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  • Daler Mehandi Kannada film Named Power of Dance - Exclusive

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    Famous pop singer Daler Mehandi's production of a Kannada film has been named Power of Dance. It will be officially announced tomorrow. Imran Sardaria is directing the film and Sandalwood producer Jack Manju is a for-producer of the film. The film will also be made in Telugu and Hindi.


    On Tuesday a dance reality show will be announced to select actors for the film. The film will have newcomers and those who are good at dance will be selected through the reality show. Daler Mehandi will also compose two out of eight songs for the film.

  • Hurdy-gurdy Used First Time in India for Kotigobba 2

    kotigobba2 image

    The specialised and very rare music instrument Hurdy-gurdy has been used for the first time for a film song in India for Sudeep's Kotigobba2. The instrument's music can be heard in the title song of the film composed by Imran. Hurdy-gurdy is a folk music instrument particularly used in some regions of Europe including France and Spain.


    The title song for the film was wrapped up recently. The song is written by Nagendra Prasad and choreography was by Imran Sardariya.

  • Imran's New Film is a Multi-Starrer

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    Imran Sardaria has started work on his second film as director after Endendigu. The film is named Uppu, Huli, Khara. It is said to be a multi-starrer but he has not revealed who are in the cast. Imran has also not revealed who the producer is.

    According to sources the official announcement will be made in a week. The popular choreographer turned director with Endendigu starring Ajay Rao and Radhika Pandit. It was a modern experiment based on the story of Sati Savitri.

    But this time Imran is not going to try any experimental subject and Uppu, Huli, Khara will be a full-fledged commercial comedy, sources said. 


  • Joint Press meet by Malashree-Ramu and Imran-K Manju

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    Looks like the big tussle between Malashree-Ramu and Imran-K Manju has finally come to an end.Both the parties have arranged for a joint press meet and the press meet has been scheduled today afternoon.

    There was a tussle between both the parties when Malashree walking out of the team because of ill treatment. After than Malasri accused Imran of behaving badly with her. Then Imran and K Manju organised a joint press meet and retaliated to Malashree's accusations. After that Malasri and Ramu held another press meet and gave a counter to their allegations.

    Now everything seems to have come to an end and both the parties have arranged a joint press meet to clear the problems and come clean.

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  • Uppu Hulli Khara Stops Shooting

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    Uppu Hulli Khara multi-starrer movie director Imran Sardariya has stopped the shooting today in support of Ambareesh removed from the cabinet. Speaking to chitraloka Imran said We had no infomation and we had come to the shooting location in Mahalakshmi layout. Once we came to know we immediately stopped the shooting and returning back. We always love Ambareesh Sir.

    Actress Malasri is playing a prominent role in the film