confused and after a few seconds, Bhavana and others consoled her. After that also Ragini seemed restless and could not control her tears.

    Ranachandi Audio Released

    ‘I am emotional today because I have seen lot of ups and downs and have struggled a lot. Many people say that I am very strong. But in spite of that I have found it very difficult to do solo films. In spite of everything, I am standing and fighting everything. I thank everybody who has stood by me in this struggle’ said Ragini.

  • Ragini, Doddana And GuruPrasad To Judge Bharjari Comedy

    bharjari show on star suvarna

    Judging a reality show is not new to actor-director Guruprasad. Guru had earlier judged many reality shows in the past. Now the actor-director is back judging a new reality show called 'Bharjari Comedy'. This time Ragini and Doddanna has also joined hands with him.

    'Bharjari Comedy' is a comedy reality programme being aired in Star Suvarna from the 23rd of December. The programme is being anchored by Vaishavi, while Mitra, Pavan, Sanjana, Shalini and others are contesting in the show.

    'Bharjari Comedy' will be aired in Star Suvarna on every Saturday and Sunday night at 9 PM.

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  • Ragini's Item Song In Tiger

    ragini image

    Ragini is not new to item numbers and the actress has already been seen in item songs in films like 'Victory' and 'Uppu Huli Khara'. Now the actress is also seen in an item number in 'Tiger' which is all set to hit the screens on June 16th.

    'Tiger' is written and directed by Nandakishore and is produced by actor and Pradeep's father-in-law K Shivaram. K Shivaram has produced this film exclusively for his son-in-law and apart from producing it has also played a prominent role in the film.

    The film stars Pradeep, Shivaram, Ompuri and others. Arjun Janya has composed the songs for the film, while Sudhakar S Raj is the cameraman. Mysore Talkies is distributing the film. 

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  • Ragini's Naane CM to be Launched on August 20th

    naane cm image

    Ragini's new film 'Naane CM' being directed by 'Mussanje' Mahesh is all set to be launched on the 20th of August in Mysore. 'Naane CM' is being presented by Premier Studios of Mysore and stars Ragini in prominent role. Like her previous films like 'Ragini IPS' and 'Ranachandi', this film also doesn't have any hero. Apart from Ragini, Devaraj, Srinivasamurthy, Mico Nagaraj, Padmavasanthi, Suchendra Prasad, Sharath Lohitashwa, Ramesh Bhatt, Rangayana Raghu and others play prominent roles in the film.

    Mahesh himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues apart from directing the film. Arjun Janya is in charge of the music.

  • Ragini's Pet Dies Of Snake Bite

    ragini's pet dies on snake bite

    Ragini's pet dog has died of a snake bite. The two-year-old dog was a favorite of the actress. A viper snake bit the pet dog on Thursday night. The dog was taken for treatment. But unfortunately it died on Friday night.

    Ragini said the dog fought very hard but in the end could not make it alive. The devastated Ragini is mourning for her pet. Ragini is a animal lover and has had pets for years.

  • Ragini's Snake Dance In Uppu Huli Khara - Exclusive

    ragini snake dance image

    Actress ragini became a snake in the movie uppi huli khara directed by Imran Saradaria .

    Speaking to Chitraloka, Imran said 'Myself and Ragini's combination songs have become super hit till now. I approached Ragini for the song with a special appearance. When I explained the concept to her she started worrying saying she is afraid of snakes and to perform it would be difficult. I explained her she is performing the role of queen cobra and then she accepted. She took practice for a day and we did three days shooting which will be one of the highlight in the movie.

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  • Ragini's Team To Start Campaign Tomorrow

    bellary tuskers team

    Ragini Dwivedi's Karnataka Premier League team Bellary Tuskers will begin their campaign in the fifth edition of the tournament on Sunday. The team will take on Namma Shivamogga team owned by Kichcha Sudeep at the KSCA Rajnagar Stadium in Hubballi at 5.30 pm tomorrow.

    The tournament began today with the first match between Namma Shivamogga and Hubli Tigers. KPL has provided an opportunity to promote local talent as not everyone gets a chance to play in IPL. Ragini says that the objective of her team was in the same spirit.

