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  • Fans gift saplings as per Upendra's request

    fans gift saplings as per upendra's request

    Hundreds of fans of actor Upendra on Wednesday gifted him with saplings and wished him a happy birthday.

    Upendra has been celebrating his birthday with his fans on September 18th every year in a grand style. This year the actor has requested his fans to not to bring garlands or cakes, instead has requested them to bring saplings as birthday gifts. Upendra has also said that he will plant it and raise them.

    Likewise, hundreds of Upendra's fans who visited his residence in Bangalore gifted him with various saplings. Upendra posed to photographs with many fans who had come with saplings.

  • Hariprriya in Uppi Film Fighting Corruption

    hariprya in uppi;s film fighting corruption

    The beautifully talented actress Hariprriya is on a high with both box office success and recognition with awards for her onscreen performances. Continuing her successful saga, the actress has bagged another promising project and this time she is going to feature in it for the first along with Real Star Upendra.

    Director K Madesh who last directed Raj Vishnu returns with his brand new project starring Upendra and Hariprriya in the lead. 

    "The film is not yet titled and it is going to revolve around the prevailing corrupt system in our society. I have penned the story along with the screenplay for it," said Madesh the director.

    Insofar as his previous project titled 'Uppi Ruppi' which never took off, the director clarifies that it has nothing to do with his latest one, as it is a complete new film, he wraps up.

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  • Hollywood Movie Review

    hollywood image

    The eagerly expected Kannada film ‘Hollywood’ an opulently made film with a budget of Rs.7 crore is not as expected. There are exotic locations – a real feast to the eyes. There is Melkote Seenu (a Monkey) and three Upendras plus Ananthnag. The redeeming features of this film are very little. Director Dinesh Baboo easily takes the viewers for granted. He has not answered a few questions he puts on the big screen. What happened to the safety locker 164 that contained the chip? How did robot Upendra managed to function after just throwing the chip?

    It is a lavishly made film no doubt. The presence of an expensive producer the brilliant Upendra and stylish cum thinker Dinesh Baboo could have given something more than what is done in ‘Hollywood’.

    The script done by Upendra has got no earthshaking element in it. One Upendra is timid. He wants to win his lover. Another Upendra is fire in his attitude. He wants to produce a film in ‘Hollywood’ and get an Oscar. The heroine is behind this director Upendra. The timid Upendra in order to win the heart of his lover ask for the help of his boss. The boss immediately makes a robot Upendra. And the confusion starts. By the time everything is sorted with heroine Felicity the robot Upendra fights against goons and go in to pieces on earth when he comes in to contact with electricity. In between there is a monkey that is studying all the developments and the voice over for it (done by Ramesh Bhat) is only laughing element in the film.

    There are all faces of Upendra. How does he look like in various mental make -up? Felicity is a mismatch. The photography is a classic part of this film. Ananthnag looks very funny. Pass marks to Melkote Seenu alias Lakshmi a monkey hired from Chennai. Remaining marks to actor Ramesh Bhat for matching the voice to monkey.

    Mr Ramu the proud producer of Kannada filmdom – you have given a lavish film without working on the script and scintillating elements.

  • Huge Sets For Kabza's Second Schedule

    huge seta for kabzas second schedule

    One of the most ambitious multilingual project in Kannada, which is being made in seven different languages - Kabza returns for its second schedule shooting.

    Director R Chandru shared that the Kabza's second schedule shoot started from Monday with huge sets been erected for the project. Calling it as a new version of the underworld, the film featuring Real Star Upendra being made in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya and Marathi.


    i love you image

    What happens when an acclaimed filmmaker and real star actor Upendra comes back together for the second time with director R Chandru after a gap of almost four years? Well, the deadly combination is sure going to the make the audience fall in love. As the director R Chandru is all set to reveal the first look of Real Star Upendra from his latest sensation - ‘I Love U’, he reveals that the quality of the content with Uppi’s trademark philosophical touch will be the biggest surprise for all.

    “We wanted to reveal the first look on Upendra sir's birthday but due to some technical issues, it got delayed. It was a challenge for me to convey the story and the real intent of the movie in a single poster while revealing Uppi’s look in it,” says the director R Chandru, adding that the pattern of 'A’ and ‘Upendra’ will meet my signature style of making from the films like Taj Mahal and Charminar, for I Love U.

