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  • HD Kumaraswamy Support KFCC

    hdk supports kfcc

    Former Chief Minister and 'Jaguar' producer H D Kumaraswamy has questioned the role of Kannada Film Producers Association and has asked what is it doing for the welfare of the producers.

    H D Kumaraswamy was talking during the press meet organised by the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Monday afternoon.

    'Off late, the producers are facing a lot of problems. That too the producers are facing many problems from multiplexes. Kannada films and producers are getting least respect in the multiplexes. The multiplexes are using our land, water and power and yet giving a third rate treatment to Kannada films. Why is KFPA not talking about all this' questioned H D Kumarasamy. He also said I am re opening my distribution office to help small film producers to distribute their films. He said that reality shows are affecting the Kannada films and suggested if they want to do the reality shows let them take new artists and not the popular faces from the industry.

    H D Kumaraswamy said that he will be in full support with the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and is ready to fight against the problems concerning the Kannada film industry.

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  • Illegal To Screen Films In 5 Star Hotels - KFCC

    kfcc building image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has said that it is illegal to screen films in 5-star hotels. The Tamil film Kabali starring Rajinikanth is scheduled to release in a few five star hotels in Bengaluru. Theatre owners are opposing it. KFCC exhibitor wing vice president DR Jayaraj, former presidents KV Chandrashekar and Thomas D'zouza have issued a statement that it is illegal to screen films anywhere but in film theatres.

    Theatres have to get permission from police, BBMP, fire department and other agencies which the five star hotels do not have, they have pointed out. They have said that the police have to take action against the screening of the film in five star hotels as it is illegal under the Cinematography Act. They have urged that existing theatres will have to shut down if films are screened illegally in all such places like hotels.

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  • Independence Day Celebrated In KFCC

    independence day celebrated at kfcc

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce office bearers and executive committee members celebrated the Independence Day in Bangalore on Wednesday morning. The KFCC had organised the Independence Day celebration and president S A Chinnegowda and Prof Doddarange Gowda hoisted the National Flag at the KFCC premises.

    National Award Winning movie Hebbet Ramakka director Nanjundegowda and Producer Puttaraju were honored at KFCC.

    KFCC secretary Ba Ma Harish, Shilpa Srinivas, Vice President K Manju, treasurer K M Veeresh and others were present at the occasion.

  • Insult At Indywood Film Carnival 2016

    indywood film carnival

    Indywood film carnival which is being held at Ramoji Film City, Telangana, has insulted the members of south Indian film chamber.
    The grand film festival was inaugurated with an immense intensity and magnitude. The film festival didn't acknowledge the presence of film industry personnel present at the event which was highly insulting. The event witnessed dignitaries from the South Indian Film Chambers (Karnataka, Telangana, Hyderabad, Kerala and Tamil Nadu}.


    The film Personnel felt insulted and silently exited the function and decided to group boycott the event and report to the Government of Telangana regarding this.

    SIFCC president HD Gangaraju, KFCC president SA Ra Govindu Tamil Nadu producers president Tanu, Andra Pradesh President C Kalyan and other members BOYCOTTED the event.

  • Jaggesh Advises To Respect Elders

    jaggesh image

    Jaggesh on Saturday has tweeted that Ambareesh is very much upset about producers protesting against him and the artistes have decided that unless those producers are left out they will not come to any talks with the producers.

    Recently actor turned politician Ambareesh was in the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce to discuss the problems faced by the producers. However, the meeting failed as many of the artistes were not present at the occasion. At the same time, there was a war of words between the producers and Ambarish and the producers had protested against Ambarish saying that he has failed in his duty. Ambarish who was upset by all this walked out of the KFCC. The artistes was very much upset by the whole incident and has made it clear that they are not ready for the talks unless the KFCC keeps such producers out.

    So, Jaggesh has tweeted regarding this. 'Off late, unnecessary fights and controversies are ruling the industry and this is the base for all the problems the industry is facing. Very much upset that my sincerity about solving the issue has been wasted. That's why they say respect elders' tweeted Jaggesh.

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  • Jairaj D R Elected Unopposed As the president of KFCC

    jairaj d r elected unopposed as the president of kfcc

    Well known exhibitor Jairaj D R has been elected unopposed as the new president of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. The elections for the KFCC for the year 2019-20 will be held on the 29th of June and even before the elections, Jairaj has been elected unanimously with no other contestant in the race of president.

    One of the highlights of this year elections is, three major posts from the exhibitor sector has been elected unanimously. While, Jairaj has been elected as the president Venkataramana and Narasimhalu has been elected unanimously for the posts of vice-president and general secretary. Even producer A Ganesh who has contested for the post of general secretary from the distributor sector has been elected unanimously. With four major posts elected unanimously, the elections for other posts will be held on the 29th of this month.

