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  • Producers Support KFCC; No Releases On March 9th

    producers support kfcc

    If everything had gone right, then eight films including 'Yogi Duniya', 'O Premave', 'Nanagishta', 'Mukhyamantri Kaldodnappo' and others  were supposed to release on the 09th of March. However, the producers have supported the KFCC against UFO and Cube and has withheld the release.

    Yes, the producers have decided to support Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce in the ongoing war against UFO and Cube and has postponed the release of their films by one week. The films which were supposed to release on 09th has been postponed to 16th and the films which were supposed to hit the screens has been postponed one week further.

    On Saturday morning an urgent press conference was called in Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and many producers came in and pledged their support  to KFCC. President Sa Ra Govindu addressed the press conference.

  • Rajendra Singh Babu And Sa Ra Govindu Submit Memorandum

    rajendra sing babu and sa ra govindu submit memorandum

    Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy president Rajendra Singh Babu and Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu on Tuesday met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and submitted a memorandum to him and requested him to support the Kannada film industry.

    The details of the memorandum are as follows:

    * Swarna Kamal award films must be given 25 lakhs, Rajatha Kamal awards films must get 20 lakhs, State award films must get 20 lakhs, novel based films to get 20 lakhs and all other quality films must get 15 lakhs each.

    * Building Janatha theaters in all district centres of Karnataka. These theaters must screen Kannada films only and no other language films. 50 Lakhs can be given to the new theaters while 25 lakhs to be given for renovation.

    * Kannada films should be screened in all multiplexes in the prime time and the multiplex ticket rates should be reduced to 120 Rs.

    * The artistes and technicians of Regional films like Kodava, Tulu, Bangara, Byaari, Konkani must also be recognised and suitable awards can be given to them.

    * Two new awards to be constituted for achievers of Kannada film industry.

    * Goonda act must be more effective to stop piracy of Kannada films.

    * Online ticket system must be regularised in all theaters.

    * To start a Film Archive in the coming days.

  • Rajendra Singh Babu To Continue As KCA President

    ranjendra singh babu image

    Reputed Director Rajendra Singh Babu will continue as President for Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy for next one and half year.

    Singh Babu was appointed to KCA till 24/08/2016 and today Information Department secretary SN Jayashree has signed for the letter stating Rajendra Singh Babu will continue till 23/11/2017 or till the next order issued.

  • Rajyotsava Celebrations In KFCC And KFPA

    rajyotsava celebrations in kfcc and kfpa

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had organised Rajyotsava celebrations today morning and actor Murali, who is basking in the success of 'Bharaate' had come over as chief guest for the event.

    The Rajyotsava celebrations were held at the KFCC premises and Murali along with president Jairaj hoisted the Kannada flag. Murali was felicitated on this occasion and many members of KFCC including Umesh Banakar, N M Suresh and others were present at the occasion.

    The Rajyotsava celebrations was also held at the Kannada Film Producers Association and many producers including Sa Ra Govindu, S A Chinnegowda, B N Gangadhar, Ba Ma Harish, A Ganesh, M N Kumar and others were present during the celebrations. 

  • Ravi Hegade Takes Charge Of Kannada Prabha

    ravu hegde image

    Ravi Hegade has taken charge as editor-in-chief of reputed Kannada daily Kannada Prabha today morning. Ravi Hegade came to media as a journalist through Samyuktha Karnataka. He went on to become the News editor of Kannada Prabha in the last decade.

    Ravi Hegade became the Group editor of Udayavani in 2011 and after six years, Ravi Hegade has quit Udayavani to become the editor-in-chief of Kannada Prabha. The Karntaka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu, MG Ramamurthy, Praven, KM Veeresh met Ravi Hegade today evening and not only congratulated him for becoming the editor-in-chief of Kannada Prabha, but also wished him a successful career.

  • Ravichandran, Shivarajkumar To Solve Okkutta Problem

    okkutta image

    Crazy star V Ravichandran and Shivarajkumar have entered to arena to solve the Film Workers Federation (Okkutta) wages problem. In the meeting held at KFCC today, Producers association president Muniratna and other members were present. KFCC President Thomas D’Souza and his team had a long discussion to solve the problem. In the meeting it was decided to form a committee.  

