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  • Amma I Love You Audio On May 28

    amma i love you audio on may 28th

    The audio of Chiranjeevi Sarja starrer Amma I Love You will be released on May 28. The KM Chaitanya directed film is the 51st production of Dwarakish Chitra and produced by Yogish. The first look and posters of the film were released recently to much acclaim. 

    There has been a positive buzz about the film since it was announced. The successful combination of Chiru and Chaitanya are back again. They have successfully collaborated earlier with Aake and Aatagaara. Sithara plays mother to Chiru in the film.

  • Amma I Love You Censored Releasing on 15th

    amma i love you censored releasing on june 15th

    Dwarkish's 51st film 'Amma I Love You' has been censored with clean U/A certificate and is all set to be released on the 15th of June. Movie length is 2 hours 27 minutes.

    One of the highlights is Dwarkish along with music director Gurukiran has launched a new audio company called DGK audio has released the songs.

    'Amma I Love You'  stars Chiranjeevi Sarja in lead role. Sitara, Nishvika Naidu, Prakash Belavadi, Giri Dwarkish and others play prominent roles in the film. The film is being produced by Yogi Dwarkish under the Dwarkish Chitra Banner. Gurukiran has composed the music for the film, while Shekhar Chandru is the cameraman.

  • Amma I Love You Review - Chitraloka Rating 4/5

    amma i love you review

    What happens when a very rich person has to hide his identity and become a beggar for 48 days? A person who never had any reason to ask anyone for anything has to beg for food and sustain himself. This story based on a real incident is beautifully made into a film by KM Chaitanya. The real incident is about a man who became a beggar for six months for the sake of his mother. In the film, the hero has to become a beggar for 48 days but it is still a task filled with dangers and humiliation. Does he succeed and save his mother? Watch the film for this feel good film. 

    Chiranjeevi Sarja is Siddu aka Siddartha, the only son of a rich business woman who runs two textile factories. He returns to India after studying abroad and is to take over the charge of running the business. But in a freak accident, his mother goes into coma and does not recover even after being given treatment by the best doctors money can buy. 

    A monk tells Siddu that his mother will recover if he becomes a beggar for 48 days. He has to beg and make money and eat food with that. Then he has to donate all the money to a temple the following morning and start with zero. Siddu accepts the challenge. But there are so many problems he has to face for that. 

    While he has become a beggar in a twist of fate a girl falls in love with him. But what will she do when she realises he is a beggar? There are also villains trying to hunt him down. In the meantime his uncle is also trying to grab his property. All these elements run in a concurrent manner in the screenplay which is full of lively scenes and witty dialogues providing wholesome entertainment. This is a film for the entire family. There is drama, there is emotions, there is romance and of course there is very good comedy. 

    Behind the scenes there is very good work by the cinematographer. Shekar Chandru has done some excellent cinematography. Vishwa as editor is perfect. Gurukiran composes some haunting tunes and sets the mood for the film in a way only he can. 

    There is also very good performances by Chiru, Sithara, Nishvika Naidu, Chikkanna, Prakash Belawadi, Sathya, Ravi Kale, Karisubbu and other actors. Each element of the film like drama, comedy and romance have their good points. Amma I Love You is a perfect film for the entire family to visit the theatres. 

    Chitraloka Rating - 4/5

  • Amma I Love You' For Mothers Day

    amma i love you to release for mothers day

    Chiranjeevi Saja's new film 'Amma I Love You' which is directed by K M Chaitanya is all set to release during the Mothers Day in the month of May. Earlier, the film was schedule for an April release. Now the film will be releasing in May.

    The movie stars Chiranjeevi Sarja in lead role. Sitara, Nishvika Naidu, Prakash Belavadi, Giri Dwarkish and others play prominent roles in the film. 

    The film is being produced by Yogi Dwarkish under the Dwarkish Chitra Banner. This is the 51st film of the production house. Gurukiran has composed the music for the film, while Shekhar Chandru is the cameraman.

  • Arjun Sarja Vs Chiru Sarja

    its arjun sarja vs chiru sarja

    It is an all-family fight on February 9. While Arjun Sarja directed Prema Baraha starring Chandan and Aishwarya Arjun is releasing on that day, his nephew Chiranjeevi Sarja's action film Samhara is also set to release the same day.

    In a strange coincidence Chiru has also acted in a song in Prema Baraha in a guest role. Two films with three members of the same family is releasing and clashing at the box office. Arjun Sarja has returned to direction with his ambitious film in which he is trying to establish his daughter. Samhara is also important for Chiru as he needs to get his footing as an action star.


  • Chaitanya And Chiru Sarja Team Up Again - Exclusive

    chaitanya chiru sarja team up again

    Director KM Chaitanya and actor Chiranjeevi Sarja have teamed up again for their third film together. They new film, which is as-yet untitled, is set to be launched next month. They first worked together in Aatagara and again in Aake which is releasing this month. 

    Their new film is a thriller and will be shot in Bengaluru and Kolkata. The film is produced by S Raghunath, TG Vishwaprasad and Vivek P. Music will be by Sridhar Sambhram and Malharbhatt Joshi will be the Director of Photography.

