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  • Dodmane Hudga Movie Review

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    The most expected film of Puneeth Rajkumar is here and there is no doubt that fans will go crazy. The combination of director Suri is the biggest advantage for the film and he know what fans ask for. If there is a film made only keeping in mind fans in mind, this is it. Suri excels in giving Puneeth to his fans in all glory. 

    There is so much to the film that it will not be a one-time-experience. Fans will definitely watch it again and again as Dodmane Hudga offers much more than a single film can. 

    The film starts with Surya (Puneeth) as a biryani maker in Hubballi. Srinivas Murthy is his father. Puneeth speaks Hubballi Kannada. There he meets the heroine who acts as if she is a poor girl. They fall in love and slowly the reality is opened. Both of them are not really what they are shown to be. Usha/Nisha (Radhika Pandit) has a father who is in evil company. Surya's real parents are in far-away Mandya and they now require his help. 

    Ambarish plays Puneeth's father and has a well-defined character. Sumalatha, Bharati Vishnuvardhan, Rangayana Raghu, Ravishankar and many more seasoned actors add weight to the story. The story has action, good music, awesome camerawork by Sathya Hegde, drama, father-son sentiment, family values and great acting. 

    Puneeth and Radhika Pandit are seen in specially imagined scenes. There is something new in every scene. The film has a fast narrative and every second has a thrilling element. This is one of the most entertaining films of the year and Puneeth and Suri have one more hit to their credit for sure.

    Chitraloka Rating 3.5/5

  • KSL Swamy Hospitalised

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    Veteran director turned actor K S L Swamy has been admitted to the Columbia Asia Hospital for ill health. Doctors says he is slowly recuperating and is out of danger. K S L Swamy has been suffering from illness for the past few days. However, he was busy with acting in 'Dodmane Huduga' starring Puneeth and Radhika Pandith. Due to ill health he is not able to attend the shooting of the film.

    Meanwhile, he has been admitted to Hospital for treatment.

  • Suri Sentiment - Watch Video - Exclusive

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    Director Suri is very sentimental about the Vajreshwari editing studio in Bengaluru. He insisted that he wanted to complete all the work of the Dodmane Hudga film in the this building before it gets demolished. Watch Video

  • Suri starts Work on Kaage Bangara

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    Duniya Suri has started work on the second installment of his Kendasampige trilogy. Some of the shooting of Part 1 of the trilogy named Kaage Bangara has already been shot. The second installment Ginimari Case was released four months ago and completed 100 days recently. Suri is in between shooting for Dodmane Hudga starring Puneeth Rajkumar and said he has started writing the remaining portion of Kaage Bangara script. But shooting will only start after the remaining four songs of Dodmane Hudga are shot next month. 

    Some characters from Ginimari Case will continue. Some characters that were minor in the second installment will play major roles in Part 1. The trilogy is unique because Part 2 was released first. This is also the first time that a trilogy or series is announced even before the first of them was released.

  • Vajreshwari Building To Go - Exclusive

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    The iconic Vajreshwari Combines building in Gandhinagar, that houses the Rajkumar family's film business offices and the editing studio will be razed shortly. A new building will come up in its place within a year. 

    The demolition of the old building will start in the first week of October. Dodmane Hudga the home production of Vajreshwari Combines releases on September 30. Director Suri who is very sentimental about the place insisted that he wanted to complete all the work of the film in the old building. So the demolition was postponed to October first week.

    Watch Video