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  • Amy Jackson Is The Heroine For The Villain

    amy jackson is the heroine for the villain

    Actress Amy Jackson who is currently busy in Tamil and Hindi films has been roped into play a prominent role in Shivarajakumar-Sudeep starrer 'The Villain'. The actress will be seen opposite Sudeep in this film.

    'The Villain' is being directed by Prem after a six year gap. His last film as a director was Shivarajakumar's 100th film 'Jogaiah'. 'The Villain' stars Shivarajakumar, Sudeep, Shruthi Hariharan, Srikanth, Mithun Chakraborty and others. The film is being produced by C R Manohar and Arjun Janya is the music composer.

    Currently the shooting for the film is being held in Belgaum, after which the team will fly to London for a major shoot.

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  • Amy Jackson Joins The Villain

    amy jackson joins villain

    Actress Amy Jackson who was roped into play a prominent role in Shivarajakumar-Sudeep starrer 'The Villain' has joined the shooting in Bangkok. The actress is paired opposite Sudeep in this film.

    'The Villain' is being directed by Prem after a six year gap. His last film as a director was Shivarajakumar's 100th film 'Jogaiah'. 'The Villain' stars Shivarajakumar, Sudeep, Shruthi Hariharan, Srikanth, Mithun Chakraborty and others. The film is being produced by C R Manohar and Arjun Janya is the music composer.

    Currently the shooting for the film is being held in Bangkok, after which the team plans to shoot in London, China and other places.

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    Amy Jackson Is The Heroine For The Villain

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    First look Of The Villain Released

    First Look Of The Villain Today Night At 7 PM

    First Look Of The Villain On April 1st

    Sudeep Starts Shooting For The Villain

    Sruthi Hariharan For 'The Villain'

    The Villain Starting Next Week

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  • An Excitement Called Hebbuli - Sudeep 

    sudeep image

    I was in a meeting with a few, when my assistant walked in and whispered in my ear that Krishna has come ,n is waiting  downstairs. My immediate question was “Krishna who? ”to which he whispered again ,, “MungaaruMale DOP” sir. I Informed my assist to take care of him till I finished up with the meeting.. A little later I walked down to the lower floor n saw Kitappa(Krishna) seated at the edge of the sofa.. Probably this body language of his,gave me a clue to what he was there for.. i welcomed him with a hug n said  “yes? “ ..To which Kitappa started,,  “sir,,wanted to ask if u would do a,,,”  ….. n I again said “yes” even before he could complete his line .. I can never forget that smile that Took over his serious face..

    That yes wasn’t to a director who had come for an appointment to narrate a script,,,That yes was to a dear friend n a technician , whom I have seen as a Wonderful Human n forever smiling.. And that immediate “yes” was probably coz I couldn’t see him carrying such a serious look. I guess every person who’s carrying a dream,  goes through this process,, coz the dream coming true,  now depends on those he will be associated with from then. He had walked into my house with a dream n that dream was “HEBBULI”.

    Now came in SRV productions & Umapathy Films ,,as a backbone to this dream,, n From here,, started a journey of their Dream n Hard-work. Both Raghunath n Umapathy are very focussed and hardworking .. Hebbuli needed that extra love,care n pampering ,,n they both gave it all ,, n never once discounted on it,,  nor did they once let the word “compromise” creep in.. Yes it takes huge money to accomplish something huge. And not to neglect n forget that it’s never the beginning ,,but during the process of making a film, that relationships n people fall apart. Raghunath n Umapathy did hold their belief, energy, excitement n people together,,during the toughest days n moments ,, n the end result is HEBBULI 

    The entire process of making has been filled with fun n focus.. Fun coz of the lovely people working for it ,,n Focus coz of the “never give up” attitude each one on the set carried. Everyone together has contributed their best n a lot MORE TO HEBBULI, than what was expected of them all.. More than that, they gave it LOVE,,N to this love ,,the  responses u all friends have been giving to anything connected to Hebbuli,, gave th entire team tat extra energy to do better..

    Thank you All for this Love n Unconditional Support.

    Much Love,

    - KICHCHA.


  • Anand Audio Acquires The Audio Rights Of 'Kotigobba 3' Before Launch

    kotigobba 2 movie image

    Just after acquiring the audio rights of Shivarajakumar-Sudeep starrer 'The Villain' for 1.08 crores, Anand Audio has also bagged the audio rights of Sudeep's another film 'Kotigobba 3'.

