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  • Ouija is a Dubbed Film Claims Prashanth Sambargi - Exclusive

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    A former Reliance Entertainment liasion has claimed that the film Ouija releasing tomorrow is dubbed from Telugu. For the last one year when the film was in the making the makers had said the film was being made in both Kannada and Telugu.

    One day before the film's release the Ex Reliance Prashant Sambargi has written a letter to the new president of the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. The letter says that Sambargi had announced sometime back in a television debate on dubbing that he would release the first dubbed film in the first week of November and he was thus keeping his words. Since the CCI has asked KFCC not to prevent release of any dubbed film, Sa Ra Govindu is requested to followe the CCI direction, the letter says.

    The release of the film in the first week of November is to coincide with the Kannada Rajyotsava. 

  • Protest Against Dubbing Legitimate - CCI

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    A case was filed against the the Coordination Committee of Artist and Technicians of West Bengal Film and Television Industry in the Competition Commission of India after its members protested against the telecast of the  Mahabharata serial dubbed from Hindi to Bengali. In 2012, except one member all others in CCI said the protest harmed competition. The case went on appeal before the appeals committee of the CCI. The appeals committee ruled that protesting is a fundamental right and it cannot be called anti competition. 

    Legitimate protest by the members of the actors and technicians of a body is not at all against any rules or law. On the other hand protests are fundamental rights in a democratic country. To take an extreme example even film theaters are banned in Kashmir because films are considered bad influence. But people have the right to protest against the ban as well as protest against films.