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  • Ring Road Shubha Name Change? - Exclusive

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    The title of Ring Road Shubha is likely to be changed. The film team is likely to replace the name Shubha with a similar sounding name. Even the name of the character played by Kushie is being changed in the film and the re-dubbing process is beginning today, sources said.

    The film directed by Priya Belliyappa has women handling all the technical work from cinematography to music which is a record in Indian films. Why the decision to make the drastic change was taken is not known but sources say the Censor board objected to the name as the film is said to be inspired by a real incident and the persons portrayed are still alive.

    Many Sandalwood stars have lent their support by giving voice, cameo roles or acting for free for the film including Sudeep, Nenapirali Prem, Duniya Vijay and Srinagara Kitty.