    V Ravichandran, Shivarajkumar from the artist side, Ramu, Jayanna and Krishnegowda from the producers side and Ashok, Ravindra and Shivaram from the Okkutta are part of the commitee. Ravichandran will head the committee. The committee will give the final report regarding the wages before April 17 which is the birthday of Ravichandran father Veeraswamy. Till the committee gives the final decision, the earlier wages of the Federation will continue. Ramu, Jayanna, K Manju, Sandesh Nagaraj, Ba Ma Harish, Soorappa Babu, Umesh Banakar, Jayasimha Musuri, KM Veeresh, Ramesh Yadav and others were present in the meeting.

  • Registrar Society Withdraws Name Change Of Dubbing Chamber


    In a significant development the Registrar of Societies for Karnataka has withdrawn the change of name granted to the Karnataka Dubbing Film Chamber of Commerce. The Dubbing Chamber had changed its name to Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce.

    But the apex body of Kannada films, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce had filed an objection to it before the Registrar of Societies. It had claimed that the new name of the Dubbing Chamber was very similar to its own name and would create confusion among the people and loss to it.

    The short form of both the organisations would be KFCC which would create more confusion. The Registrar had issued notices in this regard and heard the arguments of both the parties. In conclusion it has said that the Dubbing Film Chamber cannot change its name to Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce.

    The registration of the new name has been withdrawn from immediate effect it has said in its order today.



  • Revised Pay Structure List sent to Okkutta

    kfcc image

    The Kannada Film Producers Association on Monday has sent a new revised pay structure for the Karnataka Film Workers Union and is waiting for their reply. The Workers Union has been urging for a pay hike for the last couple of years. However, the pay was not hiked for various reasons. A couple of months ago the workers went on a strike and after much talks it was decided that the workers must continue to work with the present pay structure for next 120 days, until a permanent solution for the problems is arrived. Both the producers as well as the workers gave their consent for this.

    Recently, the span of 120 days completed and the Workers Union again urged for a pay hike. The KFPA appointed a committee of producers to give in a report about the revised pay structure. According to that the committee comprising of producers Ramu, Shailendra Babu, Jayanna and others charted out a new pay structure which would be convenient for the workers. KFCC and the KFPA handed over  the revised pay structure to KFCC, which in turn sent the list to the Workers Union.

    Now the ball is in the Union court and it has to be seen whether the workers union gives consent to the revised list or whether the crisis will continue further.

  • S A Chinnegowda takes over the president of KFCC

    s a chinnegowda takes over the president of kfcc

    S A Chinnegowda who won the president post of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday night, took over the president of the KFCC on Wednesday morning.

    Chinnegowda won the post by defeating Mars Suresh. Apart from S A Chinnegowda, Karisubbu, K Manju and Ashok K C have been elected as vice-presidents, while Ba Ma Harish, Shilpa Srinivas and Sundarraju have been elected as secretaries from producer, distributor and exhibitor sectors. K M Veeresh has won the treasurer post by defeating Jayasimha Musuri.

    All the above were present on Wednesday and took over the charge as new office bearers.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Complaint Against FB Video Post

    sa ra govindu complaint aganist fb video post

    KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu has filed a police complaint against Prashant Sambargi who had posted a video on Facebook alleging that he and Vatal Nagaraj were preventing the release of Baahubali 2 for "roll call and money".

    The complaint is filed in the High Grounds Police Station. Govindu has stated in the complaint that a derogatory remark by Tamil actor Satyaraj against Kannadigas has resulted in a protest against him by various Kannada organisations. Th

    ey have demanded the film starring him Baahubali 2 should not be released till he apologized for his remarks. The KFCC is an organization that facilitates the release of all films. To help in the issue he as KFCC president had spoken to people in Tamil and Telugu industries and sought Sathyaraj's apology so that there is no problem in releasing the Telugu film. While he was making these efforts to dilute the situation Prashant Sambargi has posted on Facebook that he was preventing the film's release to make money. This has caused defamation to him and KFCC the complaint says. 

    Sambargi's video transcript has also been attached to the complaint. According to it Sambargi has said that though Sarathkumar another Tamil actor who made derogatory comments acted in Kannada film Raajakumara it was allowed to be released because it was a Puneeth Rajkumar film. But Baahubali was stopped to make roll call.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Felicitated In KFCC

    sa ra govindu feliciated in kfcc

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce members on Tuesday morning felicitated their president Sa Ra Govindu and celebrated Rajyotsava at the KFCC premises in Bangalore.

    This year five personalities from the Kannada film industry including Sa Ra Govindu were honoured with Rajyotsava awards and to mark the occasion, the members of KFCC held a felicitation programme for their president. Meanwhile, Karntaka flag was hoisted and Rajyotsava was also celebrated.

