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  • Ravichandran-Upendra's Film To Be Titled As 'Ravi-Chandra'

    upendra ravichandran in a movie

    Ravichandran-Upendra's new film being directed by Omprakash Rao and produced by Kankapura Srinivasa has been titled as 'Ravi-Chandra'.

    This is the first time that two big names of Kannada film industry including Ravichandran and Upendra are coming together on screen and the film is all set to be launched on the 20th of August.

    There are two heroines in the film and Sanvi Srivatsavv and Nimika Ratnakar has been roped in as the heroines for the film. Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.


  • Ravichandran-Upendra's Film To Be Titled As 'Veda-Vyasa'

    ravichandran upendra's film to be titled as veda vyasa

    It's been nearly two years since Ravichandran-Upendra's new film was launched in Bangalore. The film is almost complete and the title of the film has been changed as 'Veda-Vyasa'.

    Earlier, the film was titled as 'Ravi-Chandra' which was derived from Dr Rajakumar's hit film of the same name. The team has decided to not to keep the same title for the remake film and hence the title has been changed to 'Veda-Vyasa'.

    This is the first time, both the actors are coming together on screen. Kanakapura Srinivas is producing the film, while Omprakash Rao is the director. The film stars Ravichandran, Upendra, Shanvi Srivatsav, Nimika Ratnakar and others in prominent roles. Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.

  • RGV Releases The Theme Poster of 'Kabza'

    RGV Releases The Theme Poster of 'Kabza'

    Upendra starrer 'Kabza' is in news yet again. Recently, actor Shivarajakumar had launched the official website ( www.kabzamovie.com) of 'Kabza'. Now well known director Ramgopal Verma has launched the Theme Poster of the film.

    Upendra is celebrating his birthday (September 18) and director R Chandru had requested Ramgopal Verma to release the Theme Poster of the film for which RGV had given his consent. According to that, RGV not only released the poster, but also praised the team's effort in making the film.

    'Kabza' is written and directed by R Chandru and this time Chandru is planning to release the film in 7 languages simultaneously. The film is being made in Kannada and will be released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali and Marathi languages.

  • Sanvi Srivatsav To Act Opposite Upendra

    sanvi srivatsav to act opposite upendra

    Director Omprakash Rao is all set to bring Ravichandran and Upendra together on screen and actress Sanvi Srivatsav will be playing the female lead in the film opposite Upendra. 

    This is the first time, both Ravichandran and Upendra are coming together on screen and Kanakapura Srinivas is producing this film. Earlier, Nimika Ratnakar was roped in as one of the heroines and now Sanvi Srivatsav is also said to be another heroine in the film.

    The new film is all set to be launched on the 20th of August. Arjun Janya is the music composer of this film.

  • Shashank To Produce Film For Upendra 

    shashank to produce a film for upendra

    Director Shashank who has turned producer with Tayige Takka Maga has already finalised his next venture. He will be teaming up with none other than Upendra for his next home production. There has been speculation that the two were planning a film together.

    But there was no confirmation about it till now. But on Monday evening the confirmation came at the audio success function of Tayige Takka Maga. This is Shashank's first home production which he is also directing. Apart from the confirmation there was not much details forthcoming about the new film.

    But sources told Chitraloka that the film is expected to start very soon after Upendra completes R Chandru's I Love You. Tayige Takka Maga is releasing in the middle of November.

  • Shashank's Next With Real Star Will Be A Social Drama

    shashank's next with upendra will be a social drama

    The talented director who hit a 'Sixer’ on his debut and then went to deliver several hits including Moggina Manasu, Bachchan, Krishnan Love Story and many more, had recently launched his home banner - Shashank Cinemas with Thayige Thakka Maga as its debut venture.

    Now, the director turned producer, returns with second production venture starring real star Upendra in the lead.

    “After the success of Thayige Thakka Maga, I had announced my second venture under my banner Shashank Cinemas with real star Upendra. Presently, the script work is on with plans to start the shooting from April. It is going to be a social drama,” says Shashank.

