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  • KFCC Warns Book My Show On Fake Ratings

    book my show

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has warned movie ticket booking website Book My Show about fake ratings of films. Book My Show representatives attended a meeting at KFCC yesterday and they were shown how ratings are being altered illegally. The ratings shows that it is by audience, but anyone can give a favourable or negative rating without even watching the film. Moreover, there are several people who are demanding money from producers to get favourable ratings for their films. Some producers allege that their films are being given negative ratings because they did not pay up. 

    Speaking to Chitraloka KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu said "we have given some guidelines to Book My Show. Two major points we want addressed is that they have to stop giving ratings and voting option for our movies. BMS are only vendors and they cannot conduct the voting or ratings from the pubic. There is a lot of 'golmaal' going on in the name of BMS."

    Govindu explained that producers are losing money to the fake rating racket. "Some people are taking money from producers and doing fake voting and giving fake ratings which is not good for the movie industry."

    It may be recalled that Chitraloka Movies producer KM Veeresh started the fight against BMS from the movie Actor which enlightened other producers. Later K Manju, Manjunath (Jack Manju), Navarasan started raising their voice against the illegal ratings in BMS. BMS has sought time till November 28th for the final discussion with KFCC on the issue. 

  • KFCC, KFPA And KFAA To Hold Meeting On Tuesday

    kfcc building image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, Kannada Film Producers Association and the Karnnada Film Artistes Association is all set to meet on Tuesday and discuss about the 'Mastigudi' film issue.

    The meeting is scheduled on Tuesday morning at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce office and a joint press conference will be held after the meeting, to announce the outcome of the meeting.

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, KFPA president Muniratna and KFAA Ambarish and others will be present at the meeting.

  • KFCC's Directions To Tackle Corona Virus Effects on Sandalwood

    kfcc's direction to tackle corona virus effects on sandalwood

    In a special body meeting jointly held by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) and the Film Producer's Association, it has been decided to support the public cause to stop all kinds of film related activities till the State Government lifts the lock down imposed as preventive measures against the spread of Covid-19 virus causing Coronavirus disease.

    However, both the KFCC and Producer's Association which says that the Kannada film industry has suffered a huge loss since the lockdown from March 14, which now stands extended.

    Insofar to tackle the effects on the industry, the two bodies have taken few steps to minimise the damage. Of the many, it has mainly requested the film exhibitors including digital cinema distribution network such as UFO and Qube and others to give first preferences to those movies which were being screened as part of the previously released schedule on the day when the State Government imposed the lockdown.

    Insofar as shooting of films, the body has decided to allow the shooting of those movies which are currently shooting and can wrap it up in a day or two. Meanwhile, they are advised to follow all precautionary measures such as utilizing minimal crew who are necessary for the shooting and to provide them with face masks, hand sanitizers and so on.

    Also in case of artists and technicians hailing from other states and foreign countries working for a film, the KFCC has issued directives to the film team to make sure that they are subjected to health check-up and are issued with necessary certification that they are healthy and Covid-19 free from the concerned government health departments. They are also told to collect all necessary information about such persons taking part in the film shooting and other activities.

    Following directions from CBFC, the Kannada film body has requested the filmmakers to postpone muharats of all new films and film shooting until the State Government lifts the lock down.

    It is also advised to all those filmmakers who are ready with their films for release, to not create confusions over the announcing the film release dates for the month of April and May.

    The KFCC has also decided to postpone all its activities such as meetings until further notice as preventive measures against the spread of the  deadly virus.


  • Krishne Gowda's expulsion from KFCC in Court

    krishne gowda image

    Producer Krishne Gowda has obtained a stay order from the Principal City Civil Court against the General Body of the KFCC from expelling him from the body. The executive committee of the of KFCC had suspended him and it had to be ratified by the special general body which met on Wednesday. If the general body had ratified his suspension it would have become final.

    But before that Krishne Gowda obtained a temporary injunction from the court.

     The KFCC will now have to explain why he was suspended. According to the sources told to chitraloka bylaws of KFCC, a member cannot start an alternate body to it with the same purpose. He had launched the Kannada Dubbing Film Chamber of Commerce recently as an alternative to KFCC

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  • Lakshmipathi 100, Feliciated At KFCC

    lakshmipathi image

    One of the Senior most Person of the film Industry Lakshmipathi was felicitated at KFCC today as he recently he turned 100. KFCC office bearers and Executive Committee members were present during the felicitation.


