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  • Nanjundi Kalyana Trailer Released

    nanjundi kalyana

    Well known theater personality Rajendra Karanth is back once again as a director. Rajendra Karanth directed Ramesh Aravind starrer 'Mangana Kaili Manikya' a few years ago, but the film was a flop. Now Rajendra Karanth has silently directed yet another film called 'Nanjundi Kalyana' and the trailer of the film was released on Monday morning.

    'Nanjundi Kalyana' stars Thanush who has acted in films like 'Ale' and 'Madamakki'. This is his third film and Shravya is paired opposite Thanush. Apart from Thanush and Shravya the film stars Padmaja Rao, Kuri Prathap, Manjunath Hegade and others in prominent roles.

    'Nanjundi Kalyana' has nothing to do with the yesteryear film except for the title. Manjunath B Naik is the cameraman, while Anup Seelin has composed the music for the film. Thanush's father Shivanna Dasanapura is the producer of the film. 

  • No trailer for Uppi2? - Exclusive

    Uppi2 image

    Will there be no trailer for Uppi2? That is what the film team is considering according to sources. There was a fan created teaser when the film was announced and scores of fans-designed posters of the film after that. But Upendra who is directing the film has kept most things about the film a top secret. Only a few visuals of the film have been released and he is said to be averse to releasing a trailer as it could reveal something about the film.

    The film's editor Sri CrazyMindz thinks that it is an impossible task to cut a trailer for the film as even bits of the film would reveal so much. Whether to make a trailer or not is the question now and it will be decided in a few more days. The film is scheduled for a August 14 release.