    For the post of vice-president from the producer sector Umesh Banakar, Dinesh Gandhi and Pramila Joshai are contesting, while B R Keshava and Naganna will be contesting for the post of vice-president from the distributor sector. Likewise, Teshi Venkatesh, Ba Ma Girish and N M Suresh are contesting for the post of general secretary from the producer sector. Jayasimha Musuri and Sapphire Venkatesh are contesting for the post of treasurer. 

  • KANFIDA Organises Health Camp

    ph vishwanath, thomas image

    The Kannada Film Directors Association has organised a free health camp for the members across various associations of the Kannada film industry at the Gururaja Kalyana Mantapa on the 11th of January 2015.

    The health check up programmes are not for any specific department or association, instead all the workers across many associations can participate in the health camp which is jointly organised by Lions Club of Bengaluru, Bengaluru Vaidyakiya Mahavidyalaya and Research Center, Institute of Nephro Urology, Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedic Centre.

    The KANFIDA had held a press conference regarding this on Wednesday morning and gave details about the various health camps organised on coming Sunday. KANFIDFA president P H Vishwanath, KFCC president Thomas D'Souza and others were present at the occasion.

  • Kannada and Tamil industries Join Hands

    sa ra govindu, actor vishal

    The Kannada and Tamil film industries have joined hands to fight the digital service providers against discriminatory pricing. There will be no screening of new films in Karnataka till the issue is resolved. In Tamil Nadu the industry has gone a step further and from March 16 there will be no film related activities including screening, shooting and promotional press meets. DSPs UFO and Qube have been told that no new Kannada and Tamil films will be given to them for transferring to the theatres. 

    There are three points on which there is a problem now. One the rates. Kannada industry is demanding reduction of the rates by 50 per cent. The DSPs are agreeing to only 22 percent reduction. The DSPs have also initiated cases against theatres. The film industries have demanded that all these cases have to be withdrawn. The theatres are worth many crores but are held to ransom by providing them with an projector and server worth Rs 4-5 lakhs and making them sign an unequal agreement preventing them from moving to cheaper alternatives and then charging producers exorbitant prices. The third demand is to give freedom to theatres to opt for any DSP they want. As of now a theatre can have only one set of server and projector. But there are several available which are cheaper. The industries are demanding that there should be no monopoly of any one group. As of now UFO and Qube are the two dominant DSPs in Karnataka. Now both of them are on the verge of merging creating a single monopoly. 

    Actor producer Vishal represented Tamil film industry in the meeting with KFCC in Bengaluru today. He was very specific and and said that there will be no film activity whatsoever from March 16. This will go on till the DSPs agree to the demands. The two industries have also said that they will henceforth decide on the future course of action together and will keep each other in the loop about any development. The Telugu film industry which was part of the protest has alone agreed to the proposal of UFO and stopped the protest. The Kannada and Tamil industries have therefore closed ranks. 

    There will be no screening of new films of any language in Karnataka. It is not limited to Kannada and Tamil which are protesting. New Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English films will also not be screened. Sa Ra Govindu requested all producers and exhibitors to cooperate in the matter. He said exhibitors from across Karnataka including north Karnataka exhibitors under Odugouder and those in Mangaluru will be asked to cooperate unitedly in the issue so that all producers and film makers will benefit. 

  • Kannada Film Industry Upset Over State Budget

    thomas dsouza, siddaramaiah image

    The Kannada film industry is pretty upset over the State Budget for the year 2015-16 submitted by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in Vidhana Soudha. The Government except from notifying a 100 acre land near Mysore for the proposed film city and has not given anything for the welfare of the Kannada film industry this year. So, the Kannada film industry which had submitted a lot of demands this year is pretty upset about that none of the demands have been met by the government.

    KFCC president Thomas D'Souza has come out in open and has that he is very much unhappy about the budget and has expected much from the Government. Thomas says he had submitted a lot of demands for the welfare of the film industry and none of the demands have been met.

    The KFCC is planning to meet the Chief Minister in this regard and hold talks soon.

  • Kannada Film Subsidy Reduced? - Exclusive

    kfcc building image

    Karnataka government gives subsidy to 100 Kannada film with a minimum of Rs 10 Lakh each year. But it can reduce to Rs 5 Lakh per year from next year. The new Kannada film policy which is being prepared has made drastic changes which will affect the film industry in many ways, sources said. According to reliable sources the 2012 Kannada Film Policy will be replaced by the new 2016 film policy. The new policy will give subsidy to100 films like the existing one, but it will be in four categories.


