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legal problems

  • I Gave You 'Golden Star' Name Says S Narayan

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    Director S Narayan and actor Ganesh are in a civil court today fighting over a 10-year-old dispute about the use of the film Cheluvina Chittara's images in an agarabhatti advertisement. Ganesh had filed the suit in the civil court against the agarbhatti company for using his images without paying him any remuneration and sought a compensation to be paid. The agarabhatti company made S Narayan a party in the case saying that it had taken the rights from him to use the images of Cheluvina Chittara in its advertisements. Now S Narayan has filed a legal notice against Ganesh saying he has been defamed by the actor.

    Narayan in the legal notice has said that he is the owner of the film being its producer and has every right to use it for advertisement and promotions. He has said that it was he who gave Ganesh the name Golden Star and promoted him early in his career. He has also said that he directed Ganesh in two more films in 2011 and 2012 but Ganesh did not raise the issue about Cheluvina Chittara then but has filed the case now. He has said in the notice that if the case is not withdrawn against him he will file a suit for damanges to the tune of Rs 10 crore. 

    Narayan has also said that it was he who introduced Ganesh to E Krishnappa and recommended that he be made the hero of the film Mungaru Male. S Narayan had to direct Mungaru Male but since he was busy he could not direct it, the legal notice says. 

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  • KM Veeresh in KFCC Election After Court Order

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    Just one day before election, justice has been done. Chitraloka editor KM Veeresh will be contesting the election to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce producer sector expect committee today. Only at 3.30 pm on Friday the decks were cleared.

    The civil court in Bengaluru rejected the dropping on his name on technical grounds. It ordered KFCC to continue Veeresh as a Producer Executive Committee candidate. Veeresh name was 'dropped' based on a vague letter without following procedure.

    When the court heard how the name was dropped it made it clear that the election process dropping the name was wrong.

    Veeresh close friend and advocate HS Dhanaraj and Advocate CHandrashekar fought for the case.

  • Narayan Did Not Make Me A Hero Says Ganesh

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    Actor Ganesh has categorically said that it was not director S Narayan who made him an actor. Ganesh had also said that the title Golden Star was given to him by fans and not Narayan. Ganesh made these statements in court yesterday in the ongoing case about the advertisements of Cheluvina Chittara.

    Narayan had made the claim against Ganesh through his lawyer. Before Cheluvina Chittara Ganesh had acted as hero in two films including Mungaru Male and in many films in small roles. Narayan had also claimed in the case that he suggested Ganesh's name for the film Mungaru Male and he was supposed to direct that film in the first place.

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