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  • Dead End for Ring Road - Exclusive

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    The all female crew film Ring Road is in big trouble after breaking both Censor and KFCC rules. The film makers had claimed that the title of the film was changed from Ring Road Shubha to Ring Road Suma. But the reality is that the film's name has been given permission only as Ring Road.

    But the advertisement of the film released a few days ago shows the title as Ring Road Sumala Kathe.

    Sources say the information about this wrong advertising has reached both the Censor Board and KFCC. If either of them take action as per rules the release of the film will be uncertain. The film was scheduled for a release on July 10 but seems unlikely now as it finds itself foul of rules.

  • Ring Road Movie Review

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    At the very outset there is a disclaimer which says the film is not based on anyone or any incident. However there is not much doubt that Ring Road is based on a murder incident that happened in Bengaluru some years ago where an engineer was killed and his fiancee and her lover were convicted. But Ring Road is not about that incident but about the psychology behind how perfectly normal people could become murderers. In that sense, it is a psychological thriller.

    The film goes preaching in the first 10-15 minutes and only gets about its job after a few scenes. In the very beginning itself the murder is shown, but the why and how of it unfolds in two timelines. Did Suma really try to get rid of her fiancee? Was it an accident? Did she really have an affair with her junior in college? The film introduces some new characters and gives a very different reasoning to the murder. The film makers may have taken liberty in analysing the psychology of the main character. But in the end there are no good people or bad people. Everyone has done only what was expected of them at that point of time. 

    Another interesting angle of the film is the sub-plot of the investigation officer and his wife. Duniya Vijay and Nikitha Thukral are impressive. There are so many others who have done guest roles in the film including Srinagar Kitty, Sanjjanna, Nenapirali Prem and Patre Ajith. But the first 10 minutes of the film was unnecessary. It delays setting the mood for the film. But once it starts it is full throttle. The second half of the film is impressive.

    Khushie is the star of the film and her acting and assets are fully exploited. There is an aesthetically appealing kissing scene between her and Ajith which is one of the best seen on Kannada screen. Her belly dance and intimate expressions will make surely steal the dreams of young men just as her character does to several men in the film.

    The all-woman team has made a bold film. Applause to them. Though some of the things shown in the film is shocking, the film itself is a treat to watch. The music is beautiful with lovely melodies. The background music and bit songs are perfect. The acting is perfect, the mood is perfect and in the end there is hope for even the bad characters. 

    Ring Road is a must watch film and except for the first ten minutes, you will enjoy the show.

    Chitraloka Review - 3.5/5

  • Ring Road Shubha Name Change? - Exclusive

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    The title of Ring Road Shubha is likely to be changed. The film team is likely to replace the name Shubha with a similar sounding name. Even the name of the character played by Kushie is being changed in the film and the re-dubbing process is beginning today, sources said.

    The film directed by Priya Belliyappa has women handling all the technical work from cinematography to music which is a record in Indian films. Why the decision to make the drastic change was taken is not known but sources say the Censor board objected to the name as the film is said to be inspired by a real incident and the persons portrayed are still alive.

    Many Sandalwood stars have lent their support by giving voice, cameo roles or acting for free for the film including Sudeep, Nenapirali Prem, Duniya Vijay and Srinagara Kitty.

  • Ring Road to Unravel Truth About Murder

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    Art imitated life and sometimes elaborates on it. The film Ring Road may give a new definition to the phrase that art imitates life. The film is inspired by a real murder. But the film's promotion says they are revealing the reality behind the murder.

    The new tagline of the film (rather a long statement) says "nodiddu sullagabahudu. Heliddu sullagabahudu. Keliddu sullagabahudu. Kelavu satyagalu, sullaage ulidu bidabahudu."

    The film therefore is trying to say that there is still some mystery behind the murder which has not come out so far and it will be seen in the film. The film has therefore raised a lot of curiosity about its content. If as the film makers claim, there is something more to the murder mystery than what is known to the public, it will become a sensation. Film is directed by Priya Belliyappa.

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  • Ringroad Shubha changed to Ringroad Suma

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    The title of 'Ringroad Shubha' being directed by debutant director Priya Belliappa has been changed to 'Ringroad Suma' to avoid further complications. Earlier, the film was titled 'Ringroad Shubha' and the KFCC Had asked the team to change the title due to various reasons. Even the Regional Board of Films Certification had also advised the team to change the title to avoid further complications. With no other go Priya Belliappa and team has decided to change the title to 'Ringroad Suma'.

    Priya is now busy changing the name Shubha to Suma and has already started the dubbing process of the film from Friday. Priya is expected to finish the dubbing by next week and appear before the censor soon.