    Lakshmipathi had produced Superhit movies like Uyyale, Devara Makkalu, Kaadu, Ondanondu Kaladalli, Nentaro Gantu Kallaro movies. For Rajkumar movie Lakshmipathi had paid Rs 14,000/ as his remuneration and for next movie he paid Rs 16,000/-. Rajkumar was so happy that he got highest amount at that time. He has received 4 State awards and 2 National Award.

    Lakshmipathi has received 4 State awards and 2 National Award.

    Lakshmipathi was basically a contractor, and he the first person to provide suggestion to government advising for the underpass in those times. That suggestion was implemented after so many years. It was because of Lakshmipathi's help and suggestion that KFCC got its office at Sheshadripuram.

  • Logo Unveiled To Mark KFCC's Glorious 75 Years

    kfcc logo unveiled

    It was a perfect day to unveil the logo of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) turning 75 this year, celebrating platinum jubilee for its glorious days starting from 1944. 

    Coinciding with International Women's Day, the specially designed logo to mark KFCC's journey was unveiled by Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai in a grand event held on Sunday at Karnataka Chalanachitra Kalavidhara Sangha.

    After a brief note on the film body's history and its achievement, KFCC president Mr. Jairaj called upon former president and minister Dr. Jaimala on the occasion of Women's Day.

    Speaking on the occasion, Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh praised the efforts of present and past KFCC office bearers for their constant hard work to get the long-pending demand for a sophisticated film city in the State fulfilled.

    He further thanked the Chief Minister Mr. B S Yediyurappa for sanctioning Rs 500 crore for the proposed film city in Bengaluru. "KFCC should follow up on the proposal and get the work done. It is also our duty to extend our gratitude and respect to all those KFCC office bearers and its heads from the past who have relentlessly worked for its growth," said Jaggesh.

    Meanwhile, Jaggesh also urged the home minister to take effective measures against stopping piracy and most importantly to work on a mechanism making multiplex theatres to showcase Kannada films on priority.

    Former KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu said that he stressed on inviting Mr. Basavaraj Bommai to make him aware on piracy which has been badly affecting Kannada film industry. While he also urged the home minister to take proper action against film piracy, he recalled that it was former chief minister late Ramakrishna Hegde who was the first to initiate the film city idea and even remembered the blueprint prepared 25 years ago by filmmaker V Ravichandran.

    Addressing the issues, Mr. Basavaraj Bommai said that the film industry has put forth several demands, which would be cleared in a month's time, and also concerns relating to the exhibitors who are facing the problem for licence. "With respect to film piracy, the cyber department will tackle this issue and declare a war on the piracy," said Mr. Bommai.

    He also called upon the film body to prepare an agenda for the next 25 years to face the advent of new technologies in the field in an effective manner.

    Mr. Kumar Bangarappa said that he has spoken to the Chief Minister, who has assured that the money will be released at the earliest to start the works on the film city. He expressed that no objection certificate should be given to bring every concerned department in the film industry under one roof.

    Along with filmmakers V Ravichandran, Upendra, Jaggesh, the event was graced by former presidents of the KFCC, KV Guptha, KCN Chandrashekat, HD Gangaraju, Dr Jaimala, KV Chandrashekat Thomas D'Souza, Sa Ra Govindu and Chinnegowdaru. Kannada film producers association president DK Ramakrishna was also present.

    A grand and colourful event celebrating the platinum jubilee of KFCC will soon follow in the coming days.


  • Manivannan Assures To Talk With Chief Minister


    Information and Broadcasting ministry Chief Secretary Mannivannan has assured that he will talk with the Chief Minister and try to solve the film industry's problems.

    Manivannan on Monday evening visited the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and met president Sa Ra Govindu and other members. Govindu discussed many matters pertaining to the Kannada film industry and Manivannan on his behalf assured that he will discuss the problems with the Chief Minister and try to resolve the problems soon.

  • Mastigudi Team Pressmeet

    mastigudi image

    The KFCC has called for a pressmeet today evening at 5.30 regarding Mastigudi movie. In todays press meet Mastigudi team producer Sunder, Actor Duniya Vijay, stunt director Raviverma and director Nagashekara will be present.

