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  • Actor Back in Multiplexes

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    After two days of continued fight for the right of Kannada films, the film Actor is back in multiplexes from today. In the last two days there was a conspiracy to remove Kannada films from multiplexes by falsely showing on online booking websites that the shows were full. People could not book tickets because of that. Then citing there were no audience, shows were being cancelled from Monday. Actor film team brought it to the notice of the Film Chamber and showed how Kannada films are being cheated by multiplexes.

    Other producers like Shailendra Babu, whose film Bhale Jodi is also being targeted by multiplexes and Dinakar Toogudeepa whose film Maduveya Mamateya Kareyole faced similar problem came in a joint effort to fight the wrongdoing.

    Film Chamber president Sa Ra Govindu organised a meeting including producers and multiplexes representatives. All the mistakes and deliberate efforts to curb Kannada films were pointed out.

    Multiplexes agreed that Kannada films should be given breathing space and should not be removed from screens after just two days.

  • Actor Censored with U certificate

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    K M Veeresh produced Actor movie made under the banner of Chitraloka Movies has been censored and has been awarded a clean U certificate. Dayal and Avinash are the co-producers of the film. The movie will hit the screens in February 2016.

    Actor movie has a unique subject with only two characters seen on the screen. The duration of the film is exactly 100 minutes. 


    Actor is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan and this is his 12 directorial movie. Naveen Krishna and Sihikahi Geetha are in the lead roles. Cinematography is handled by Suresh Byrasandra. Well known composer Gowtham Srivatsa has scored the music.

  • Actor Goes to USA

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    Chitraloka Movies produced Actor is all set for a US release this April. The film which won critical appreciation after its release in Karnataka last month is making its overseas journey now. The Naveen Krishna starrer Actor directed by Dayal Padmanabhan had its world premier at the Bengaluru International Film Festival.

    Actor Gets a Huge Appreciation at BIFFES-08

    In the US the first stop s California. From there on, it will be screened in other cities of USA. Check out for the release dates and venues shortly on Chitraloka. The film had a unique theme of "one location, two actors and 100 minutes."

    USA Contact Details for ad :

    Gopi ‪+1 (650) 868‑9186‬

    Nagendra +1 678 481 3226

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  • Actor In USA from April 2nd - Book Your Tickets

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    Chitraloka movies produced Actor movie which won critical appreciation from all over is releasing in USA this week. on 2nd and 3rd April its releasing in California and Detroit. Naveen Krishna, Sihikahi Geetha starrer Actor movie directed by Dayal Padmanabhan had its world premier at Bengaluru International Film Festival.

    Book your Tickets to watch the Movie ACTOR

    Show Details

    Serra Theaters : 200 Serra Way, #27, Milpitas, CA - 95025


    SATURDAY, Apr - 02 : 2.00 PM & 5.00 PM

    SUNDAY , Apr - 03  2.00 OM & 5.00 PM


    Cinemark Movies 16 : 28600 Dequindre, Warren, MI 48092

    Ph: (586) 558-8207


    SATURDAY, Apr - 02 : 6.00 PM

    SUNDAY , Apr - 03  3.00 PM


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  • Actor Releasing on Feb 19 at Kapali as Main Theater

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    Chitraloka Movies debut film 'Actor' is all set to be released on the 19th of February in Kapali as the main theater. Movie is directed by Dayal Padmanabhan starring Naveen Krishna, Sihi Kahi Geetha in Lead.

    Actor is a different movie where Naveen Krishna occupies the screen space more. Naveen Krishna had got a huge appreciation from the film industry as well as film buffs after the world premiere at the 08th edition of the Bangalore International Film Festival being held at the Orion Mall in Rajajinagar earlier in this month.

    Actor movie is produced by KM Veeresh and Dayal Padmanabhan and Avinash are the co-producers. Gowtham Srivatsa is the music director and cinematographer is Suresh Bairasandra


  • After Actor Now Bookmyshow Targets SILS - Exclusive

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    After the raging controversy over shows of Kannada films being wrong displayed as houseful turning away potential audience has surfaced again. Just weeks ago, films like Actor and Bhale Jodi faced the problem. Representatives of the multiplexes and ticket aggregators were called to the KFCC for a meeting and the issue seemed to be settled. But once agin, it is out in the open as another Kannada film, Suni directed Simpleag Innond Love Story (SILS) is facing a similar problem.

    In the PVR multiplex in the Vaishnavi Sapphire Mall in Bengaluru, the 9.15 pm show tickets for today (Sunday) is available. But strangely, the same show for March 21, 22, 23 and 24th are all sold out! Nobody can book tickets when it is showing houseful. But in reality it is made to show as houseful. Then the film will be removed from this slot saying there are no audience! The same thing happened to other Kannada films last month. 


    After the issue become controversial with Kannada films being the target, promises were made that it would not happen again. Technical glitches were also blamed. But Kannada film makers are certain that it is a ploy by some exhibitors to deliberately force out Kannada films from multiplex screens. SILS opened last week to good reviews and was picking up at the box office. It had mostly newcomers and Suni was the only big name. Multiplexes had agreed that Kannada films need some time to pick up and should not be removed within two weeks. But now once again a good Kannada film is facing a problem from unknonw hands. 

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  • Chitraloka Ventures Into Film Production Titled Actor

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    K M Veeresh who started Chitraloka.com, the first Kannada movie portal is now venturing in to film production under the banner Chitraloka Movies. The  movie is titled ACTOR.  The film will be launched on November 16th and shot in a single schedule. Dayal Padmanabhan and Avinash U Shetty are the co-producers.