    His previous Thayige Thakka Maga marked 25th film for Ajai Rao, in which Mrs Sumalatha Ambareesh played an important role of a mother who is an advocate by profession.

  • Shivam Movie Review

    shivam image

    For one whole year this film's title was in controversy for various reasons. After many changes it was finally renamed as Shivam. Not only does the film justify the title but also lives up to the hype and expectations created for various reasons including the title itself. A mass appealing story, Upendra's enigmatic appeal, Ragini's characterisation and loads of commercial aspects make Shivam a great watch for the audience.

    There are twists and turns in the film aplenty. There are superb stunts and fight sequences, charming songs, brilliant visuals, fun and drama. All of these are encapsulate in a riveting storyline.

    The film starts with the introduction of a temple and the priest who runs it. It is in its family for a thousand years. However bad eyes fall on it and Basavanna his second son has to rescue it. Basavanna, played by Uppi is an enigmatic character. He is shown to be a gangster involved in shady deals. But when his father dies, he takes up priesthood. He is revealed to have all the necessities of priesthood. So is Basavanna a priest or a gangster? The twists that follow are mind blogging. Director Srinivas Raju has managed to create suspense every step of the way.

    Every character has its specialty. Ragini's character starts as a club dancer who becomes a gangster. But as the film progresses, it takes on more shades and this is easily one of the best roles Ragini got in her career. Ravishankar's character is also another special one.

    Veteran actresses Bhavya and Geetha are brought back on screen but they have small roles. Otherwise other characters played by Srinivas Murthy, Shivaram, Bullet Prakash, Doddanna and others get good treatment. Producer Manohar has spent a great deal of money to make the film lavish. His brother C R Gopi plays one of the villains and proves his acting abilities.

    The action in this film is top class and along with the lavishly mounted songs shot in exotic locations makes for an eye-candy entertainer. Saloni looks a bit older but holds her appeal and goes completely missing in the second half. The film is perfect if you want to watch an action packed suspense thriller that shows the glory of Indian values.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5

  • Shivam Releasing on Jan 02nd With Expectation

    shivam image

    Upendra starrer 'Shivam' which was supposed to release a few months back itself, is all set to hit the screens on the 02nd of January. 'Shivam' will be the second film of the year after 'Khushikhushiyagi'. 'Shivam' is said to be the costliest film in Upendra's career.

    The film has been made in a budget of 15 crores and Upendra plays a dual role in the film. He plays the role of a priest apart from playing the role of a sharp shooter. Ragini and Saloni plays the heroine in the film. C R Gopi, Doddanna and others play prominent roles in the film which is being shot in Bangalore, Mysore, Turkey and other places.

    Dr C R Manohar who had produced films like 'Orata I Love You', 'School Master' and others is producing the film under the Tanvi Films Banner. Srinivasaraju has directed the film apart from scripting it. Mani Sharma is the music director.

  • Shivarajakumar Launches The Official Website Of 'Kabza'

    upendra launches the official website of kaba

    Actor Shivarajakumar recently launched the official website of Kannada film 'Kabza' starring Upendra. The website which is called www.kabzamovie.com contains information and photos of artists and technicians.

    The launch was attended by politician M T B Nagaraj who is also presenting the film. Shivarajakumar launched the website and wished the team a huge success.


  • Shivarajakumar, Upendra In Protest

    shivarajkumar, upendra in protest

    Actor Shivarajakumar and Upendra participated in the rally called by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce in support of the bundh called by pro-Kannada activists against the Supreme Court verdict on the Kaveri water release to Tamil Nadu.

    Shivarajakumar, Upendra along with Ajay Rao, Prajwal, Devaraj, Lahari Velu, Manvita Harish, Mayuri, Rachita Ram Saiprakash, Hamsalekha, Nurse Jayalakshmi, Bank Janardhan, Sharan Leelavathi, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Aniruddh, Vinod Raj, Shruthi, Tara, Sudharani, Hema Chaudhari, Padmavasanthi, Shivakumar and others participated in the protest.