    In the last category 60 films will get only Rs 5 Lakh each instead of Rs 10 Lakh each. In the third category 20 films based on novels writings etc and with a good intention as found by the jury will get Rs 20 Lakh each. In the second category all films that have won the top awards in national, state and international awards will get between Rs 15 to Rs 25 Lakhs automatically without the jury deciding it. In the top category 4 best children's films will get Rs 25 Lakh each and 10 films which showcase cultural, historical and tourist attractions of Karnataka will get Rs 30 Lakhs each.

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  • KFCC Asks Govt to Cap Multiplex Prices at Rs 150

    Sa Ra Govindu Image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has requested the state government to restrict the price of tickets in multiplexes at Rs 150. It has also requested that prices of edibles sold at multiplexes be controlled as it is exorbitant now. It has cited the examples of neighbouring states where the ticket prices have a ceiling of Rs 150. This and several other demands were placed before the chief minister Siddaramaiah by KFCC led by its president Sa Ra Govindu at the pre budget meeting today. 

    The other proposals the KFCC has presented include exempting film making, Distribution and exhibition from the upcoming GST tax. As Kannada films enjoy tax free status now, it was requested that the same may be continued and necessary steps be taken. The service tax in GST is sought to be kept at 5 percent. 

    The third demand is to get multiplexes to screen Kannada and other languages of Karnataka in prime time in multiplexes. 

    The fourth demand is to exempt tax for standies, posters and bills of films displayed in the premises of theatres and multiplexes. 

    The fifth demand is to drop the show tax on films. Each show of films in theatres are taxed but the revenue generated from it is negligible. So this is sought to be removed completely. 

    The sixth demand is to increase the surcharge on non Kannada films. Currently Rs 1 surcharge is collected from each ticket for non Kannada films. This surcharge is requested to be increased to Rs 5 and used for development of Kannada films. 

    The seventh demand is to create a housing project for film persons near the upcoming film city in Mysuru.

  • KFCC Backs HD Gangaraju for SIFCC Post

    Kfcc backing HD gangaraju image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has decided on a single candidate from Karnataka for the post of president of the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce.

    KFCC is supporting the candidature of HD Gangaraju who is a former KFCC president. Two other candidates who had cast their nominations including the incumbent vice president of SIFCC have been persuaded to withdraw their nominations.


    Three people, Gangaraju, Vijaykumar and Parthasarathi had cast their nominations for the post. The post of president of SIFCC of commerce is rotated between Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh every year.

    This year it is the turn of Karnataka. There were attempts to present a single candidate to show unity of the industry.

    On Wednesday there was a long executive committee meeting and senior members managed to convince Vijaykumar and Parthasarathi to withdraw their nominations. Both withdrew voluntarily.

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  • KFCC Clears Vijay And Others For Working In Films

    kfcc clears duniya vijay and others

    The KFCC has cleared the names of Duniya Vijay, Nagashekar, Ravi Verma and producer on Sunday. They are now allowed to work in films. They had been asked not to work in films after November 8 tragedy during the shooting of the film Mastigudi that had resulted in the deaths of two actors Uday and Anil.


    The work on the film had stopped after that as the producer, director, stunt master and others were arrested by police. The KFCC had also put a hold on continuing with the film. On Friday the four including Vijay had a meeting with KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu and others and gave an undertaking.

    They have promised to complete the film and monetarily help the families of the two actors. The KFCC accepted this undertaking. The two actors who died are close friends of Vijay and it was Vijay who promoted them in films.

  • KFCC Complains Against Film Screening In UB City - Exclusive

    kfcc complaint letters, sa ra goivindu image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce has complained to the deputy commissioner about the unauthorized screening of films in the amphitheater in UB City. As reported by Chitraloka.com earlier, two films were screened there on Sunday.

    Watch Film At UB City!

    The KFCC has pointed out that as per the Cinematography Rules and Karnataka Cinema Regulation Act, screening of films censored by the CBFC has to obtain NOCs from six departments including, fire, electrical, health, PWD, police and the local municipal authority. Permission has to be taken from the DC and entertainment tax authorities for selling tickets. 

    Kabali Not Screening At Five Star Hotels

    The tickets for the film screening in UB City is being sold online. Since the screening is illegal, the local police and commercial tax officers should take note of it, the KFCC has requested. The letter by KFCC also says that such illegal screening of films is the reason why film theaters established and running for decades are being shut down.

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  • KFCC Concern Over Film Industry From Reality Shows

    pressmeet at kfcc

    KFCC, President SA Ra Govindu along with Office bearers spoke up the concerns regarding the status of Kannada film producers.

    In the press meet, speaking on behalf of the producers, Sa Ra Govindu showed his concerns regarding the diminishing numbers of theatres across the state.