    On 7th November when Mastigudi was shooting in Tippagondanahalli reservoir two stuntmens Anil and Uday met with a tragic accident and expired. After this incident Sunder, Ravi verma, Nagashekara and art assistant was arrested by police and all got bail and came out.

    Regarding this incident KFCC has ordered Vijay, Nagashekara and Raviverma not to work in the film industry till further decision.

    What will be the decision today is to be seen.

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  • Mayor Gives Assurance To Solve Problems

    mayor assures to solve problems

    The new Mayor of Bangalore, G Padmavathy has given an assurance to Kannada film industry that she will try to sort out the problems the Kannada film industry is facing and has asked a time of one month to sort out the problems.

    The new mayor G Padmavathy and Deputy Mayor Anand was felicitated by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Friday afternoon.

    After honoring the new Mayor, Sa Ra Govindu brought to notice some of the problems, face by the Kannada film industry under the Corporation limits. 'Mainly the film industry is not getting hoardings for displaying vinyls and moreover, the corporation workers are tearing all the posters and vinyls even in the theater limits, which is affecting the industry a lot. There are many Corporation parks in Bangalore and it would be better if such parks are giving for shooting purposes' said Sa Ra Govindu.

    The mayor in her speech assured that she will try to sort out the problems the Kannada film industry in the next one month.

  • Mayor Sampath Raj Visits KFCC

    mayor sampath raj

    New Mayor Sampath Raj on Wednesday evening visited the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and discussed many issues pertaining to the Kannada film industry.

    Earlier, KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu had met the Mayor when he was newly appointed a few days ago and discussed with him the problems the Kannada film industry facing in the recent days. After that, Govindu had met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and had given a memorandum to sanction a land for the activities of Kannada film industry. The Chief Minister in turn had discussed this with Mayor and had asked him to give all the necessary facilities to the Kannada film industry.

    So, Mayor Sampath Raj on Wednesday visited KFCC and talked about the requirements of the Kannada film industry. Sa Ra Govindu in turn gave him the requirements and the Mayor has given positive response regarding the requirements.

  • Mental Comment Sandeep Malani is Back - Exclusive

    sandeep malani image

    It is ironic that Sandeep Malani who once called members of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and Kannada activists and film personalities as 'MENTAL' is now requesting KFCC president to be Chief Guest for his new film. He has also decided to honour actress Jayanthi on the occassion. A large number of Kannada film actors like Girija Lokesh, Hema Choudary, Sumitra, Prema, Bhavya, Mayuri Upadhya, Malavika Avinash and Bhavana are invited as guests for the event.

    But it was only a years ago that the same Malani had degraded Kannada industry (9th September 2014) and people by saying "I will volunteerly say, my own Karnataka Ministers, Film Producers and other People in the Chamber are all jobless people and are infact, MENTAL people." Now after returning to Sandalwood after his uneventful years in Bollywood, Malani seems to think that people here have forgotten his vicious and cheap remarks about Kannada films and personalities. 


    He has launched his new film Sulige Sikkidaga and has suddenly remembered that KFCC and Kannada actors are needed. When Kannada activists protested against the film Finding Fanny because there was a derogatory line in it calling Karnataka a 'Mental State,' Malani acted like a defender of that Hindi film. Using his social media account he went on to explain that nothing was wrong in the Hindi film. But he did not stop at just defending it. He went on to make the claim that Kannada film producers, Karnataka ministers and people of the KFCC are 'Mental.' When he was in Mumbai, he criticisted Kannada and its film industry. Now when he has himself come back seeking a job here, he is acting like a great fan of Kannada actors and honouring them!

    Malani has a long history of such controversial talk. When Koodlu Ramakrishna made the film Miss California, Malani ended up claiming that he had directed the film and not Ramakrishna though he was just a newcomer in the film industry then. He directed the forgettable SMS 6260 that single-handedly ruined Diganth's career for years.

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  • Mr and Mrs Ramachari Completes 100 Days

    mr and mrs ramachari image

    Yash-Radhika Pandith starrer 'Mr and Mrs Ramachari' which was released in the last week of December 2014 has successfully completed 100 day run at Santhosh and other theaters. Friday will be the 100th day of the film.

    'Mr and Mrs Ramachari' is Yash's fourth consecutive film which has successfully completed 100 days. Before this Yash starrer 'Gajakesari', 'Rajahuli' and 'Googly' had completed 100 days and had made Yash the Hatrick Hero with three consecutive hits. 'Mr and Mrs Ramachari' is an addition to the list.