    Renowned director Dayal Padmanabhan is directing the film while Naveen Krishna and Sihi Kahi Geetha are in the lead roles. 

    The music is by Gowtham Srivatsa and Suresh Bairsandra is behind the camera.


  • First Time Srinivasa Murthy Clap for Actor in 40 Years - Exclusive

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    Senior actor Srinivas Murthy clapped the clap board for the first shot of his son Naveen Krishna's new film Actor today. Naveen Krishna said it was the first time his father clapped the board for his film. But Srinivas Murthy announced another shocking fact. He said "I am in the film industry for 40 years now. Not just for my son's film but I had not held the clapboard for any film all these years. This is the first time for me as well. I cannot give reasons for this. No one asked me so far and I never got the opportunity. That's all."

    This fact came to light only much later today when Chitraloka editor, KM Veeresh, who is also the producer of the film, called him to thank him for gracing the muharat function held on Monday morning. 

    Srinivas Murthy is a veteran, one of the few lead actors of the Rajkumar generation still active in films. This group is a small one but the pride of Sandalwood that includes among others Sudharshan, Rajesh and Anant Nag.  It is a big surprise that one of these veterans and legends of Sandalwood has never been in the pride of place in a film muharat. 

    One of the most important celebrating time of a film is its muharat. The person who wields the clap board for the muharat shot is the chief guest for all practical purposes. When unknown people without any contribution to Kannada film industry do this honour, it is also a sad reflection on how we treat the veterans of KFI who have dedicated their lives for it. Let us not forget our seniors in the industry.



  • How Is It To Be on Bigg Boss? Real Experience Part 1

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    How does it feel to be on the Bigg Boss stage? We all know it is one of the most popular shows in Kannada with a viewership across the world. Contestants who have come out become instant celebrities and literally spend few days in TV news studios recalling their experience. But what is it to be on the Bigg Boss stage as a guest? What would be the reaction of your friends who watch you on Bigg Boss? Chitraloka editor KM Veeresh had a first hand experience. He writes....

    For various reasons Bigg Boss Kannada is always in the limelight. I have always wondered what it would be to be a guest on the stage of the reality show. I am one those who regularly watch the show. As a journalist I had a big curiousity as to why so many film teams visit the Bigg Boss stage events on weekends. There are also noise that Bigg Boss is affecting box office collection of films and some of the actors are therefore reluctant to be on Bigg Boss. There was also reactions that some film teams did not participate when invited because it was not financially viable for them.


    On the face of it, Bigg Boss has certainly affected the movie industry. Many prefer to watch the show in the comforts of their homes. They get to watch film stars without having to go to theatres.  It is not Bigg Boss alone, but many film star hosted shows like Weekend With Ramesh, Super Minute with Ganesh that create this kind of situation. Until last year, there was also Puneeth Rajkumar's Kannadada Kotyadipathi. Forget others, even as a film journalist, I am addicted to these shows and watch them instead of going out to a theatre. If I somehow miss the first telecast, I wait for the repeat telecast starting at 11.30 pm!

    But can this be true that TV entertainment like these are adversely affecting the Kannada film industry? To some extent it is true. The timing of these reality shows have affected late night shows. Then the question arises; What's the box office result of the movies in the day time?

    As per my analysis, if there is a good film released people have definitely gone to theaters to watch them inspite of any reality shows. Another reason why people are not coming out for late evening shows is the strict traffic regulation by police in Bengaluru. Heavy checking for drink and driving has resulted in old-timers who watch a film, get a drink and go back home.


    Let me come back to the main subject! After being a journalist all these years, I have ventured to produce a movie independently with the support of Dayal Padmanabhan and Avinash Shetty. I started the movie 'Actor' under the banner Chitraloka Movies on November 16th and now its ready for release in February! 

    Our movie has only two characters starring Naveen Krishna and SihiKahi Geetha in lead. Cinematography is by Suresh Byrasandra and Music by Gautham Srivatsa. It is a different kind of a movie which has incidents many people in the world would have experienced in their real life. (It is a versatile movie with a profound meaning, portraying the experiences faced by many in their real life).

    Myself and my director Dayal had planned this movie in such a way that we had announced the release date as February on the launch day itself and now we are in the process of releasing the film. And then we had the opportunity to take the film on the Bigg Boss stage!

    (To be Continued)

    (Written by KM Veeresh)

  • Ready For Actor Tomorrow

    ready for actor tomorrow

    The film Actor, produced by Chitraloka.com editor KM Veeresh will be screened at the 9th Bengaluru International Film Festival on Friday. It will be screened in both Begaluru and Mysuru tomorrow. In Orion Mall, PVR in Bengaluru it will be screened at 2.20 pm in Screen 4. In Mall of Mysore, INOX, it will be screend in screen 2 at 10.10 am. 

    Actor, directed by Dayal Padmanabhan is one of the most acclaimed films of Kannada in the last year. The film stars Naveen Krishna in the lead role and has a minimalist characters. The film was widely appreciated critically and was praised for its portrayal of an actor's life.

    The festival lists the film's synopsis thus: "The film is a view into the life of a once successful actor, Sanjay. He undergoes mental and physical traumas due to his series of failures.  He looks at delivering quality products in terms of content and performance, ends up with 2-3 films that do not do well at the box-office. This affects his psyche and what this process of failure zoning has done to him forms the crux of the story.  Lessons for life or mere rescues can come from anybody. How Sanjay’s much valued maid offers this lesson to rejuvenate his state of mind is the significant part of the feature."

    The film made its premier at last year's BIFFES under the world premier and this time is in the competition section. In the meantime, it was released commercially in theatres winning the appreciation of the audience.