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  • Goolihatti Movie Review

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    Tales of innocent youngsters coming to Bengaluru with dreams in their eyes but ending up on the wrong side of law is not new in Sandalwood. However Goolihatti is a film that gives a new dimension to this story. There is not one but five youngsters who arrive in the city in this film. The film is a mix of realistic and commercial narrative. Overall it is a good debut movie for the youngsters.

    The main role is played by Pawan. Aman, Raghavendra, Appu Venkatesh and Mahesh are the other four youngsters. As luck would have it they get caught in the underworld and take to crime. But they realise their folly and try to get back to normal life. But those who have pushed them into the wrong life would not let them. How the boys struggle to get out of the murky world forms the rest of the story.

    It is a heart rendering story. But it is not just the story that is good in the film. There is decent acting from the newcomers and a good show from veterans like Suresh Chandra, Sharath Lohitashva and Adi Lokesh. The sentimental scenes as noted earlier are really touching. The action scenes too are specially crafted. The crowning glory is the camera work. There are brilliant shots and The one capturing the festival is awesome. 

    The film is a perfect action adventure story with enough sentiments and drama. It is a good effort and should please all kinds of audience.

  • Goolihatti Releasing on June 26th

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    Shashankraj's 'Goolihatti' which started one and a half years ago is all set to be releasing on the 26th of June. The film stars Arun, Tejaswini, Mahesh, Mamatha Rawath and is produced by Bhargava.

    On Friday, the team held a press conference to announce the release of the film on the 26th of June. The distribution rights has been acquired by Bengaluru Kumar and he will be distributing the film through out Karnataka.


    On the same occasion, the motion poster of the film along with a key chain, T Shirt and booklet were released for promotion. The promotional materials were released by Rishikumara.

    Director Shashankraj, Mamatha Rawath, Appu Venkatesh, music director Srimanju and others were present at the occasion.