    M G Ramamurthy, Umesh Banakar, Umesh, Chinnegowda, Thomas D'souza and others were present during the occasion.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Hands Over Cheques To Anil And Uday's Families

    sa ra govindu, anil uday family

    Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu on Monday evening handed over cheques to the families of Anil and Uday who died during the shooting of Mastigudi in November. Bangalore DC Shankar was also present at the occasion.

    After the sad demise of Anil and Uday, Govindu had met Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and had requested for help. The Chief Minister immediately approved to sanction five lakhs each to the families of Anil and Uday. Likewise the cheques were handed over on Monday afternoon. Uday's parents and Anil's brother and mother was present at the occasion.

    KFCC vice-president Umesh Banakar, secretary M G Ramamurthy and others were also present at the occasion.

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  • Sa Ra Govindu Meets Praveen Sood

    kfcc meets police commissioner

    KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu met Bengaluru's new police commissioner Praveen Sood and wished him on the occasion of taking charge of Bengaluru city.  Kfcc secretary MG Ramamurthy, NM Suresh, KM Veeresh, Kannada Krishna accompanied Sa Ra Govindu.

    During this meeting Sa Ra Govindu explained the problems facing in the the film industry like shooting in the city, piracy of the movie and other factors and invited CP to KFCC chamber for the discussion.

    Listening to the problems Commissioner Praveen Sood told that very soon he would chamber and will listen to the problems and will solve it. 

  • Sa Ra Govindu Releases The Songs Of Preethi Prema

    preethi prema audio launch image

    Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu on Monday night released the songs of 'Preethi Prema'. The film is a remake of Telugu hit 'Aa Rojulu'.

    'Preethi Prema' which has a sub-title of 'Bari Pustakada Badanekayi' is produced by Krishna Chaitanya and he himself is the hero of the film. Kashi who has worked as an associate to 'Manikya' and other films is the director of this film. Nidhi Kushalappa is the heroine.

    preethi_prema_1audiolaunch.jpgSa Ra Govindu wished the whole team a huge success and congratulated Krishna Chaitanya for coming from Andhra and producing a film in Kannada.

    KFCC treasurer Jairaj and producer Uday Mehta and Chitraloka.Com Editor KM Veeresh was also present during the occasion.

  • Sa Ra Govindu Thanks Chief Minister

    Sa Ra Govindu Image

    Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president Sa Ra Govindu thanked Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. On Wednesday, Siddaramaiah submitted budget for the year 2017-18 and in the budget the Chief Minister has reduced the ticket rates of multiplexes to Rs 200 apart from giving prime time to Kannada films in multiplexes.

    Speaking regarding that in a press meet later in the evening, Sa Ra Govindu thanked the Chief Minister. 'We are very much grateful to the Chief Minister. He has given all we wanted. Now we have a big responsibility on our shoulders. The Government knows the problems the Kannada film industry is facing and has helped us to maximum extent. Now it is up to us to give good films and show our capacity. I request all the producers and directors to make good films' said Sa Ra Govindu.

    Budget Also Lists Past Contributions to Film Industry

    Multiplex Ticket Price Capped At Rs 200


  • Sa Ra Govindu to contest from Rajajinagar?

    sa ra govindu to contestant from rajajinagar

    Popular Kannada activist, film producer and currently the president of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce, Sa Ra Govindu is under pressure to contest the upcoming Assembly elections from the Rajajinagar constituency in Bengaluru. Sources have confirmed that Govindu has been given the offer. Govindu has a good rappot with top politicians from all political parties. In the film industry he is the go-to man to get any industry-related things get done by the government. Since he is close to Siddaramaiah, BS Yeddyurappa and HD Kumaraswamy, it is a suspense about which party he will contest from. Sources say that he has offers from more than one political party. 

    Politics is not new to Govindu. He is the president of the Akhila Karnataka Dr Rajkumar Abhimanigala Sangha for over three decades now. In the 1980s the Abhimani Sangha was known as the third most important political force in Karnataka though it was not into electrol politics. After the aftermath of the Gokak Chaluvali the influence of the Sangha was so high that it was de facto considered a political power. But Rajkumar and the Sangha never ventured into politics. Even in the 1970s itself there was lots of pressure on Rajkumar to contest elections but he refused. in the 80s there was speculation that he would launch his political party but again he refused. The Abhimani Sangha however stood in support of all of Rajkumar's decisions. 