    One of the highlights is, the audio rights have been bagged even before the launch of the film. 'Kotigobba 3' will be launched on the 03rd of March and even before the date, the audio rights have been bagged by Anand Audio.

    Anand Audio has confirmed that they have acquired the rights of the film through twitter account. 'We hereby confirm audio rights of 'Kotigobba 3' for record price even b4 movie launch' says a message in Anand Audio's account, but has not mentioned what the record price is.

  • Anant Nag Joins Sudeep in Advt

    sudeep, ananth nag image

    Veteran actor Anant Nag is part of the new OLX advertisement. Sudeep has been the regular in the OLX advertisement for sometime now. During the release of the film Ranna, comedy star Sadhu Kokila also joined Sudeep in that advertisement.

    Now it is the turn of Anant Nag. Nag and Sudeep shot for the new advertisement on Monday. Anant Nag is not new to advertisements either. One of the most recent was the Hindi advertisement for an insurance company.


  • Anu Prabhakar Dreams Of Vishnuvardhan And Sudeep 

    anu prabhakar dreams of vishnuvardhan and sudeep

    Strange but true. Anu Prabhakar has said that she woke up with a refreshing dream in which she was acting with Vishnuvardhan and the film was being directed by Sudeep. The actress has explained her dream to Sudeep "KicchaSudeep I had a wonderful dream this morning! You were directing and Dr.Vishnu sir and I were acting.... You and I were on cloud nine to see and be with him! A dream that will never be a reality...yet brought a huge smile on my face just as I woke up!". 

    Incidentally Vishnuvardhan and Sudeep acted together in the Nagatihalli Chandrasekhar directed film Matad Matad Mallige.


  • Apoorva Likely To Release In Kapali

    apoorva movie still

    Ravichandran's magnum opus 'Apoorva' which is produced and directed by him is likely to release in Kapali on the 27th of May. Kapali is considered to be lucky for Ravichandran, as his earlier films like 'Prema Loka', 'Ranadheera' and others were released in the same theater and the films were very successful.  

    Sources say, Ravichandran has booked Kapali for 'Apoorva'. Meanwhile, the film is all set to be censored and Ravichandran will announce the date of the release once the film is censored

  • Ashitha Eliminated This Week From Big Boss 5

    big boss 5

    This week it was Ashitha who got eliminated in Sudeep's Popular reality show Big Boss Kannada.

    Ashitha was one of the loved contestant in the show. She was usually quiet in the show and in previous episodes, host Sudeep had advised her to be a little more active in the show.



  • Bhavana and Rachita Ram Dance with Mukunda Murari

    mukunda murari image

    Well known actresses Bhavana Menon and Rachita Ram has danced with Upendra and Sudeep for a special song for the film 'Mukunda Murari'. The shooting for the film was almost complete except for a song and the final song of the film has also been picturised in a specially erected set. Upendra was present on the first day of the shooting and today Sudeep danced with Bhavana and Rachita Ram.

    Apart from Upendra, Sudeep and Nikitha, actor Ravishankar, Avinash, Tabla Nani have also played prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by M N Kumar and senior producer Jayasri Devi is presenting the film.

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  • Big Boss 4 Starts; Sudeep Wishes The Team

    sudeep big boss 4

    The fourth season of the 'Big Boss' has started and host Sudeep on Saturday night has welcomed all the contestants to the 'Big Boss' house. Sudeep has said that the contestants look tough and has wished the team of 'Big Boss' a huge luck.

    Sudeep on Sunday morning in his tweet has wished the team of 'Big Boss' and has said that the contestants, this time looks tough. The opening episode was shot on Saturday and will be aired on Sunday evening from 6 PM.

    Here's Sudeep's tweet about the fourth edition of the reality programme. Bigboss season4 kick starts... All contestants surely look tough .. Wshn the bb team luck... Looking frwrd fr an exciting season... cheers.

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  • Bigg Boss 3 To Be Launched on October 24

    bigg boss3 image

    The third edition of 'Big Boss' is all set to be launched on the 24th of October. The hugely popular reality programme will be aired in the Colors Kannada channel from 24th from night 9 to 10.

    This time the shooting for the reality programme will be held at a specially constructed house at the Innovative Film City. Already the construction is over and the channel is finalising the contestants for the show. Earlier, there were speculations that Sudeep won't be hosting the show, instead Upendra has been roped in as the host of the show. However, the news turned false and Sudeep not only confirmed that he is hosting the show but also said participated in the promo shoot.