    Apart from Chiranjeevi Sarja, the other actors include Sruthi Hariharan, Sangeetha Bhat and Amaan. Rohit Padaki is writing the dialogues.

    Shooting for the new film starts on June 19. They will shoot for two days before the start of Aashada. Full-fledged shooting will start in July end after the end fo Aashada.

  • Chiranjeevi Sarja Laid To Rest At Dhruva Sarja's Farmhouse

    chiranjeevi sarja's final rights at dhruva sarja's farm house

    Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja's mortal remains was laid to rest at the farmhouse located on Kanakapura Road at 5 pm amidst family members, fans and the members from the Kannada film industry who bid the actor a teary adieu to the actor.

    Last rites were carried out by Chiru's father Vijay Kumar as per Okkaliga rituals. The inconsolable Meghana Raj was present along with the entire family members and others in huge numbers. 

    Chiranjeevi Sarja who is fondly known as Chiru, had breathed his last following a massive heart attack on Sunday. He was 39.

    After his mortal remains were brought from the Hospital, it was brought to his residence in Basavanagudi where it was kept till Monday morning for public viewing, to pay their last respects.

    Later, the mortal remains were taken by road to the farmhouse, where the last rites were performed. 

  • Chiranjeevi Sarja's New Film Titled 'Shivarjun'

    chiranjeevi sarja's new film titled shivarajun

    A new film starring Chiranjeevi Sarja and produced by senior production manager Shivarjun was launched in April. Though the shooting of the film started, the film was not titled. Now the film has been titled as 'Shivarjuna'.

    'Shivarjuna' is an action cum family entertainer. Naveen Reddy has written the story and screenplay for the film. The film started without a title and after much discussions, the team has zeroed in the title as 'Shivarjuna'. One of the highlights is, the producer's name is also Shivarjun and the producer's name has been kept as the title. 

    'Shivarjuna' is being directed by Shiva Tejas who had earlier directed 'Male', 'Dhairyam' and 'Loud Speaker'. H C Venu is the cameraman, while Sadhu Rithwik has composed the music. The film stars Chiranjeevi Sarja, Akshatha, Amrutha, Tara, Sadhu Kokila, Dinesh Mangalore and others.

  • Chiranjeevi Sarja's Rituals To Be Held In Farm House

    chiranjeevi sarja's rituals to be held in farm house

    The last rituals of late actor Chiranjeevi Sarja are all set to be held in Brindavan Farm House in Kanakapura Road on Wednesday (17th June).

    Chiranjeevi Sarja died on  the 07th of June due to massive heart attack in Bangalore. He was buried at Dhruva Sarja's farm house the very next day.  The 11th day ritual will be held at the place, where he was buried.

    Chiranjeevi Sarja's uncle actor-director Arjun Sarja has invited very few guests including the media persons to be a part of the rituals.

  • Chiranjeevi Sarja's Samhaara Launched

    chiru sarja's samhara

    Chiru's new film 'Samhaara' which is being directed by Guru Deshpande went on floors on the auspicious festival day of Akshaya Thritiya. Chiru's brother Dhruva Sarja came over to the muhurath and sounded the clap for the first shot.

    'Samhaara' is being produced by A Venkatesh and Sundar Kamaraj under the Manu Enterprises banner. The film stars Chiranjeevi Sarja and Chikkanna in prominent roles. Haripriya and Kavya Shetty are the heroines.

    After directing three remakes back to back, Guru has opted for a straight subject this time and Guru along with his team has scripted the film Jagadish Wali is the cameraman. Ravi Basrur who shot to fame with 'Ugram' is composing the music for the film.

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  • Chiranjeevi's New film Is 'Khakhi'

    chiranjeeivi's new film is khaki

    Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja's new film 'Jugari Cross' was launched recently in Bangalore. Now his other film titled 'Khakhi' has also been launched on Tuesday.

    'Khakhi' is being produced by Tarun Shivappa, while directed by Naveen Reddy. Vidyadhar has written the story and screenplay for the film. The film is a story about a commoner's fight for justice and Chiranjeevi plays the role of the commoner.

    The heroine for the film is yet to finalized. Balu is the cinematographer, while Ritwick is the music director. The film will be shot for 60 days in and around Bangalore.

  • Chiru Bags Another

    chiru bags another

    Chiranjeevi Sarja who has signed a series of film, has bagged another one. The latest which is yet to be titled is being produced by the Ayogya fame T R Chandrashekar. This one is going to be directed by Mahesh Chaitanya who is presently assisting direction for Buddhivanta 2 film.

    The producer has revealed that it is going to be a complete commercial action entertainer, and it will be made on the lines of blockbuster film Jogi, for which the shooting will start from the first week of December.

    The actor is presently busy shooting for Khaki, Raja Marthanda, Aa Kshana, Ranam and Jugari Cross.


  • Chiru Confirms His Engagement With Meghana Raj

    aatagara movie image

    Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja has confirmed of getting engaged with actress Meghana Raj on the 22nd of this month.