    He also highlighted the points pertaining the reality shows damaging the Kannada film viewership, which is causing a major damage to the producers, distributors and Kannada films. Sa Ra Govindu, requested each and every entertainment channel to purchase the rights of atleast 25 movies per year.

    The major concern of this press meet was reality shows like big boss, weekend with Ramesh, kick and other shows which are hosted by Kannada film superstars like Sudeep, Ramesh and shiva Rajkumar respectively. he requested the stars to support the Kannada film industry and to stop hosting these shows. He openly requested Sudeep to listen to the problems of the producers and come out of the Bigg Boss.

    Sa Ra told, this is now a request and if not accepted we will take a future course of action after few days.

    In the press meet, Producer A Ganesh told let's all go the BIGG Boss house and protest there. For this everyone accepted.

  • KFCC Donates 1 lakh to Hanumanthappa Koppad Family

    kfcc image

    Karnataka Film Chamber on Friday condoled the death of war hero Hanumanthappa Koppad and has decided to donate Rs One lakh for the family. On Friday afternoon, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had held a condolence meeting at its premises and it was decided to donate Rs one lakh for the family.

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, Karntaka Chalanachitra Academy president S V Rajendra Singh Babu, Umesh Banakar, M G Ramamurthy and others were present at the occasion.

  • KFCC donates 5 lakhs to Sri Siddaganga Mutt

    kfcc donates 5 lakhs to siddaganga mutt

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce members visited the Sri Siddaganga Mutt in Tumkur and donated five lakhs towards Anna Dasoha.

    n Tuesday, KFCC president S A Chinnegowda. Vice President Kari subbu, Secretary’ Ba MA Harish. Treasurer KM Veeresh, ex-president Sa Ra Govindu, along with others went to Sri Siddaganga Mutt and took the blessings of Sri Siddalinga Swamy who is now the chief of Sri Siddaganga Mutt. The Mutt is known for Anna Dasoha and the KFCC donated five lakhs towards the charity programme.

    Karisubbu, N M Suresh, D R Jairaj and others were present during the occasion.

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  • KFCC Election on June 26th

    kfcc elections

    The election to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce will be held on June 26. The calendar of events for the elections has been announced. Nominations can be filed between June 9 and June 15. The nominations will be scrutinized on June 16 and can be withdrawn before 19th June. The voting will take place on June 26 and the counting and announcement of results is on the same evening. The elections is for all sectors and posts including the president.

    721 producers, 378 distributors and 136 Exhibitors are eligible to cast their votes.

    This time President will be from the distributors wing. For the post of president, there are three main candidates this time. NM Suresh is a senior producer and also an experienced hand in the KFCC affairs. Suresh has also worked as the president of the Malleshwaram co-operative bank and therefore has  the experience of running a big organisation. Another contender is Chinne Gowda. He is also an experienced producer and distributor for many decades. He is a respected film personality and a kind of 'person with no enemies'.  The third contender is Mars Suresh. He too is an experienced  distributor with experience in different industries apart from Kannada. He too has experience working in various committees and departments of KFCC before. It has to be seen apart from these three who are all going file nomination for president post.

    Sa Ra Govindu's term has been eventful in the last two years. He has steered the KFCC in difficult times and managed to get the best out of the government and other sectors. Most recently there was a crisis with the digital service providers and Govindu managed to get the best deal for Kannada films.

  • KFCC Felicitates and Submits a Memorandum to Mayor

    kfcc felicitate mayor image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday afternoon, felicitated Bangalore Mayor Shanthakumari and submitted a memorandum regarding street publicity. Not only the Kannada film industry but all the film industries have strongly depended on street publicity including posters and hoardings. But in the recent years, the BBMP staff have been very strict and is hellbent upon removing the posters and hoardings, to beautify Bangalore city. With this medium of publicity being closed, the producers are finding it difficult to promote or publicise their films.

    So, the KFCC submitted a memorandum to the Mayor to identify few places for posters and hoardings so that the producers and makers use it promote their films. Mayor Shanthakumari in turn said she will see into the matter and take necessary to help the Kannada film industry and the producers soon.


  • KFCC Felicitates National Award Winners

    kfcc honoring national award winners image

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Friday evening felicitated the National award winners. The National film awards for the year 2018 was announced recently and Kannada film industry has got a record 13 awards in various categories. This is the first time, in the history of National film awards that any film industry is getting so many awards for its contribution. The award function will be held soon. Meanwhile, the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had organised a small event and felicitated the National award winners.

    Rishab Shetty, Mansore, Child artiste Rohith, Umapathy Gowda, Udayaravi Hegade and others were present at the occasion. President Jairaj, past presidents Sa Ra Govindu, S A Chinnegowda and others were also present at the occasion.