    As the film is scheduled for release in December, the director wraps it up saying that it is going to be a pakka family entertainer while the college students would simply love Uppi’s new avatar where his philosophy and my content meets for a magical experience.

  • I Love You Censored With U/A Certificate

    i love you censored u/a

    Superstar Upendra, Dimple Queen Rachita Ram starrer I Love You movie Producer and Directed by R Chandru has been censored with U/A Certificate and will be releasing soon. 

    Speaking to chitraloka R Chandru said we will fix the release date once Upendra is back from America. We are planning to release this month and Telugu version is also getting ready.

    Interestingly I Love You is R Chandru 11 th directional movie and except Tajmahal and Charminar all his other movies have been censored with U/A certificate

  • I Love You Motion Poster Delayed? - Exclusive

    i love you motion poster delayed

    I Love You, the new film starting Upendra and directed by R Chandru is one of the most expected films this year. The first look motion poster of the film was expected to be released tomorrow on Upendra's birthday.

    But it looks like the September 18 deadline may be missed. Two posters of the film were released last week to tremendous response from fans. So there was more curiosity about the motion poster. Sources said that the motion poster may be delayed by up to a week.

    Some technical difficulties in the preparation is said to be the problem. R Chandru says he does not want to disappoint fans and try to release the motion poster as early as possible. This is the only new film Upendra has signed after joining politics. So his fans have very high hopes on I Love You.

  • Is Question Mark The Title Of Upendra's New Film?

    is question mark the title of upendra's new film

    Actor Upendra's new film for producer T R Chandrashekhar of Crystal Park Cinemas is all set to be launched soon. Meanwhile, a poster of the film has been released, asking the audience to guess the title.

    The official title of the film will be announced soon. Meanwhile, a poster in the social media is doing rounds asking people to guess the title of the film soon. There is a big question mark in the poster and many people are of the opinion that the title of the film is question mark. Many years ago, Upendra had launched a film with that name. However, the film was shelved due to various reasons.

    The new film is being written and directed by Maurya. Gurukiran is the music director, while Bharath Parashuram is the cinematographer.

  • Is Upendra too late?

    is upendra too late

    The Assembly elections in Karnataka have already stated so to say. Yesterday BJP president Amit Shah was in Bengaluru giving lessons to Karnataka BJP leaders. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was in Raichur addressing a rally. Upendra announced his political party which may be named Prajakarana. Upendra has announced that his party will contest all 224 Assembly constituencies. He has asked for feedback from people. In comparison the JDS has already finalized the candidates for all seats. So is Upendra late for 2018? On the first look it seems so. 

    Will Upendra and his party identify the problems he wants to solve. Will he find the political stand on issues he wants to address? Will he find candidates for the constituencies? Will he even come up with a manifesto? There are no answers as yet for some of the basic things like a party name. It is so far an one man show. No big personality from any field, not even Sandalwood has come forward in his support. It is only his hardcore fans who are supporting him online now. Will they out when he calls them is the question. As of now there are more questions than answers. Hope Upendra has answers and some aces up his sleeves.

  • Jaggesh Kicks up a Storm in Twitter Cup

    jaggesh, upendra image

    Uppi 2 has encountered its second controversy in two weeks. The most ambitious film of Upendra in 15 years was first alleged for copying someone's story. But after legal action was contemplated the allegations stopped. But the new controversy is about a song written and sung by Upendra.

    The album was launched on Friday evening. On Sunday morning Jaggesh commented about a particular song without naming the film or Upendra. But fans online were quick to make the connection. While some supported Jaggesh's comments, others were not amused. Though their association is old and started with Upendra turning director with Tarle Nan Maga, the relationship has not always been cordial.

    As of now there is a storm brewing online about Jaggesh's comment. Even outside fans of few other actors are not very happy. The lines in the song are being seen as pointing fingers at Shivarajkumar, Yash and others.

    Ironically the song is about leg pulling! It was meant to be that. As of now no other actor has taken exception and things May cool down. An unwanted controversy is the last thing Sandalwood needs.