    Earlier, there were rumours that Chiranjeevi Sarja and Meghana Raj are dating each other and the duo will be getting engaged on the 22nd of this month. However, both the actors chose not to react to this issue. Now Chiranjeevi Sarja has confirmed that he will be getting engaged to Meghana Raj on his birthday today.

    Chiru did not divulge any details about the date of the marriage and has said that he will announce the date of the marriage in the coming days.

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  • Chiru Gets Engaged With Meghana Raj

    chiru gets engagement with meghana raj

    Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja has got engaged with actress Meghana Raj today morning. The engagement ceremony was held at Meghana Raj's residence in J P Nagar today morning.

    Chiru and Meghana Raj got engaged today morning and later in the evening the couple addressed a press conference about their engagement. Later, a party was hosted for celebrities and close friends of both the families.

    Earlier, there were rumours that Chiranjeevi Sarja and Meghana Raj are dating each other and now the couple has ended the rumors by getting engaged. The details about the marriage is yet to be divulged soon.

  • Chiru Marries Meghana

    chiru marries meghana

    Actor Chiranjeevi Sarja on Wednesday married actress Meghana Raj at the White Petals Convention Hall in Palace Grounds in Bangalore.

    Earlier, there were rumours that Chiranjeevi Sarja and Meghana Raj are dating each other. However, Chiru and Meghana ended the rumours by getting engaged in the month of October. Now they have entered into a wedlock.

    The marriage was attended by Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, T S Nagabharana, Girija Lokesh, Ramakrishna, Shivaram, Ramesh Bhatt, Sudha Belavadi, Samyukta Belawadi, Nandakishore and others. Chiru's uncle Arjun Sarja and brother Dhruva Sarja were also present.

  • Chiru-Chaitanya Secret Mission Revealed - Exclusive

    chiranjeevi sarja, chaitainya image

    Chiranjeevi Sarja and KM Chaitanya are in England for the last two weeks. Neither of them told anyone what they are up to. It was definitely not a holiday. It was work as there is a film crew with them. But which film? They are still reluctant to answer.

    But Chitraloka has found some interesting news.

    A first of its kind joint venture film is underway. A Kannada film production house and a British film production house are jointly producing this new film directed by Chaitanya and Chiru playing the lead role. The shooting for the film will continue in London and surrounding areas for three more weeks before the crew returns to Bengaluru.

  • Chiru's New Film Is Raja Marthanda

    chiranjeevi sarja in raja marthanda

    Lyricist turned director Ramnarayan who is looking forward for the release of his latest film 'Crack' starring Vinod Prabhakar is all set to direct Chiranjeevi Sarja in a new film called 'Raja Marthanda'.

    Earlier, there was a news that Ramanarayan will be directing Srinagara Kitty in a new film. However, he has taken up 'Raja Marthanda' starring Chiru and will be starting the film in the month of October.

    More details about the film are yet awaited.

  • Chiru's New Film Titled Samhaara

    chiru's new film titled samhaara

    Chiru's new film for which the song recording started on Wednesday has been titled as 'Samhaara'. Haripriya and Kavya Shetty have been roped in as the heroines for the film.

    'Samhaara' is being directed by Guru Deshpande. The film stars Chiranjeevi Sarja and Chikkanna in prominent roles. Both Chiru and Chikkanna were a part of Guru's earlier film 'Rudra Thandava'. Now the trio is all set to work together again.

    The shooting for the film is scheduled later this month. Jagadish Wali is the cameraman. Ravi Basrur who shot to fame with 'Ugram' is composing the music for the film.

  • Chiru's Next Is 'Aa Kshana'

    chiranjeeivi sarja's aa kshana

    Chiranjeevi Sarja has joined hands with director K M Chaitanya once again and the duo has almost completed a new film called 'Aa Kshana'.

    'Aa Kshana'stars Chiranjeevi Sarja along with Shruthi Hariharan and Sangeetha Bhatt in prominent roles. 75 percent of the shoot for the film has been completed and some prominent scenes featuring Chiranjeevi Sarja is yet to be shot soon.

    This is Chiru's fourth film with K M Chaitanya. Earlier, Chiru had acted in 'Aatagara', 'Aake' and Amma I Love You' in Chaitanya's direction. This is his fourth film as the director.

  • Controversial Dialogue Of 'Seizer' Deleted

    seizer controversial dialoue deleted

    The controversial dialogue from Chiranjeevi Sarja starrer 'Seizer' has been deleted and the film will release without the dialogue.

    There is a dialogue about cow slaughter in the film and Prakash Rai is said to have objected about such a dialogue. There were news that Prakash Rai called the director and ordered him to delete the dialogue from the film. However, the director had said that Prakash Rai has nothing to do with the dialogues of the film and it is meaningless on his part to talk about the dialogues. However, the director has deleted the dialogue because of the insistence of actor Ravichandran, who has not played a prominent role in the film, but also has delivered the dialogue.

    'Seizer' is all set to be released in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages simultaneously on the 13th of this month. 'Seizer' stars Chiranjeevi Sarja, Parul Yadav, Ravichandran, Prakash Rai and others in prominent roles. Rajesh Katta is the cameraman, while Chandan Shetty has composed the songs for the film. Vinay Krishna has directed the film apart from writing the story and screenplay of the film.