    Cauvery Protest Gallery - View

  • Shooting For 'I Love You' Starts With A Fight Sequence

    shooting for i love you starts with a fight sequence

    The shooting for Upendra starrer 'I Love You' has been started from Monday and the team has shot a fight sequence as well as Upendra's introduction scene.

    The fight sequence for the film was shot in Sapota Gardens in Palace grounds, while the introduction scene of Upendra, where he lands from a Chopper was shot at the NICE Road. Stunt master Vinod has composed the fights for the film.

    'I Love You's is being written and directed by R Chandru. Apart from direction, Chandru is also producing the film. Sugnan is the cameraman, while Kiran is the music director. The film stars Upendra, Rachita Ram, Sayyaji Shinde, Ravi Kaale and others in prominent roles.

  • Shooting For Uppi Rupi Starts

    uppi rupi shooting starts

    The shooting for Upendra's new film 'Uppi Rupi' has started and the team is busy shooting a fight sequence for the film, under the direction of well known stunt master Palaniraj.

    'Uppi Rupi' is being produced by Vijayalakshmi Urs (former chief of Kanteerava Studio) and directed by Madesh. The film was launched in December and as Upendra was busy with his prior commitments, the shooting for the film has started now.

    'Uppi Rupi' stars Upendra and Rachita Ram as the main lead. Vijayalakshmi Urs herself has written the story of the film. Rajesh Katta is the cameraman, while Sadhu Kokila has been roped in as the music director of the film.



  • Shruthi Hariharan Is The Heroine For Upendra Matte Hutti Baa - Inti Prema

    prema, upendra, shruthi hariharan image

    Actress Shruthi Hariharan who is riding high with the success of her latest release Godhi Banna Sadhara Maikattu has been roped in to play the heroine opposite Upendra in a new film called Upendra Matte Hutti Baa - Inti Prema, which is a remake of Telugu hit 'Soggade Chinna Nayana'.

    Upendra will be playing dual role in the film apart from scripting it. Prema and Shruthi Hariharan will be playing the female leads in the film, while Ravishankar and Avinash have been roped to play prominent roles in the film.

    Upendra's protege Loki is directing 'Upendra Matte Hutti Baa - Inti Prema'. The film will be produced by Upendra's another protege Rajaram.

  • Sonu Gowda joins 'I Love You'

    son gowda join i love you

    The shooting for Upendra starrer 'I Love You' is in full progress and the team has shot a fight sequence as well as Upendra's introduction scene recently.

    Meanwhile, actress Sonu Gowda has been roped in to play a prominent role in the film. While, Sonu Gowda plays Upendra's wife, Rachita Ram is his yesteryear lover in the film. 

    'I Love You's is being written and directed by R Chandru. Apart from direction, Chandru is also producing the film. Sugnan is the cameraman, while Kiran is the music director. The film stars Upendra, Rachita Ram, Sayyaji Shinde, Ravi Kaale and others in prominent roles.


  • Stars Promote Mungaru Male 2

    mungaru male 2 movie promoters

    Well known actors Upendra, Shivarajakumar, Puneeth Rajakumar, Sudeep and Yash has promoted 'Mungaru Male 2' through first trailer which was released on Sunday morning.

    The team of 'Mungaru Male 2' had announced that the first teaser of the film will be released on the 05th of June (Sunday) at 10 AM through Youtube. Likewise the teaser was released and one of the highlightts of the teaser is the top stars of the Kannada film industry featuring in the teaser of the film. All of them above mentioned stars have promoted the film by asking questions about the film.

    'Mungaru Male 2' being directed by Shashank stars Ganesh and V Ravichandran in prominent roles. Neha Shetty and Aindritha Ray are the heroines in the film

  • Test Look Of 'I Love You' Done

    test look of i love you done

    Upendra's new film 'I Love You' being directed by R Chandru is all set to be launched on the 18th of this month. Meanwhile, the test shoot of the film was done on Wednesday.