    In 2017-18 the story is completely different. Govindu has the legacy of the Abhimani Sangha behind him. Personally he has become one of the most important personalities in Sandalwood. Due to his influence and friendship with top political leaders like Siddaramaiah, BS Yeddyurappa and Kumaraswamy he has managed to get the governments in the last 10 years to help the Kannada film industry to a very large extent. His mission and activities go much beyond films. He has participated in various pro-Kannada agitations and activities over the last three decades and continues to do so. So it is no wonder that all political parties want him to join politics and contest elections. 

    Govindu has not made his political intentions clear. His friendships in all parties comes in the way of him choosing one party  over the other. However this time, sources say, he is under much pressure to do so. Sources also indicate that he is being asked to contest from Rajajinagar constituency. The constituency has a large base of pro-Kannada activists who will stand shoulder to shoulder with Sa Ra Govindu. The big question is not where Govindu will contest from if he decides to but what decision he will take. It could happen very shortly. 

  • Sa Ra Govindu's Birthday Celebrated

    sa ra govindu birthday celebration image

    The office-bearers of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday morning celebrated the 63rd birthday of KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu. Sa Ra Govindu thanked the office-bearers and his friends from the film fraternity and said that he will strive towards the welfare of the Kannada film industry in the coming days.

    South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce president H D Gangaraju, M N Suresh, Umesh Banakar, Praveen, M G Ramamurthy, A Ganesh, B N Gangadhar, H Vasu, Kamar, Nargis Babu and others were present at the occasion.

  • Sa Ra Govindu's Birthday Celebrated

    sa ra govindu birthday celebration image

    The office-bearers of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday morning celebrated the 63rd birthday of KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu. Sa Ra Govindu thanked the office-bearers and his friends from the film fraternity and said that he will strive towards the welfare of the Kannada film industry in the coming days.

    South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce president H D Gangaraju, M N Suresh, Umesh Banakar, Praveen, M G Ramamurthy, A Ganesh, B N Gangadhar, H Vasu, Kamar, Nargis Babu and others were present at the occasion.

  • Sandalwood Mourns DR. Shivakumara Swamiji's Death, KFCC Declares Holiday

    sandalwood mourns dr shivakumar swamiji's death

    The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC), the premier body of Kannada film industry, mourns the death of Sri Poojya Dr. Shivakumara Swamiji, who passed away this morning at 11.44 am. 

    The film body while declaring January 22 as a holiday, has announced that all film related activities including theatrical exhibition of movies will remain closed as a mark of respect to the departed soul, who is referred to as 'Nededaduva Devaru’, the waking God.

    The 111-year-old seer and the head of Sri Siddaganga Mutt was not keeping well for quite some time, as his health conditions deteriorated since few days before he was declared dead by the team of specialised doctors who were treating him.

    Soon after the sad demise of the swamiji was made public, the entire Kannada film industry from actors to technicians and every personalities from it prayed for the departed soul. Recently, Kichcha Sudeepa, had expressed his views saying that such great humans are born on rare occasions and for his selfless service to the society being incomparable, he is a true Bharata Ratna.

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  • Sandalwood Pleads CM B S Yediyurappa To Allow Film Shooting in Lockdown 5.0

    kfcc members meet cm yediyurappa image

    After the State Government gave its green signal allowing shooting of television serials with certain conditions along with easing restrictions to other sectors in lockdown 4.0, a delegation led by Karnataka Film Academy chairman Suneel Puranik including president of Karnataka Film Chamber Of Commerce Jairaj, KFCC former president Sa Ra Govindu met Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, pleading with representation to allow film shooting in the lockdown 5.0 (According to Cinema Industry in Karnataka this will be 6.0).

    The delegation also included noted producer K Manju, M N Suresh, A Ganesh, Umesh Banakar, President of the Producers Association Praveen Kumar and others.

    "We have given a representation to the Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa to allow filming with limited crew once the lockdown 4.0 ends. We are hopeful after Yediyurappa has assured that he will look into it," says Mr. Suneel Puranik.

    He goes onto add that Kannada film industry has suffered a loss of around Rs 500 crore due to lockdown. "More than fifty films have stopped with many of them left with just the shooting of songs and climax scenes to wrap up the shooting process. We have also assured that safety norms such as wearing of masks, and limiting crew during shooting will be followed," he said.

    Also, the delegation urged the chief minister to allow operation of single screen theatres with certain conditions while the centre government decides on the fate of multiplexes.

    The delegation also thanked the State Government for providing food item coupons worth over Rs 2 crore to various sectors of the Kannada film industry. The team also said that it has been requested to increase the ticket fare by Rs 5 so as to utilise the same for the producers welfare trust.