  • Ranachandi Audio Released

    ranachandi image

    Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president on Monday evening released the songs of Ragini starrer ‘Ranachandi’ in Bangalore. The songs of the film have been composed by music director S P Venkatesh. 


    The film is being directed by Anand P Raju and produced by Kuppuswamy. Anand P Raju stated that it is his best film in his entire career. ‘So far I have directed 23 films. I have directed commercial films as well as art films also. I am known for action films and of all the films I have directed, I happily say that this film is best and different from others’ said Anand P Raju.

    The audio release event was attended by SFCC president H D Gangaraju, Bhavana, Ramya Barne, N M Suresh, M G Ramamurthy, Lahari Velu, Vijayalakshmi Singh, Karisubbu, Umesh Banakar and others.

  • Ranachandi Movie Review; Chitraloka Rating 3/5

    ranachani movie review

    Scores of female oriented action films have been released in the past few decades. Many actresses including Dr Jayamala, Malasri, Prema and others have acted in such action commercial flicks. Now Ragini joins the bandwagon of such not only female oriented action films, but also revenge saga.

    'Ranachandi' starts with a daredevil girl called Ragini who is one of the prominent personalities of Bangalore underworld. In a gang war she succumbs to lot of injuries and is declared dead. However, Ragini is not of type to die so easily. She is taken to a village by a stranger, where the village chief mistakes her to his lost daughter. Ragini turns Nandini and stays there to get ready for further action. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

    Like said earlier, this film is new for Ragini. Earlier the actress was seen an out and out commercial flick called 'Ragini IPS'. However, 'Ranachandi' outdoes the previous films in not only commercial value. The film has some breath holding stunts all along and Ragini has done a great job in action sequences. Not only action sequences, the actress pleases her fans with great dialogue delivery.

    Though the film has not a great story to boast of, the film certainly has some nice family values and sentiments. However, the comedy by Amith irks the audience to the core and there was no need for comedy sequences in this film. Apart from such minor complaints, 'Ranachandi' is a good film for action lovers.

    Apart from Ragini, Ramesh Bhatt, Padmaja Rao, Sharath Lohitashwa and Shobharaj have also done their job well. Cinematography by Giri is good and a couple of songs including the title song are hummable.

  • Sandalwood Shocked - Ragini Arrested In Drug Case

    Ragini Arrested In Drug Case

    For the first time in the Kannada film industry actress Ragini Dwivedi has been arrested by police in Drug case. Ravishankar who was arrested by the CCB on Wednesday is said to have given some crucial information to the police in a drug case.

    Ragini was taken into custody by CCB police today morning and they started interrogating her till the evening. Finally Ragini was arrested.

    Earlier, the CCB had arrested Ragini's aide Ravishankar and even gave summons to Ragini to appear for the inquiry. However, Ragini did not attend the inquiry on Thursday and had announced through social media that as she got the summons in short notice, she could not appear and will be visiting the CCB office on Monday.

    Ravishankar who was arrested by the CCB on Wednesday is said to have given some crucial information to the police in a drug case.


  • Sharan, Ragini To Watch 'Adhyaksha In America' with audience

    sharan, ragini to watch adhyaksha in america

    Sharan starrer 'Adhyaksha in America' is all set to release today in more than 200 screens across Karnataka. Meanwhile, lead artistes Sharan and Ragini will be watching the film today with the audience.

    'Adhyaksha in America' is releasing in Anupama and other theaters. Sharan and Ragini will be watching the film with the audience on the 01st day 01st show. Other cast and crew of the film is expected to be present at the theater with Sharan and Ragini.

    'Adhyaksha in America'  stars Sharan, Ragini, Makrand Deshapande, Tarak Ponnappa, Shivaraj K R Pet, Sadhu Kokila, Rangayana Raghu and others in prominent roles. The film directed by Yoganand Muddan has music by V Harikrishna.

  • Sharan's New Film Titled 'Adhyaksha in America'

    sharan's new film is adhyaksha in america

    Sharan is looking forward for the release of his new film 'Rambo 2' and the film is likely to release after elections. Meanwhile, Sharan's new film is all set to be launched on the 15th of May and the shooting will be held in America.

    Sharan's new film has been titled as 'Adhyaksha in America' and is the remake of Malayalam hit 'Two Countries'. Sharan and Ragini will be reprising the role of Dilip and Mohan Das in the Kannada version of the film. Earlier, Ragini had danced for an item song with Sharan in 'Victory'. Now Sharan and Ragini are acting as hero, heroine in this film.