  • Kalpana 2 Audio Released

    kalpana 2 movie image

    Upendra starrer 'Kalpana 2', which is a sequel to his earlier film Kalpana is all set to be released in the month of July. Meanwhile, the songs of the film was released on Thursday night.


    Actor-producer K M Rajendra is the producer of the film, while Anantharaju who is known for remakes is directing the film. H C Srinivas is only presenting the film. The film is expected to go on floors soon

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  • Kalpana 2 Censored - Releasing On 15th

    kalpana 2 movie image

    Upendra starrer Kalpana 2 has been censored with A certificate and all set to get released on 15th of July across Karnataka. Kalpana 2 which is a remake of Tamil hit Kanchana 2 was launched in the end of 2015.

    Actor-producer K M Rajendra is the producer of the film, while Anantharaju who is known for remakes is directing the film. H C Srinivas is the presenter of the film. Priyamani and Avantika Shetty are the heroines to Upendra in this film. Arjun Janya has composed the music, while M R Seenu is the cameraman.

    Kalpana 2 Movie Images - View

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  • Kalpana 2 Movie Review

    kalpana 2 movie image

    Uppi's latest is the sequel to his earlier horror-comedy Kalpana. This is also the remake of the Tamil film Kanchana 2. Upendra has already been seen in this kind of film and this film takes the entertainment value two steps ahead. With Arjun Janya's brilliant music, a story that has so many twists and turns, mind blowing acting by Upendra, Priyamani and Avantika Shetty, the film is a treat for fans and a happy outing for the family to theatres. But it has been given an A certificate by the Censor Board so viewer discretion is advised. Young children may have to avoid it.

    Kalpana2 Movie Images - View

    The film is once again about a hero who is very very scared of ghosts. He fears at the very mention of the name. But he is the one who gets caught up with the problem of ghosts. Then it is a fun ride with lots of horror and scary situations and images to enjoy.

    Upendra is in a double role. The first one is of Raghava a cameraman in a TV channel called Green. When the TV team goes to shoot a horror programme, Raghava is called for the job. Despite his fear of ghosts he goes because he is in love with the serial's director. There the crew face all kinds of trouble from a ghost. But just when they seem to have escaped, Avantika Shetty is possessed by the ghost. Then Upendra is also possessed by another ghost.

    The two ghosts were in love in their previous life. In the second half the story of ghosts are revealed. Upendra is now Jade Shiva and Priyamani is his lover. How they were tricked and killed is the flashback. They decide to take revenge while in the bodies of Raghava and the TV director. But the villains from the past are also trying to get rid of the ghosts. Who will win goes on till the end.

    Kalpana2 Movie Images - View

    The film has so much of entertainment from horror, comedy, songs to acting that it is hard to say which is better. But overall it is a good film and gives a good value for your money. Rush to the theatres.

    Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

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  • Komal In Kanneshwara

    upendra, komal in kanneshwara

    The new film of Upendra, Kanneshwara has a new addition. Komal Kumar has been roped in to play a pivotal role in the film. Komal has been doing only lead roles in the last few years.

    The role in Kanneshwara is very important and therefore Komal had no problem in accepting it, sources said. One more top actor is likely to become part of the film sources said. Ravichandran or Sarath Kumar could be joining the team. Shooting for the film started on Thursday.

  • Mukunda Murari Audio on Sep 02nd - Release on Sep 18th

    mukunda murari image

    Upendra and Sudeep starrer 'Mukunda Murari'is almost complete and the team of the film is planning to release the audio on Sudeep's birthday (September 02nd), while the film's release is scheduled for Upendra's birthday (September 18th).

    'Mukunda Murari' is being directed by Nandakishore and already the film is in the post-production stage. Nikitha Thukral has played Upendra's wife in 'Mukunda Murari'. Apart from Upendra, Sudeep and Nikitha, actor Ravishankar is playing a prominent role in the film. The film is being produced by M N Kumar and senior producer Jayasri Devi is presenting the film.

  • Mukunda Murari Audio Release On Sunday

    mukunda murari movie image

    Upendra and Sudeep starrer 'Mukunda Murari' will be releasing on the 28th of October. Meanwhile, the audio of the film will be released on Sunday.