    After that there were many speculations about who would be contesting in the programme. There were rumours that Rakshith Shetty, Satish Neenasam, Huchcha Venkat and others might participate in the show. However, all the three declined about being the part of the show.

  • Bigg Boss 4 From October 9

    sudeep to host big boss 4

    The newest season of Kannada Bigg Boss will start on October 9. This is the fourth season of the Kannada celebrity reality show. There is still lot of speculation about the contestants this season. Various names are being reported but as per policy, the show reveals the names only

    Various names are being reported but as per policy, the show reveals the names only in the first day of the telecast. The biggest draw of the show however, continues to be host Sudeep.

    He was the host of the show in all its previous editions and the episodes featuring him on weekends set TRP records for the channels.

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  • Bigg Boss Season 3 In July

    bigg boss sudeep image

    They are back! Howdu Swami! It’s not surprising that in the history of television’s entertainment, BIGG BOSS which stands as one of the biggest Reality show with highest rating and much talked controversial hit show. And they are back with season 3 In Kannada in July end said the sources. We all are aware; the first two seasons were successfully hosted by Superstar Kannada Actor Kiccha Sudeep. Now it is believed and confirmed by Actor himself that he will be hosting the Third season as well.

    The show has, at times, proved to be a great ratings churner with the viewership at a constant high since the appointment of Actor Sudeep as the main presenter. The Season 1 and 2 have each topped the ratings charts for their respective channels. Basically Bigg Boss is a television reality show broadcast on Colors channel in India. It follows the Big Brother format, which was first developed by Endemol in the Netherlands. Two years ago it was brought to Kannada version and the first season was successfully produced by ETV Kannada channel. And the second season was done by Suvarna Entertainment channel. Since now the Colors Channel is merged with Etv Kannada then and now known as Colors kannada it is not surprising that they will be very soon starting the Third season of the most popular Reality TV Series in India.

    Since the Superstar Sudeep will be seen as the host for the third time, it is expected to be much more entertaining than the earlier two versions. Buzz is that this time channel is constantly working under highly well organized system to place much more controversially famous celebrity contestants. . The housemates (Housemates) in the Indian version are primarily celebrities with the exception of one who is a non-celebrity selected via auditions. Housemates are overseen by a mysterious person known as 'Bigg Boss', whose only presence in the house is through his voice. And of course now we all are curious to know about the mysterious housemates and the main attraction BIGG BOSS House, which is built every season for live in a purpose and is isolated from the rest of the world! 

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  • Birthday Wishes Galore On Social Media For Sudeep

    Birthday Wishes Galore On Social Media For Sudeep

    Actor-director Sudeep who is celebrating his 47th birthday today has already requested his fans to bless and wish him from wherever they are and not come personally to his residence to wish him.


    Meanwhile, birthday wishes of celebrities, friends and fans association have been pouring in on social media from morning as Sudeep is celebrating his birthday today.

    Puneeth Rajakumar, Ravishankar Gowda, Naveen Krishna, Danish Sait, Simple Suni, Pratham, Darling Krishna, Milana, Rakshitha Prem, Swapna Krishna, Akul Balaji and others have already wished Sudeep through social media.

  • Box Office Collection For Mukunda Murari And Santhu Straight Forward - Exclusive

    box office collection of mukunda murari and santhu straight forward

    Last week's releases: Sudeep, Upendra starrer Mukunda Murari and Yash starrer Santhu Straight Forward had created lot of curiosity not only in the film industry circles but also with the audience.

    There was lot of expectations for both the movies and both movies are doing very good collections at the box office. According to Gandhinagar trade pundits Mukunda Murari will collect around 10 crores share to the producers and Santhu Straight Forward will collect around Rs 12 crores to producer in the first week. They said releasing both the star movies on the same day was both an advantage and also a disadvantage. The advantage is that almost all screens in Karnataka are screening Kannada films. The disadvantage is that with the clash of the big producers each producer may lose around Rs 2-3 crores in the first week. Each of these films would have collected an additional Rs 2 crore each if released solo.

    Speaking to Chitraloka Santhu producer K Manju said he is very happy with the response for the movie. "Distributor Jayanna said this movie may not do the collections what we had got from Masterpiece in the first week, but definitely it will cross more than Rs 10 crores in the first week," he said.

    Mukunda Murari BKT distributor Jack Manju told Mukunda is doing very well. The reports coming is very good. It will pick up in the second week since family audience are turning towards the theaters.