    'Adhyaksha in America' is being produced by People Media Tech. The team is planning to hold a 35 day schedule in America.

  • Shivam Movie Review

    shivam image

    For one whole year this film's title was in controversy for various reasons. After many changes it was finally renamed as Shivam. Not only does the film justify the title but also lives up to the hype and expectations created for various reasons including the title itself. A mass appealing story, Upendra's enigmatic appeal, Ragini's characterisation and loads of commercial aspects make Shivam a great watch for the audience.

    There are twists and turns in the film aplenty. There are superb stunts and fight sequences, charming songs, brilliant visuals, fun and drama. All of these are encapsulate in a riveting storyline.

    The film starts with the introduction of a temple and the priest who runs it. It is in its family for a thousand years. However bad eyes fall on it and Basavanna his second son has to rescue it. Basavanna, played by Uppi is an enigmatic character. He is shown to be a gangster involved in shady deals. But when his father dies, he takes up priesthood. He is revealed to have all the necessities of priesthood. So is Basavanna a priest or a gangster? The twists that follow are mind blogging. Director Srinivas Raju has managed to create suspense every step of the way.

    Every character has its specialty. Ragini's character starts as a club dancer who becomes a gangster. But as the film progresses, it takes on more shades and this is easily one of the best roles Ragini got in her career. Ravishankar's character is also another special one.

    Veteran actresses Bhavya and Geetha are brought back on screen but they have small roles. Otherwise other characters played by Srinivas Murthy, Shivaram, Bullet Prakash, Doddanna and others get good treatment. Producer Manohar has spent a great deal of money to make the film lavish. His brother C R Gopi plays one of the villains and proves his acting abilities.

    The action in this film is top class and along with the lavishly mounted songs shot in exotic locations makes for an eye-candy entertainer. Saloni looks a bit older but holds her appeal and goes completely missing in the second half. The film is perfect if you want to watch an action packed suspense thriller that shows the glory of Indian values.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5

  • Shivam Releasing on Jan 02nd With Expectation

    shivam image

    Upendra starrer 'Shivam' which was supposed to release a few months back itself, is all set to hit the screens on the 02nd of January. 'Shivam' will be the second film of the year after 'Khushikhushiyagi'. 'Shivam' is said to be the costliest film in Upendra's career.

    The film has been made in a budget of 15 crores and Upendra plays a dual role in the film. He plays the role of a priest apart from playing the role of a sharp shooter. Ragini and Saloni plays the heroine in the film. C R Gopi, Doddanna and others play prominent roles in the film which is being shot in Bangalore, Mysore, Turkey and other places.

    Dr C R Manohar who had produced films like 'Orata I Love You', 'School Master' and others is producing the film under the Tanvi Films Banner. Srinivasaraju has directed the film apart from scripting it. Mani Sharma is the music director.

  • Six Films Of Ragini To Release This Year

    six films of ragini to release this year

    Actress Ragini had only one release in the form of 'Veera Ranachandi' last year. But this year, the actress has six films gearing up for release.

    The first to release among the six is 'Kichchu' being directed by Pradeep Verma. The film will be released this week. 'Kichchu' will be followed by 'MMCH', 'The Terrorist', 'Naane Next CM', 'Adhyaksha in America' and 'Gandhigiri'.

    Of the five, 'Naane Next CM' and 'Gandhigiri'  were launched two years back. However, the films got delayed due to various problems. Now both the films are likely to release this year itself.

  • Song Recording of Hulidevara Kaadu Starts

    huli devara kaadu image

    The song recording of Ragini's new film 'Hulidevara Kaadu' was launched on the 30th of November at the Prasad Recording Studio. SIFCC president H D Gangaraju, KFCC former presidents Thomas D'souza and B Vijayakumar, Umesh Banakar and others were present at the occasion.

    'Hulidevara Kaadu' is a psychological thriller and Ragini says she is acting in a psychological thriller for the very first time in her career. Senior director Joe Simon's son Jeetendra Simon is directing the film, while Ankitha Gowda is producing the film. Anil is the music director of the film.

