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  • Nakshatra back as Deepthi Through Magadha

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    Actress Nakshatra daughter of late director D Rajendra Babu is back with a new film called 'Magadha'. This time the actress is back with a new name called Deepthi. No, Nakshatra has not changed her name because of nameology or numerology. Nakshatra's real name is Deepthi and she is known by that name in Malayalam cinema. So, Nakshatra has decided to be called as Deepthi through 'Magadha'.


    'Magadha' is being written and directed by Swamy Ram. Rahul is the hero of the film. Deepthi and Vaishnavi Chandran are the two heroines of the film. Jassie Gift has composed the music for the film, while Srinivas is the cameraman.