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aatagara promo

  • Aatagara Waits to Dance

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    The 49th film under Dwarakish Chitra banner Aatagara is waiting to complete a song. The post production work is meanwhile under full swing. The film team is buoyed by the huge positive response the first teaser of the film has generated.

    Released a week ago the trailer has showed promise of a different kind of film. The huge response even prompted the veteran producer Dwarakish to do a rare tweet thanking film fans. Aatagara is a multistarrer with 10 main characters. The teaser shows the film to be a thriller set in an island. The film is directed by KM Chaitanya and the cast includes Chiranjeevi Sarja, Meghana Raj, Parul Yadav and Dwarakish.

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  • Dwarkish Gets His Lucky Santhosh for Aatagaara

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    Actor-producer Dwarkish's 49th production 'Aatagaara' which is getting released on the festival day of Varmahalakshmi has finally got a main theater for the film's release. Now the film is all set to release in Santhosh and will be replacing Ganesh starrer 'Buguri'.

    Santhosh is a lucky theater for Dwarkish and many of his films including 'Vishnuvardhana', 'Apthamitra' and others have been released in the theater and has been successful. So, the team wanted Santhosh and had booked the theater long back. However, Ganesh starrer 'Buguri' got released in the same theater. But  due to low collections, 'Aatagaara' has finally got Santhosh.

    Another highlight is, 'Aatagaara' will be releasing on Varamahalakshmi Festival day which is said to be the lucky day for Dwarkish. With lucky day and lucky theater, will Dwarkish's Aatagara also be Lucky for him?