  • Caste Will Never Be Part Of Creative Thoughts: Kiccha Sudeep

    caste will never be part of creative thoughts

    Following widespread reactions to Sri Prasannaand Swamiji of Valmiki Guru Peeta's statement that he will object to anyone other than Kiccha Sudeep portraying the role of Madakari Nayaka on big screen, the actor himself has come forward making few things clear on the matter. 

    Abhinaya Chakravarthy Kiccha Sudeep in a statement released through his twitter account says, “Caste hasn’t been a part of ‘Creative’ thoughts and it never will be. I respect Swamiji as well Rockline Venkatesh, and the people connected and the media. This for me isn’t a topic at all, as I have made my stand clear in my previous letter in concern to the same”.

    He further adds saying, “Rockline sir is doing what he wants and wishes to do. I’m planning to move ahead with what I wish and dream to do. Swamiji has put forward his opinion. Matter should rest there. A continuous debate on this is unwanted. With due respect to everyone, their emotions and sentiments, let this matter dilute as its heading nowhere”. 

    He goes on to say that in the end, it is the public for whom we are making this film. “Let both the films do justice to the Legend’s life, and I feel that it should be the respect we should be showing towards the legendary warrior than spending time on these debates.”

    Before wrapping up his views, he continues saying that there are better things and topics in connection to a common man's life and his problems that needs attention than this. 

    “If the same energy and effort goes into that, life will get much better for all. My lines are just words of concern towards a common man's problem in life and surely isn’t to offend anyone,” he signs off.

    Later, the actor has also urged his well wishers and his fans to stop debating on the matter, saying that let cinema be cinema and let everyone have faith in cinema. “Cinema by itself is a beautiful religion bringing everyone under one roof,” as he wishes Rockling and his team on his project.

  • Chauka Launching on January 01st

    chauka image

    Producer Dwarkish who has completed producing 49 films is looking forward for the launch of his 50th film 'Chauka' and the film is all set to be launched on the 01st of January. 'Chauka' is a multi starrer film with Prem, Prajwal, Diganth and Vijay Raghavendra playing prominent roles in the film. Sudeep is said to be playing a guest appearance in this film told sources.

    Another highlight of the film is Tarun Sudhir brother of actor-director Nandakishore is all set to be make his debut as a director through this film. Tarun himself has written the story and screenplay of the film.

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  • Darshan Delivers A Shocker On Sudeep

    darshan sudeep

    Darshan has delivered a shocking news online a few minutes ago. He has said that he and Sudeep are no longer friends. He has asked for speculations on the issue to end once and for all. For the last couple of years there were rumours after the two actors were not seen together. Darshan had also stopped following Sudeep on Twitter.

    Darshan had also kept away from Celebrity Cricket League which is captained by Sudeep. The rumours had not been confronted by either actors till now. Darshan's tweet now confirms that all was not well between the two.

  • Day-Night Shoot For Ambi Ninge Vyasaayto

    ambi ninge vaisaayto shooting

    Shooting for the film Ambi Ninge Vyasaayto is going on two schedules. One is night schedule with Sudeep participating and the other is the say schedule with Ambareesh participating. It is 24/7 shooting for the film directed by newcomer Gurudath and produced by Jack Manju. 

    About the shooting Sudeep has said "Joining Ambi Ninge Vaisaaitho was like getting into my home. Guru my assist has turned director and my boy Sanchith leading the assist team. It’s a great feeling watching these kids handling situations with such ease. Ambrish mama started his song shoot, an awesome tune penned by Prem." Sudeep revealed the 24/7 shoot too. "My intro shoot is a night sequence and Ambrish mama’s song in the morning. So shoot’s happening round the clock. Shekar Chandru is the DOP for the song and Jubin DOP for the night sequence.

    Jack, a childhood buddy of mine is producing a film after a long gap.

    Wishing him the best of the best."

  • Director Confirms Sudeep's Hollywood Film

    sudeep in hollywood movie

    Australian director Eddie Arya has confirmed that he and Sudeep are in talks to cast the Kannada actor in the upcoming Hollywood film Risin. There have been reports about the actor in the Hollywood film. Now Eddie Arya has confirmed it saying "Yes the Kiccha Sudeep news is real! Sudeep and I are in talks at the moment for a role in my film. We will keep you updated."

    Eddie Arya has directed two films earlier: The Navigator and The System. Risin is his third film which is inspired by the Chelabynsk meteorite explosion in Russia. However the film is set in Alaska. Sudeep is said to play a military man in the film. Risin is a science fiction film in which strange after effects are felt after a mysterious explosion.

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