    As 'Mr and Mrs Ramachari' has completed 100 days, the film will be making way for Puneeth starrer 'Ranavikrama' next week in Santhosh and other theaters.

  • Multiplex Ticket Price Capped At Rs 200

    multiplex ticket capped rs 200

    Responding to a major demand by film audience the Karnataka Government has capped the prices of tickets at multiplexes at Rs 200. Ticket prices in Karnataka multiplexes are among the highest in India.

    Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have fixed maximum ticket prices earlier. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced the price cap in his budget speech today in the Assembly. The official request to cap ticket prices was made by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu and Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy chairman Rajendra Singh Babu to the government during the pre budget meeting recently. The request was made earlier also but the government has conceded it now. 

    Multiplexes will now have to compulsorily screen at least two shows of Kannada films during prime time. Kannada film makers have long complained how Kannada films were regulated to odd timings even when they had more audience than non Kannada films. Chitranagari at Mysore has also been announced.

    The State Government has also announced other sops for the film industry. The amount for the film workers welfare fund has been raised to Rs 10 crore from Rs 1 crore. The tax on non Kannada films which was Rs 1 per ticket has been increased to Rs 5 per ticket. This amount will be used for the promotion of Kannada films.

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  • New Year Wishes To Our Readers

    chitraloka wishing image

    As we move into a new year carrying loads of memories from the year gone by, Chitraloka.com family wishes its Browsers, contributors, Kannada film actors, technicians, advertisers, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, various film bodies and all our well-wishers a blockbuster New Year 2018.

    2017 was an eventful year for all those associated with the Kannada film industry. With over 200 films in Kannada, Tulu and other languages the industry has emerged as a big force in the world of films. It should now be our aim to take our films to the entire world. An industry that makes 200 films in a year should be looking at a much bigger market. Chitraloka has been striving to promote Kannada films in all possible ways since its inception 18 years ago. 

    For close to two decades we have been the number one news portal for Kannada films and also one of the top Kannada portals even in general rankings. This is all due to the Kannada audience who have patronised our Kannada films and also Chitraloka. Chitraloka has also become a publisher of books related to Kannada films and a film production house also. This year, Naanu Parvati, the biography of Parvathamma Rajkumar written by Jogi was published by Chitraloka which has been well-received by readers. We hope to continue to serve the industry in a bigger way in 2018.

    Wishing all of you a Happy New Year again. 

  • No Discussions To Close Theatres In The State Due to Coronavirus: KFCC

    theaters wont close in karnataka

    While the numbers are going up with regard to Coronavirus outbreak in India and four cases turning positive in Bengaluru, the State Government is on war footing creating awareness and taking precautions to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

    Has the virus affected the film industry? Well, the answer to it is not alarming. Though Sandalwood admits that it has slightly affected but the audience who are aware of its spread are coming well prepared to theatres with masks. 

    Whereas in respect of any talks to close down theatres on the lines of Kerala Government directing to close the movie theatres following the rise in number of Coronavirus cases there, the Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce said that there has been no discussions so far to close the theatres in Karnataka.

    "There has been no discussion so far taken up in the KFCC to close the theatres following Coronavirus outbreak in the State. However, the KFCC is meeting today to discuss the percentage system to be implemented in theatres," said KFCC president Mr. D R Jairaj.

    Further speaking to Chitraloka, he said that in Kerala theatres have been closed following the orders of the Government. "Here in Karnataka our State Government itself has told that there is no need to worry due to Coronavirus in the State. When such is the case how can we close the theatres," asks Mr. Jairaj.

    He goes onto add that there are only four positive cases detected in Bengaluru alone and nowhere else. 

    "Tomorrow (Friday) movies are getting released and the producers have already spent a lot of money for publicity and its release. Its upto the producers to decide but we are not telling any producers to stop the release," Mr. Jairaj signs off while clarifying the KFCC's stand on the move to not close theatres in the State.

  • No new Films From March 2

    kfcc and sifcc meeting

    The Bengaluru meeting of the joint action committee of the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and the digital service providers UFO and Qube has failed. The producers and film industries of South India including Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam wanted the charges to be reduced by 25 percent. The DSP's ordered only 9 percent. 