    As the title itself suggests, 'I Love You' is an out and out love story and the will be in the lines of 'A', 'Upendra' and 'Preethse'. Upendra will have three shades in the film.

    'I Love You' will be made simultaneously in Kannada and Telugu. The film is being produced by Raj Prabhakar and the star cast and the technicians of the film are yet to be finalized.

  • The Cult Classic 'OM' Turns 25 Years Today

    the cult classic om turns 25 years today

    In a many firsts for Kannada film industry, the year 1995 was very special for several reasons with the release of its cult classic 'Om' produced under prestigious banner Poornima Enterprises starring Hat-trick hero Shivarajkumar in an entirely new avatar, a truly daring character created by Upendra based on the real underworld subject.

    It was the first movie to showcase underworld on the big screen in Kannada with equally brilliant performance by Shivanna with utmost musical brilliance from Nadabrahma Hamsalekha. 

    After his two directorial ventures, Upendra created the masterpiece which remains to this date as one of the finest despite record-breaking re-releases. For the story he penned in the 80s, Upendra casted real life gangsters in the movie, a highlight of the movie which became a sensation at national level.

    Speaking to Chitraloka, Real Star Upendra while recollecting the making of Om said that it 'just happened and that he was fortunate that the prestigious banner, a great actor like Shivanna and especially a few who recommended my work to the makers which made it possible.

    "I had made it like any other film but it is the collective effort of the entire team and the Kannada audience which made it a 'cult classic', which is why it is still loved the same way, it was first released 25 years ago," Upendra said.

    After breaking multiple records at the box, it went on to win several awards for Shivanna, Prema, Upendra and others. It was even remade in Telugu too. But, all of the most, the movie was re-released the most for any movie in the Indian film industry.

  • Three Songs Of 'I Love You' Released

    three songs of i love you released

    Three songs of Upendra starrer 'I Love You' was released at the High School Grounds in Davanagere recently. Upendra, Rachita Ram, Sonu Gowda Gurukiran, Lahari Velu, director R Chandru and others were present at the occasion.

    'I Love You' has six songs out of which, only three songs were released. The other three songs of the film will be released in Mandya on the 18th of February. Of the three songs, one is composed by actor turned music composer V Ravichandran.

    'I Love You's is being written and directed by R Chandru. Apart from direction, Chandru is also producing the film. Sugnan is the cameraman. The film stars Upendra, Rachita Ram, Sonu Gowda, Bramhanandam, Sayyaji Shinde, Ravi Kaale and others in prominent roles.

  • Upendra Again Busy With Four Films

    kalpana 2 actor upendra image

    Actor-director Upendra who had taken a break from acting because of 'Uppi-2' has signed not one but four films back to back. The first among the four is 'Kalpana 2' which is a remake of 'Kanchana 2'. The film was launched recently. The film will be followed by a remake of 'O My God'. The film is being produced by producer Jayashri Devi. More details about the film is yet awaited.

    After these two films, Upendra will be seen in a film being produced by M N Kumar and a film being directed by senior director Naganna.


  • Upendra And Chandini Back Together With Upendra Matte Baa

    chandini, upendra image

    It was Upendra who introduced Chandini to Kannada film industry as an actress 'A'. After that film, the duo had not acted together in any film. Now Upendra and Chandini have danced together in a song in a new film 'Upendra Matte Baa'. Recently the song was picturised in a set in Bangalore.

    'Upendra Matte Baa' is a remake of Telugu hit 'Soggade Chinna Nayana'. Upendra's protege Loki who had directed Upendra in 'H2O' is the director of the film. Upendra's another protege Rajaram is producing the film along with Srikanth, Shashikanth and Narendranath,

    Upendra is playing a dual role in the film apart from scripting it. Prema and Shruthi Hariharan are the heroines. Sridhar Sambhram has composed the music for the film.

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