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  • Alemaari Santhu To Direct Sharan's New Film

    alemari santhu to direct sharan's new film

    Sharan's new film was said to be directed by Manju Swaraj. Now there is a major change in the direction department and 'Alemaari' Santhu will be stepping into his shoes as the director.

    Earlier, it was being said that Manju Swaraj will be directing a film for Sharan after the completion of 'Rambo 2'. Even before the film is launched, there is a change and Santhu will be replacing Manju as the director of the film.

    The new untitled film is being produced by Tarun Shivappa and the film is being scripted by Tarun Sudhir.

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  • Dove Movie Review

    dove image

    Dove is a superb debut film for Anup, son of popular film producer and president of the Akhila Karnataka Dr Rajkumar Abhmanigala Sangha. The film is directed by Alemari Santhu and also stars Aditi Rao, Sharat Lohitashava, Rakesh Adiga, Avinash, Madalasa Sharma and others. The film is a perfect combination of romance, action, comedy and drama. It is the best debut Anup could have asked for. The film is a perfect showcase for him to show all his skills including acting, fighting and dancing. He utilises it to the fullest extent and there is no doubt that this film will endear itself to the Kannada audience.

    The film is about a middle class boy Anup falling in love with the daughter of a very rich and powerful advocate. Their relationship starts on a sour note but soon they become a pair and there is no hurdle for their love from anyone. But suddenly there is a strange twist with the hero being arrested for a murder. No one in his family or the girl believes it but there is a tight case against him. There is also another story going parallel. In that two lovers plot to kill the boy who gets engaged to the girl. Another plot line is that of a police officer who is on the hunt for gold smugglers. All three stories mix up to create problem for Anup. How he manages to escape from the seemingly impossible problem is narrated in a quick and engaging narrative by Santhu.

    Anup has done a decent job and should become a better actor in coming days. Other actors who have done good job include Avinash, Sharath Lohitashava, Rakesh Adiaga and Madalasa Sharma. The film has some melodies which come up every now and then. The cinematogrpahy is good and overall the film is a decent package. However the film is given an A certificate for showing ganja smoking and content. This film needs all the encouragement given to newcomers as it is a very good attempt and there are some special moments in the film and some lively and new elements. Dove is a more than a good film. 

    Chitraloka Review - 3.5/5

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