    Yes, the audio of the film will be released on the 16th of October and  well known composer Arjun Janya has composed the music for the film.

    'Mukunda Murari' is directed by Nandakishore and already the film is in the post-production stage. Apart from Upendra, Sudeep, Nikitha, Ravishankar, Avinash, Devaraj and others have played prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by M N Kumar.

  • Mukunda Murari Censored With U Certificate

    mukunda murari movie image

    Upendra, Sudeep starrer Mukunda Murari has been censored with clean U certificate and is getting released on 28th October. 'Mukunda Murari' is directed by Nandakishore and produced by MN Kumar.

    Mukunda Murari run time is 135 Minutes.

    Apart from Upendra, Sudeep, Nikitha, Ravishankar, Avinash, Devaraj and others have played prominent roles in the film. Jack Manju has acquired the distribution rights of the film for B K T sector from Mysore Talkies banner.


  • Mukunda Murari Releasing On Oct 28th

    mukunda murari movie image

    Upendra and Sudeep starrer 'Mukunda Murari' is all set to be released on the 28th of October. Even actor Sudeep has confirmed through his tweet that the film will be releasing on 28th of this month.

    'Mukunda Murari' will be releasing in 100 plus theaters across Karnataka and the main theater will be Menaka in Bangalore. Already producer Kumar who is also exhibiting in Menaka theater is planning to renovate the theater from next week and the theater will be closed down for renovation.

    'Mukunda Murari' is directed by Nandakishore and already the film is in the post-production stage. Apart from Upendra, Sudeep, Nikitha, Ravishankar, Avinash, Devaraj and others have played prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by M N Kumar and Jack Manju has acquired the distribution rights of the film for B K T sector.

    Mukunda Murari Movie Gallery - View

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  • Mukunda Murari Review

    mukunda murmari movie image

    The much awaited multistarrer Mukunda Murari is here and the film turns out to be not just entertaining and fun as promised but also has a deep and profound message for the society. Though it is a serious subject in the undercurrent the story itself has a fun element told in an impassioned but fun style.

    The film is about an atheist who files a case against Gods because the insurance company is not paying him insurance because his shop was destroyed in an earthquake. Since the earthquake is not man made but made by God, he cannot get insurance. This impossible case is the crux of the story and Mukunda faces lots of trouble from priests of all religions for his case. Another impossible thing happens as God himself comes to the rescue of Mukunda. 

    This plot has lots of fun. Be it situations, incidents or dialogues, there is fun in everything. Apart from that there is a critique of the organised religions and how they have forsaken humanism for the sake of ritualistic religious practices.  But it does not hurt anybody's religious sentiments but only strengthens realistic attitude and love for every human being. Unlike many films which become philosophical and make no sense to the common man, Mukunda Murari is seriously funny while tackling a serious subject. 

    It is a role tailor-made for Upendra. And his mannerisms and dialogue delivery makes it so believable. It reminds of Upendra from A,  Upendra and Rakta Kanneru. It is a brilliant performance from him. 

    Sudeep is in an extended guest role as Krishna Murari. He looks the part always wearing a smile. This is a role that may well be among those remembered in his entire career as a landmark. Together Upendra and Sudeep make for a deadly combination. 

    On the technical front the camera work is awesome. There aren't many songs but those that are are very apt. Thankfully there are no duets or item songs.

    Mukunda Murari is one of the best films of the year and a very good story which has a message for the society. It is one of those rare films that will be entertaining for all age groups. Don't dare to miss it.

    Chitraloka Rating - 3.5/5

    Mukunda Murari Movie Gallery - View

  • Mukunda Murari To Release In 300 Theaters

    mukunda murari movie image

    Upendra-Sudeep starrer 'Mukunda Murari' is all set to release on the 28th of October in 300 theaters across Karnataka. The film will be releasing in non-Kannada theaters as well as many multiplexes.

    Earlier, there was news that the film will be simultaneously released abroad also. However, the abroad release has been postponed due to various reasons and the film will be released in abroad much later.

    'Mukunda Murari' is directed by Nandakishore and already the film is in the post-production stage. Apart from Upendra, Sudeep, Nikitha, Ravishankar, Avinash, Devaraj and others have played prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by M N Kumar.

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