    Though the song recording of the film has started, the film will start only in the month of January. The major portion of the film will be shot in the forests of Sirsi and Siddapura.

  • Terrorist To Release On Oct 18

    terrorist to release on oct 18th

    Engineer turned director P C Shekar’s most ambitious project till date titled 'Terrorist’ starring the beautiful and daring star Ragini Dwivedi, is set to release on October 18.

    “The censorship of our movie has been completed without any cuts and certified as U/A. Also, the release of the movie is planned on October 18,” says the director.

    Further, on the sensitive subject such as terrorism, the maker explains that there is no clear definition to the term ‘Terrorist/terrorism. It has got nothing to do with any religion, caste or creed, he says adding that a terrorist can be anyone, which is the focal point in 'Terrorist'. 

    Ragini plays a Muslim girl, who says has worked hard from learning on how to wear a burkha, to offering namaz, and the other minute details to do justice to her character.

  • The Terrorist Movie Review - Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

    the terrorist image

    PC Shekhar's The Terrorist is a welcome change in Sandalwood. Not many have explored terrorism as a subject in Kannada films. Even when it is done it is as part of a film where the villain is a terrorist. Terrorism itself does not become the subject. But this film explores it as the plot subject. The effects of terrorism on a common family is shown. So it is also an emotional drama and the pain, suffering endured by a family which is caught in the grip of terrorism. There is an underlying suspense story that is integral to the plot. There is no unnecessary fighting, bomb blasts or killings. But still The Terrorist is a gripping narration of a sinister terrorist plot. 

    Ragini plays a Muslim girl Reshma. She is a working woman who works in a star hotel. She is part of a small and happy family. This happy family unwittingly becomes embroiled in the grip of a terrorist group who will manipulate, coerce and even kill anyone to achieve their ends. The simple girl Reshma has to use all her skills and wits to overcome the problem her family is facing. Will she be able to save herself and her family members is the crux of the story. 

    The director has not only shown courage in choosing such a story but has also impressed by the way he presents it on screen. The Terrorist is easily his best film. There is a gripping suspense in his narration. At times you get the feel of watching a top international film in way of content and execution. Of course there are severe restrictions in making such a film for the Kannada audience. But the director overcomes this by ingenious methods. Instead of erecting sets he goes to the real streets and shops and markets to shoot the film. It is as if you are watching real events unfold. This is aided by the wonderful performances of the actors especially Ragini. She has immersed herself in the role completely and comes out as a committed actress who can make any role hers. 

    The film also has some excellent background score and cinematography. The editing is crisp and to the point. A full fledged film on terrorism did not need any songs and other commercial film elements. But Indian films cannot do without the complete array of items with the meal. However they are kept to a minimum and do not affect the flow of the main plot. It is a bit of indulgence by the director who otherwise has given an excellent different kind of film to the Kannada audience.

    Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

  • Watchout For Adyaksha In America Teaser Today

    watchout for adyaksha in america teaser today

    Shot predominantly in the U.S., star comedy hero Sharan's next 'Adhyaksha in America' directed by Yoganand Muddanna is inching towards release in the coming weeks. The team is all geared up for the launch of the teaser today following which the makers are expected to announce the release date.

    Apart from Sharan, it features Ragini Dwivedi, Disha Pandey and others in the lead. Made under the banner of People Media Factory, it is produced by an NRI investor, T G Vishwaprasad with Vivek Kuchibotla as co-producer.

    This one marks the directorial debut of dialogue writer Yoganand Muddanna. Ragini who has shared the screen with Sharan in the past for special numbers will be seen in a different avatar for this one. V Harikrishna has scored music for this comedy made in the U.S.

  • Will Ragini Opt Out of Natikoli?

    natikoli image

    After the recent Natikoli controversy over the incident during the photo shoot of the film, sources say lead actress Ragini will drop out of the project. Sources in the film team say that the current controversy has been blown out so much that it is difficult for the actress to continue with the others.

    When Chitraloka contacted Ragini she said she is shocked about the developments. "I always stand up to my movie team. But in this case I'm surprised to see my film team itself are talking against me without any fault of mine. If somebody fights with somebody why is my name getting involved. Still I've not taken any decision whether to continue or not. Let's see how things take shape in days to come. Till now neither the producer or director of Natikoli has contacted me."

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