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buguri release date

  • Burugri and Uppi2 to Clash

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    Everyone in Sandalwood is surprised that Ganesh's new film Buguri is clashing with Upendra's Uppi2 which is one of the most anticipated films of the year in Kannada. Both films have announed to be released on August 14. But sourcses say the Buguri team did not expect Uppi2 to be released in August and was in the hope that Upendra would release the film on his birthday in September. But it came as a surprise to them when the film was even censored a few days ago. The August 14 release became official.

    But by then Burugui's release plan had also been finalised. However now the team is facing a crunch of theatres. Most single screens have been booked for Uppi2 and Buguri is not finding enough theatres. If the release plans go ahead it would be one of the rare clashes between to stars in Sandalwood.


  • Has Ganesh Lost Interest In Buguri?

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    There only three days left for the release of Ganesh's 25th film 'Buguri'. Yet not much publicity is being made for the film. The question on everybody's lips is whether Ganesh is backing out from publicising the film?

    The reason why this particular question has arisen in the recent days is Ganesh is not being seen or heard anywhere talking about the film. 25th film is a special for any hero. But yet Ganesh has been restraining from publicising the film. He was last seen talking about the film during the audio release and after that Ganesh has not at all involved in the publicity of the film and instead is busy shooting for 'Mungaru Male 2' in the forests of Sakleshpur.

    Does that mean Ganesh has lost interest in 'Buguri'.

    Only he has to answer.

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