    The south Indian Film industries have therefore decided not to work with UFO and Qube from March. No new film will be given to these companies. Addressing the media this evening KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu said that from a low of Rs 50 the rates have now reached Rs 27,000 putting a huge burden on producers. The charges was unilaterally increased by the DSPs. He also said that there will be problem for sometime but they have to endure it. New DSPs have already come forward to provide the service at Rs 3,000-4,000 per theatre. This will be a huge relief compared to the Rs 27,000 charged now. 20 minutes of advertisements are also played but no money is given to producers. 

    Films that are already in agreement will not be affected and will be released. Only new negotiations with UFO and Qube will not be held from March 2.


  • No Room For Compromise, Says Arjun Sarja And Sruthi Firm On Not Apologizing

    no room for compromise for arjun and sruthi

    After the much important KFCC meeting chaired by rebel star Ambareesh over Sruthi's 'me too’ allegations against Arjun Sarja, failed to come to a conclusion while asking the two actors to confirm their final stand by Friday, both Arjun and Sruthi stood firm on their decision.

    While Arjun Sarja who addressed the media, for the first time after being accused of sexual harassment said that he is deeply pained by the accusations and made it clear that he will not compromise.

    “If it was only me, I would have forgotten it as a minor issue, but it has caused immense pain to all my loved ones and mostly my fans across three states. Hence, with all due respect to the seniors in the chamber and Ambareesh, I will not compromise. The 'me too’ movement, which is a great movement has been misused. The truth will come out soon which will serve as an example who are targeting innocents by misusing the movement,” Arjun Sarja said.

    Whereas, Sruthi said that she was surprised to know that Arjun Sarja has filed two cases against her while she had withheld her decision to file a complaint after the chamber asked her to attend the meeting. 

    “It is always the women who gets victimized whenever she raises her voice. In fact I'm glad that Arjun Sarja wants to fight it out in the court of law. I will wait till tomorrow (Friday) to hear it from the chamber before going further in the matter,” Sruthi said.

    Earlier, rebel star Ambareesh said that after hearing both of them who have expressed pain and displeasure from their own perspective, he couldn't do much as the matter has already reached the court but to advise the two to come to a final decision by tomorrow for chamber to arrive on its stand.

  • No Work For Three Mastigudi Person's Till Further Orders

    nagashekar, duniya vijay, ravi verma image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has issued a firm order that director Nagashekhar, stunt master Ravi Verma and actor Duniya Vijay, must not be given any work until further orders.


    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had held a meeting with all associations of the Kannada film industry. There it was decided unanimously that these three people in the 'Mastigudi' case must not be given work in Kannada film industry or any other industry.

    After a detailed meeting with other associations, 'after the meeting it has been decided unanimously that they must not be given any work. Firstly, we would like to talk to these three and collect their statements. After studying the statements, we will be taking further action. Before that nagashekar, ravi verma and duniya vijay must not work' said Sa Ra Govindu.

  • One Day Bundh Of Film Industry On Saturday

    kalasabanduri image

    The Kannada film industry has decided to stop all its operations on Saturday in support of the Karnataka Bundh organised by various pro Kannada organisations in Karnataka. The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had held a meeting recently and it was decided there to support the ongoing agitation by farmers.

    It was decided that the entire industry will be participating the ongoing agitation on the 30th of July. Likewise, the industry will be closing down for a day on Saturday and will be participating in the rally from Town Hall to Freedom Park in Bangalore

  • Producers Paying Lakhs for Fake Ratings

    producers pay lakhs for fake rating

    Kannada film producers are paying lakhs of rupees to get fake ratings for their films online including in ticket booking sites. Recently Book My Show the popular ticket booking site blocked IP addresses that were posting fake reviews to boost the ratings of some films. But such fake promotions are continuing and some producers have paid lakhs of rupees for this. Book My Show is taking a strict stand against bots and such postings but producers continue to be cheated.

    The cheating starts with some teams working as online film promoters. Film makers who do not have stars in their films are easily falling prey to them. With fake boosters and manipulated reach, the producers are asked to shell out money. In some cases they have told producers that Book My Show is to be blamed for removing fake reviews! Such is the extent of the manipulation.

    Interestingly people who have come to this "business" have been around for a couple of years. People who have been in the film publicity business for decades are left wondering how easily producers are misguided and losing their money.

    It now the time for KFCC to take look at this issue and take action.